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Back to Life, Back to Reality

I have to admit, my first job out of college did not exactly put me into the “Real World.” It was more like, my real world or what anyone would ever wish the real world to be.

It was fun.

Probably too much fun…if that’s even possible.

I traveled the country for a year, on my company’s dime. I saw 30 states, met amazing people, crazy people and even got to meet up with friends from coast to coast.

It was simply amazing.

There was a lot of eating, drinking, playing, sightseeing, sleeping and not sleeping.

Now, I am currently unemployed! For the past 6 days I’ve done laundry, had lunch with my PR mentor, applied for a couple of jobs and made some money babysitting and ironing.

I have not unpacked.

Maybe I don’t want to, maybe I can’t bear to figure out what to do with drawers. WHAT ARE THESE THINGS FOR? I’ve lived out of a suitcase for a year!

I haven’t made my bed, where is the housekeeping in this joint?

Apparently no one is going to clean my bathroom either…


But the truth is, although I had an amazing 12 months touring the country I have always had this one dream:

To live in N.Y.C.

So let’s blog toast to me getting on my grind grand hustle and moving from CT to NYC by August!

Here we go! Followwwww me, I’m making moves Blogworld!



I do a lot of random thinking while I drive around this country.

My most recent, excellent, thought is as follows…

So, your parents raise you until you graduate college and then in your 20s, 22 for me, you being raising yourself.

And the hardest part of raising yourself is this:

Your parents will always be proud of you (for the most part) because if you do your best they don’t see the really, really, really stupid things you do. But see, now as we are raising ourselves, for the first time,  as 20 somethings, we have to build up our confidence daily while knowing all the dumb stuff we have done.

It’s tough work!

My book idea…

“How I raised myself, in my 20s”

Yea so the title needs some a lot of work! But after discussing my idea with a fellow 20 something last night, she laughed…and fully agreed with my concept.

We created a few chapters (the numbers are not important!! I have some gaps in to fill in!):

Chapter 19: Travel for a year

Chapter 23: Single at 22

OK, so we only came up with 2 and my brain is fried after my workout today but I am sure through this very blog I will be adding fabulous idea, after idea on how to raise yourself in your 20s.

For all my people out there; How did/do you raise yourself?