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Cx3 Day 7

One week! One week of working out hard! And I am sore kids, I am sore!

Today’s Workout : 63 minutes on the bike, difficulty level 11. And then three sets of 12 of three different tricep moves and one chest.

What I learned this first week: Unlike the marathon this is NOT about endurance this is about speed and building up my muscles to make it up hills. So instead of increasing my time on the bike I am going to increase my mileage for that time…hopefully consistantly. I need to research what the average time for a 12 mile bike ride is…if you know help a girl out!


Food Log:

Bfast: 1 Slice whole wheat toast with honey, yogurt with granola and raisins

Lunch: PB and J

Dinner: Chik Fil A Grilled Chicken Sandwich and FRENCH FRIES…uhhhh

Dessert: Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich

Water Count: 4 bottles of water


Cx3 Day 6

Who woke up ready to workout today?



Today’s Workout:

60 minutes on the bike, difficulty level 11 (but when it got super tough I did alternate between 9 and 10) I worked up quite the *attractive* sweat and had breakfast and came back for more.

3 sets of 12: triceps (two different ways)

3 sets of 12: chest

Random lounges, but my legs felt like jelly so I won’t even count that, I was just playing around.

Great Day!


Breakfast: 1 Piece of wheat Toast with honey, 60 calorie blueberry yogurt with granola

Lunch: PB and J (free, extra bread, PB and J taken from the continental bfast at the hotel!)

Dinner: TBA

Cx3 Day 5

Well…yesterday did NOT happen.

So that, my friends, became my off day.

It was horrible. I was in the middle of nowhere California, in a hotel with a horrible gym…and it just left me uhhhh unmotivated. I got all dressedand everything…even debated getting outside to run but …

So I drove an hour to Sacramento and went shopping and saw Marley and Me instead.

Thankfully I got moved an hour away to a beautiful hotel with an awesome spacious gym. Love it! Now, motivated!

So today:  another 60 minutes on the bike, difficulty level 10 again. These logs may get boring b/c I am really trying to build up my legs for the next few weeks.

There are weights at this gym so tomorrow morning I plan on incorporting them into my workout…even maybe during the easier  intervals….oooo look at me getting all fancy!


Food Log:


Bfast: Whole Wheat Toast w/ PB

Lunch: Lentil Soup with Salad

Snack: soft pretzel @ a movie

Dinner: Maple Sugar Oatmeal (hey! it was free at the hotel!)


Bfast: Whole Wheat Toast w/ PB on one slice and Honey on the other

Lunch: Popcorn (hey! it was free at the hotel!)

Dinner: 3 slices of *smallish* pizza and salad (hey! t was free at the hotel)

Green Tea and Hot Chocolate

Water Count for 2 days

6 Bottles of water…still need to up it LB!

Cx3 Day 4

I had to speed up my workout today so it was semi-lame.

A night full of weird “I can’t remember them later” nightmares results in a late wake up and not enough time to workout/pack/organize my life.

So I speed biked just short of 7 miles in 22 minutes-ish.

At least I did it right?

Oh, and in addition to working out I need to up my water drinking. I drank so much (yes both water and alcohol) in college but I have slacked since I hit the road.

So lucky you! There is also a water count in addition to my awesome food log!


Food Log (b/c you all don’t care)

Breakfast: Whole Wheat Toast, PB and Raisins

Lunch: 6 inch Subway Turkey grinder, Baked Lays, half a cup of Sprite

Dinner: Small bag o’ popcorn, no butter, at the movies, and a garden salad with balsamic vinaigrette, diet iced tea

Dessert: AVOIDING free cookies in the hotel lobby….woooof

Water Count:

2 Bottles of water…embarrassing

Crazy x 3 Day 2 + The Bangs

So along with crazy stories of my life I will be keeping an exercise log/ food log on this here blog.

Lucky you.

Maybe I’ll be motivating…maybe I’ll be embarrassing…maybe no one will give a damn. Hey, it’s a risk I’m willing to take. Because I can do WHATEVER I want on my little space on the internet 🙂

So for day 2 I biked for 60 mins @ difficulty level 10.

It was nice, harder than yesterday, just building and retraining my running legs at this point.

Oh, I got a new haircut for 2009.


Yup. Bangs.And the hair is back to being super blonde. Here is a first pick for you:

fbook1 The Bangs are actually a bit more funky and cool, this picture doesn’t capture all that but I haven’t yet had a new haircut photo shoot. But give me time and I will!

And added bonus, they are long enough that I can bobby pin them back during my workouts! Holler!


Food Log (b/c no one cares about this but me)

Bfast: Wheat Toast with PB

Lunch: Half a Ham and Swiss Sandwich, Baked Lays and Chocolate Teddy Grahams

Dinner: Cinnamin Teddy Grahams, Breadsticks w/ Marinara Sauce and a hot chocolate…healthy, I know.