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Swamp of Love

This morning I could just make out the  sun shinning outside our foggy windows, caked with condensation, thanks to the February Flood of 2008. It was going to be a good day.

Even though the apartment smelled like mold, a pet shop and mud stirred up in a pot of wet fur and gave me a migraine thanks to the allergens that have been growing at warp speed, today was going to be a good day.

We all had our radios/internet tuned to our favorite morning show “The Wake Up Call” on Penn State’s student radio station The Lion 90.7 FM and we were all in our rooms laughing along to the funny stories told of bad dates, bad songs and just all things embarrassing about this day we use to celebrate loooooooove, Valentine’s Day.

Not to name drop or anything but I have like totally hung out with DJ Tomorrow/ DJ Anne the Girl/ DJ Havern a Good Time on numerous occassions…

anyways, after that shameless name drop….

There was special guest on the air today. He had his little guitar and he would come up with a little ditty for that special someone in your life in a matter of minutes if you called in and shared a little bit about them.

Let’s just say there was a song about DJ Anne being short but loved, and a jam about some man buying his woman a ferret. Yup. An amazing Valentine’s day treat!

As I was laughing, alone, in my room I heard a very familiar voice come on the air.

IT WAS SALLY!!! She talked all about our “swamp” of an apartment and how much she loved us, her roomies, and how we have all had a pretty bad week etc. etc. etc.

This my friends in when a classic was born. Hopefully I get a sound clip to put on this here blog because yo uhave to hear “Swamp of Love” performed by the guitar man on “The Wake Up Call” it was absolutely hilarious and it was the first time my name ever made it into a song 🙂 YAY!

And even after sweating and then resorting to asking a boy to help me push the VDub out of the snow bank the plows created around my little car I still knew today was going to be a great day..regardless of gross carpets, exams and snow.

Lsst night I stayed up late studying making my grandmother’s traditional Valentine’s day sugar cookies— which acutally came out pretty well. They can’t compare to her’s, how do grandma’s do it?!, but I am proud of myself.

That is was Mifflin is getting from me for Vday. I don’t think he has read this blog in a while so I am not all that worried about ruining the awesome surprise.

And let me tell you, a surprise is exactly what this fool needs right now.

I think we all know I am not a gushy lovahhhh of anything besides Bud Select, Nike+ and Vodka Tonics so after making 24 pink and red heart shaped sugar cookies and even MAKING a Valentine’s card with hearts and monkey stickers I am kind of feeling sick of Valentine’s day and all the loving.

I can only handle so much and apparently Mifflin is on the same page:

i.e. the boy’s Facebook status: (those of you who have Facebook will understand this set-up, those of you who don’t ehhhh just roll with it!)

Mifflin: is wondering who even made this day up……… I bet it was a bunch of girls sitting at round table with nothing else better to do. (******). ( I edited it for your enjoyment)

Geeeez homie! Clearly someone needs a little love and is feeling a bit overwhelmed by this holiday!

(“I know you can be overwhelmed and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?” classic “Clueless” quote right there!)

But I do understand him.

I am extremely hearted out.

So as I sit here, wearing blue and gray, studying for an exam that takes place in a half an hour, I can’t help but feel whelmed about my day now that it is half over.

Happy Valentine’s Day Bloggers!

I’d write a song about you…but I forgot my guitar.