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I didn’t really want to go, but I went.

Last night was trivia night at The Harp & Dragon. They really should have mentioned it was going to be BYOP (bring your own parent) because that is the only way any of us stood a chance.
First category: 80s Music. Now, I know a lot of 80s lyrics, but artists….ehhhhh not so much. Second category: Presidents. We were ALL over that one. We might not know who sang “Bette Davis Eyes” ( in fact, I don’t even know the song) but we do know the 1700s like the back of our hand. Then we got the category of all categories: Justin Timberlake. Now we would have demolished all of the other teams but….these questions came with multiple choice answers. Oooooo I was mad. Did 80s music give us that handicap? NOPE. Anyways there were plenty more categories that we did poorly on. In fact, when our “answer dropper-offer” would submit our answer sheet the judge would laugh.

Regardless of our lack of trivia knowledge from yester-year (Friends throwback, do you know that episode Molly? Hint: Rachel says it. She also uses “the year of yore” Oooo trivia for you!) we had fun and drank cider.

So here is a question for you! It’s easy and it’s my favorite kid joke:

“What do you call cheese that isn’t yours?”