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Bad Habit

I know it’s early but….

Here is how I am feeling about my last post:

I know I can be an adult and enjoy Mifflin’s company during class. Come on, he is a Human Development and Family Studies Major (babies, families etc.)…how sweet is that?

But more importantly, I can buy my own drink. And I will tonight.

Don’t forget it’s the first week of classes (even if you aren’t in school anymore!) and it’s Thirsty Thursday 🙂

Have a fabulous day!


More for Mike.

Heather’s “Earl of Sandwich” review. By the way she is very excited to be on the Blog so let’s give her a big welcome 🙂

“The first overall feeling was:Overwhelmed. The sandwiches are not something you could just sit down and make so it takes a minute or two to process what you are actually ordering. It took me a while to absorb all the different sandwiches and what they contain, meaning it also took me a while to decide what I actually wanted to order.

One of the menu features that I did like was the uniform pricing of sandwiches and salads, making it so that money didn’t factor into deciding what you ordered.
I think it is easier for people to pay at the same time that they order, rather than going through two different registers before being done with the process. However, considering the high-volume of people in the restaurant at the time, our sandwiches came out pretty quickly and were fresh off the grill. They tasted great!”

Geez…I wonder what that slacker Erin is up to? She clearly doesn’t want to share her review. She must not like Mike.

Designer Face.

As of January 2006 my glasses prescription has doubled. This past year has been a blur, literally. I couldn’t see anything! Just when I was getting used to not knowing exactly what things or people looked like I went for my contacts fitting. I wondered…what will my world and my people look like now?

After receiving an A+(+++ ), yes I was that good, on my contact application from the Doc I sat in the waiting room. I could see the posters . I could see peoples faces. (Let’s keep in mind it was 8:15 a.m. which is apparently the time Senior Citizens own the Optometrist’s office. So I got to see some serious facial detail, wrinkles and all.) On my ride home the street signs were so clear, I could even see exits signs ahead of time (I am sure those of you who have been a passenger in my car are feeling great right now!). Then I pulled into my neighborhood. The trees were so green, lush and……3D!!!

To my surprise during my year of blindness the world has turned, like many TVs, High Definition.

And now to view this fabulous HDWorld I am living in I have a pair of Dolce and Gabbana glasses 🙂 I just keep getting classier and classier!