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This Episode on “The Classroom”

As a HUGE fan of “The Office” I can’t help but find humor in all things mundane, ridiculously stupid and routine. And, of course, I find humor in the ridiculously fabulous people around me.

In one class this semester SJ and I sit there and constantly make fun of people and events. And honestly, it’s not our fault. We can’t help ourselves. Theses people do it to themselves—“for realisies” (Michael Scott).

So this episode on “The Classroom” I will begin by highlighting the fashion in the room.

One character always comes to class dressed to impress. She is always super trendy, classy and her outfit is pulled together from head-to-toe. And I’m not going to hate on her–she has great taste and honestly we are jealous. SJ and I look forward to her arrival each class to discuss her ensemble. So her arrival is an event of events before 11:15 a.m.

Then up and to the left we have a boy that reminds us of a mix between two people we know so that is weird enough. Then the other day I look up to see this guy wearing an awesome t-shirt. “Tomorrow’s Memories” it said across the back. “Prom 2003” was written in Lucinda Handwriting just below it. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

1. Who gets a prom t-shirt made?

2. Who wears it?

3. Who continues to rock it four years later?!

And the “I’m doing my laundry” excuse doesn’t work for me… I know for a fact the writers of “The Office” could write a whole episode based on this t-shirt. Oh, the possibilities.

Then we have Tobey. Oh, Tobey. You really have to see Tobey. Short, bald, shiny head, that always appears to be perspirating. He wears some crazy outfits. Sweater vests—that he just can’ t pull off. Figuratively and literally, they are really, really tight I don’t know how he could manage. Then he struts in wearing light blue stonewashed jeans with a tucked in collared shirt and a TIE. Yes, Tobey is a tool.

And sadly it’s not just Tobey’s fashion that pisses SJ and I off. He just exudes annoying. Did I mention he buttons and unbuttons my professors jacket everyday?! Enough said, right?

Then there is the good old “Lion Ambassador.” Sitting there a row behind SJ and I. Know what he did the other day?! The professor was lecturing on a certain topic when she realized she needed the book to obtain a quote. She asked if anyone in the class had the book with them.

**If you didn’t already know in college we don’t bring out books with us—ever. That’s not how this thing works. Nor do we really ever read them for that matter. Honestly books are basically there for us to purchase for a lot of money, sit in our rooms so that at the end of the semester we can sell them back and get a fraction on the money we paid for them and then go to the bar. The are basically the most worthless savings bond, ever. In the history of the world. (Sorry, after I wrote “EVER” I had to keep going with that one…)**

So, “Lion Ambassador” raises his hand. He has the book. Good for him. By the time the professor walks alllll the wayyyyy to the back of the classroom (We’ve got about 95 kids in this class, on a good day) he hands her the book….open to the exact page she wanted (and she didn’t even know which page she wanted, he already knew where she was going with her lecture….ridiculous!).

And then the last and final scene of “The Classroom” for today’s episode …

Our professor HATES the football players in our class. She informs the coaches if they are one minute late—she pretty much wants to bring them down. Sucks for them.


One of the players (sitting in the last row, so I can’t see) gets up to leave the class. As soon as he leaves she stops class and asks Tobey where the player went, with this huge attitiude.

Tobey responds, ” Uhhhhh. He had puss leaking from his leg wound.”

Only at Penn State.  Stay tuned for another epidosde of “The Classroom” brought to you by yours truly, LB.