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Oh! The Pressure.

So it’s been 2 years since my last post…


In the true spirit of, me, LB (remember me?) how about we all just, well…think about that tomorrow?

Sounds good to me.

Because this won’t make the most sense I’ll start with today–there is really no better place to start.

(we will get into where in the hell I’ve been later)

I’m currently looking out my apartment’s window.  I live in Harlem above a very busy street corner; busy of the bus, train and people variety.

Last month I moved from a little further uptown where I had a very busy corner; busy of the drug dealer variety.

But no matter what corner you live at in upper Manhattan you are going to get your fair amount of comments from your lovely neighbors on the sidewalk (or yelled from cars, or shouted from across the street).

Here are some of my favorites from the past year, in no particular order:

– “Hi, snowbunny”

– (as it’s raining) “Oooh girl.  No raindrops should fall on you, you’re too beautiful”

– “WELCOME TO HARLEM” (said sarcastically)

– “I’d marry you twice” (5:30am on a weekday, as I’m headed to work)

– “You know I like me some vanilla ice cream too”

and a personal favorite, because I am entirely unsure of what he meant…

– “Ooooh girl. You look like a CHAMPION”

There are much more Harlem stories to share…but this is just one post.

Just the beginning.

And the beginning, is a very good place to start!