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Lessons in Love

In the good ol’ Derty Jerz I made some 5th grade friends. They were sweet little skateboard boys who were all about 10 -and-a-half and owned iPhones.  Isn’t that just adorable?

And just not necesarry…anywayssss….mustbenice.

They were all chirpin’ about the YMCA dance they were attending that night.

Ooooooooo, do you have dates?” I asked.

They started cracking up, apparently they all do except for one Playboy. I high-fived him and pointed out that now he could dance with allllll the ladies, no need to hold yourself down brother!


Texas then asked the premature daters, “Did you get your dates flowers?”

They looked at us blankly. They didn’t laugh. They looked nervous. They knew they were about to learn something.

Adam reminded them they they would not be getting a kiss if they didn’t bring flowers, they replied with a loud, annoyed “EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.”

In that moment, I knew I liked these guys.

They were disasters. They were sweaty, tiny, dirty and grimey…the boys were in desperate need of a shower and a growth spurt. And now that I heard the “no flowers” news, they needed themselves a Mama.

I looked at the pack for a second and then formed them into a single file line and walked them directly to the florist department of the grocery store. During the walk I told them that they had to act like humans when we were in the store.

“Keep the giggling to a minimum, don’t yell, DO NOT TOUCH A SINGLE THING,” I said lovingly.

I showed them boquets of flowers that were $3 each. I explained that we could break down these boquets down and add some filler, greens and baby’s breath to make their dates mini-boquets. I had them pick two boquets to use.

2 gentlemen picked Pink and Green flowers.

2 gentlemen picked Red Carnations

I already know what you are thinking…dundundun….

I explained that different colors mean different things.

Pink = Caring/Friendship


They stood by their choices, even after I made fun of them for the “declaration of love”  flowers.

As we stood in line (and as they tried so very, very hard to stay as human as possible) I could tell my “Love Flower” boys were uneasy about their decision. So I had to intervene…

This is an intervention.

“Guys, I was going to let the whole carnation thing slide, as you are 10 but…Carnations are an absolute no, no. And the red just creates a hot mess of carnation and love, two things you never want to combine.”

They nodded solmely and picked some beautiful yellow flowers.

I felt like I had already helped them.

So the florist whipped together four boquets for the price of $12.88. A small price for me to pay in the hopes of molding four young men into become flower giving gentlemen in the future.

As we headed through the automatic sliding doors of the grocery store I made the boys promise that they would NEVER EVER go on a date/dance with out bringing flowers.

They promised. And I made them pose for me.





Lesson Learned

To begin with, I am thoroughly enjoying my new job–in case you were wondering!

I am meeting fabulous people, crossing state lines left and right, and being treated like the celebrity that I am!

During training we were asked what we wanted out of this experience, and I think I should document what I said in this here blog:

“I want to learn/experience something new/different in each town I encounter.”

OK a lot of slashes, but you feel me right?!

So far, done and done!

Yesterday we had a charity event at a vocational school for handicapped adults. Before our arrival we were told that during their planning meeting the students unanimously decided they wanted US there. Needless to say, they were VERY excited that we could attend their $100 Hot dog event.

They day before this event we drove 5 hours from Indiana to work at a retail event in Wisconsin. We ran our summer promotion but not all were having fun. I felt overwhelmed and I couldn’t figure out why. I found myself answering the same questions over and over. And leaving people disappointed, although their reactions were out of my control.

It wasn’t until yesterday that I realized why I couldn’t please everyone the day before.

We rolled into the vocational school early on Friday morning. We were so tired and the skies looked gray and cloudy. The event was barely set-up when we arrived and we were informed that the event would not start for anouther hour and a half. Boo! Why were we there so early? Sleep! A girl needs sleep! Oh well! We rolled with it.

We were set-up and were ready to go. While we waited for everyone to arrive we gave tours and answered questions of the other vendors. Then! The $100 Hot Dog fair began.

In the small parking lot there were a dozen tables selling 50 cent popcorn, “I survived Hot Dog Day” t-shirts and displaying little games like “Flip the Duck” and other carnival-esque games.

It was a simple set-up.

We’ve seen bigger.

We’ve seen better.

But we’ve never met people like we met at the $100 Hot Dog.

And the one thing that separated the attendants at this charity event from those at the retail events was simple: They never wanted M O R E.

What is wrong with being happy with what just is?

So many times we want more, we want it the easy way, we want to milk it for all it’s worth.

I’ve done it.

But why?

The pure excitement of our presence in the vocational school community was contagious. Talking about my job, asking them about their’s, taking their pictures, handing out free prizes and breaking down the “embarrassment” barrier was SO MUCH FUN!

The company I work for was one of the first companies to use mobile marketing. I don’t know any other company that gives so much back to consumers. The experience they give back is priceless. To create memories through a brand, to bring a nostalgic feel to a company, to connect at the store doors with consumers is extremely difficult to do—especially since it is hard to keep a company around for over 100 years–but the mobile marketing I am doing does all of the above.

And the $100 Hot dog crowd gets that. They were happy we were there. They were happy we travelled the country to hang out with them. They were happy to get something free! They were happy to talk to us and share their stories with us.

It was so simple.

It was a lesson learned in Racine, Wisconsin.

From now on I will wear my purple “I Survived Hot Dog Day” with pride and remember what I learned from those fabulous people.

The Queen and I

(Heather–I know you enjoyed this title!)

So, I am offically nervous.

I’m not going to think about the marathon today.

I’ll think about that tomorrow.

I really don’t even have the time to. I have an accounting exam at 8 pm (BOOOO! What about The Office? What about Grey’s Anatomy?!<— what about the fact that two of my favorite shows are on at the same exact time EVERY week?! We will talk about this later.) which means I am currently studying taking a study break.

I started my studying in the Business building. Everything was going fine until…

“Excuse me. Do you know what a bow saw blade is?” asked “some chick.”

“Uhhhh. Isn’t that a long saw blade? The one people make music with…sometimes?!” I answered.

“My roommate just wrote me a text asking me, just wondering. Thanks!” said “some chick.”

If I were “some chick” I wouldn’t be able to sleep very well tonight.

Weird convo = change study location.

Now, I am in the good ol’ media library. The library with the couch bathroom. No, I am not studying in the bathroom—like some people. GROSS.

Oh, I almost forgot!

Cute story from work.

Occasionally I get to work a jewelry counter shift while the jewelry girl goes on break. I thought I would be safe in that “jewelry box”—I was wrong. I am only in there for a mere 15 minutes and yet I find at least 10 things I want to buy. Not good. Not good at all.

Yesterday this classy, warm (friendly warm—she wasn’t sweating or anything!), 50-year-old woman comes up to the counter. I always tell customers “If you want to look at anything just let me know! I’ll open up the case for you.” I say this mostly for myself…I want to open up the case so that I can play with the pretty jewels too!

I was lucky—she wanted to try on the ring I had been eyeing for the whole 4 minutes I was in there. It was gold and shaped like a crown. OK, you might think it sounds “interesting” but you have to see it—it is so original and unique and beautiful and I want it!, I want it!, I want it!

Well, this lady wanted it too.

She tried it on with her dark brown skin and it looked AMAZING! She was like “Ooooo! I’m a queen!” I agreed— agreeing is a good sales tactic. We chatted about it. She made me try it on. My white skin did not complement the ring—silver would have been better for me (but I love her for letting me try it on!).

We both agreed that jewelry is a good investment. I joked that I hope to do some investing when I get a “real” job. She suggested I find a man who will help me do that kind of investing!!! Normally, I would have jumped on my “I don’t need a man” high horse but…

then she said, “When my husband and I help young couples, through our couple’s counciling, my husband always tells the man, ‘Treat her like a queen and she will treat you like a king.'”

And you know what? That is so true. Simple, sweet and true. I will store that in my “affection” bank.

She didn’t get the ring (it was too big) but she went home to tell her husband about it. I told her she could blame it all on me—if she needed to 🙂

Whether she gets the ring or not she is one smart Queen and I am glad to have met her.

Crazy Cat Lady

A little story from my Friday night at work.

My co-worker Cindy was ringing out a customer.

Customer: “Can I return these?” pointing to two porcelain jars.

Cindy: “Of course!”

Customer: “Because I just don’t know if the stuff I am putting in there will fit”

Friendly chit chat continues as Cindy wraps up her customer’s items.

Customer: “I just cremated my cat.”

Yea, the customer decided to just throw that in there at the end….ehhhhhhhhhhh.

Let’s hope she can make her decision by eyeballing it.