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I’m Not Talking Fast…

you’re listening slow.

(That’s a rap line, you know. Except it is supposed to be “I ain’t talkin fast, your listenin slow” but I felt like getting my correct-grammar on for you.)

KB is all moved into her dorm. I made the 6 hour trip twice in one weekend (thanks to my pops…a lot of shared driving and horrible radio stations this weekend). I am one dedicated sister. I figure she is doing well since she is never available to pick-up or return phone calls from her (dedicated) big sister. Oh well, she is a college girl now. And I know how those girls are…

Speaking of college girl-

I should really be studying for the LSAT but I have been busy state-hopping and running. Yes runnnnninnnnnng. Guess what I did today?

I ran a half-marathon. Not a race, just the distance. And it kicked my A-money-money ( I’d rather say A-money-money than type out A$$, it’s more fun. Go ‘head…say it. Fun huh?).

I need some kind of fanny pack with a waterbottle holder for these long runs.
Ehhhhhh….did I just say that I need a fanny pack. This is getting ridiculous.

Not only have I purchased three pairs of kicks in the past 6 months for this whole running thing I now have to consider purchasing a really cool bag that will snuggly fit around my waist with a plastic clip that will pinch my fingers just like it did when I was 6…not that I had one….

OK, I totally did.

It was white with hot pink, green and blue pockets. I was born in the ’80s. We had to be hands free. How else could we carry around out Zach Morris cell phones?

That pack is sounding pretty good right now. Where is that thing?

I do need something like that (however unfashionable) because I got dehydrated like WHOA today at mile 7. Let me point out the fact that I was, at that point, 7 miles AWAY from any place that had hydration.

I saw a faded Mountain Dew bottle in the grass on the side of the road. I thought about checking to see if it had filled with rain water….

Fannypacks. Gross. Drinking Used Mountain Dew. Gross-er.

You can see now why I might need this fanny pack. Let’s call it a BootyBag…ooooo that is almost hot. Paris? What do you think?

Nope– sounds like a medical apparatus of somesort. Again, gross.
As a result of the dehydration I did some walking/running/attempted spitting on my 6 miles back to a water bottle. This is why I am not all that impressed with my run today.

My roommates are though and I really appreciate that…they motivated me more than Lance did today– if you can believe that!

And yes, Lance made an appearance after my run. Why? Because he thinks I am awesome and he wanted to let me know. What a nice guy—for a biker, that is.