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Group. Schmoup.

I get it. I got it. Good.

I understand Mr/Ms./Dr. Professors of the world.

“In the workforce/real world we are going to have to work in teams or with groups blahblahblah, blahtyblahblah.”

I really am cool with that. I like people. In fact, I love people. And I work well with others. I’m a pleasure to have in class…Whoa….elementary school report card generic comments just came out. Moving on…

My accounting class (of over 350 students ) requires us to have a group of 5 (yes, that’s what they suggested…ehhhh) in order to complete the WEEKLY (that means every single week) homework assignments.

1. I don’t know 5 people.

2. Which 5 people are going to have similiar schedules?

3. I don’t want to meet with them once a week.

4. I’m grumpy.

5. Ooooo don’t worry. It turns out my professor has answers to all of my questions.

Damn it.

GoogleDocs. (don’t even click that link…its so incredibly boring and stupid and dumb and annoying, did I mention I am a little grumpy?)

That’s the answer to everything, right? GoodgleDocs.

Its my professor’s equivalent to the dad’s use of Windex in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” Great. I would rather spray Windex all over my accounting book and call it a day.

So anyways, I end up knowing 2 girls. Lucky me.

I did all of the homework/ taught myself accounting (I think we are technically supposed to share…but….ehhhhh—beginning to understand my hate of these group projects?) and submitted it on this miracle worker called GoogleDocs.

Maybe, just maybe, GoogleDocs will save me from the anxiety of group projects in college.

Nope. I think I will need some Windex for that.