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My Chance to Say Thank You

As we pulled into our event on the Fourth of July I was overcome with emotion. There set-up to the direct right of us were The Shriners.

Sure, they are in every small town parade. And they are easy to recognize by their tall, Aladdin-like red velvet hats with extremely long tassels but to me this sighting meant so much. So, incredibly much. Before I even put my foot on the brake I looked at my co-worker as tears filled my eyes and said, “I have to go say thank you.”

Madelyn’s Story

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

So as soon as we were in park. I bolted out of my seat, flew open the door and headed directly to the man in the tall red hat. I put out my hand and told him how grateful my family and I are to the Shriner’s. I explained  Madelyn’s story and showed him the pictures on my cell phone of my baby cousin while I expressed to him how much the Shriner’s have helped my family and most importantly will continue to help Maddy.

I was shaking as I talked to him. Today my family would be all together, I guess this was the very first 4th of July I would not be a part of.  And at the same time it reminded me, once again, that I am no longer a part of Madelyn’s recovery and adjustment. I have not seen her since she arrived home from the hospital. I have not seen her hands unwrapped, or the pressure garments that adorn her head. I have no real idea of  what Maddy, Olivia, Cassie and my Aunt and Uncle’s daily lives are like now.

But even at this distance from my family I felt connected by being given the opportunity  to thank these men for whatever secret operations they conduct (we have no idea how they raise all that money and create those fabulous hosptials)  that have helped our Maddy so very, very much.

So while my family was enjoying a BBQ by my Aunt Darla’s pool, I was jetting around in the Shriner’s Car as they posed  and said “Cheesy Weenies!”

That’s all the reason I needed to be in Oak Brook, IL. Just to thank those Shriners. It really, truly meant so much to me.

And here are some new pics of my girl!!! Check her out now that she is out of the hospital and back at home 🙂

Maddy on her new bike that she got for her 2nd birthday almost 2 months late, but her party waited for her to come home!

The girlies looking cool in their shades 🙂

All photos courtesy of my family—I LOVE GETTING THESE PICS! They make my day, thanks guys!