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Turkey Day!


Punkin’ Pie. Turkey. Stuffing. Rolls. Mashed Potatoes. Gravyyyy. Sweeeeeet Potatoes. And Wine. And Beer.

Yum! Yum! Yum!

I’m excited to E A T!

I ran the Turkey Trot this morning—explaining why I am actually AWAKE and excited about eating! My aunt, dad and I started a new tradition this morning. So Turkey Trot, you will see us again! Be ready.

There was an optional “dip” in the Mystic River. Yea. The optional part was key. There was no dipping for us. Clearly, not part of the tradition!

It was a little less than three miles and I did it in 21 minutes. Only 4 hours less than my marathon. Weird to think I ran for 4 more hours a little over a month ago—crazy.

I ran fast. It kicked my ass. But it felt good.

And now I get to eat, eat, eat!

Did anyone watch The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special?

Hilarious. Peppermint Patty–wow! We have been quoting her for the past two days. Check it out if you haven’t seen it for years. You will be shocked at the stereotypes in that bad boy. Peppermint Patty again. Ridiculous.

Get outside and enjoy the beautiful fall foliage (if you have any in sight!) and breathe in the fresh fall air. I highly recommend it.

Happy Thanksgiving Blog World 🙂

Boring post, I know…but I have a HUGE surprise for you tomorrow 🙂 Pictures included!


Always the Pilgrim Never the Indian

It wasn’t fair.


Every year in elementary school they would divide the classroom into pilgrims and indians for our annual Thanksgiving feast of miniature cardboard boxed milk and snacks.

I would get so nervous when they started naming who was who.

Crossing my little fingers under my desk I wished to be named “Indian.”

 I had my outfit planned out. I would ask my mom to braid my hair into two long pigtail braids. I would get to wear a feather. And maybe even a little face paint.

Nope. Not happening. Six-year-old is shot down.


Damn it.

Great, I don’t even have any buckles.

 Honestly, who wears buckles as much as those damn pilgrims? Buckles on the hat. The shoes. The belt. Enough with the buckles. They aren’t even practical. Feathers and beads are better.

So I got to wear a white Puritan-esque hat and a dumb dress or something.


I get mad just thinking about it.

Look at me getting into the Thansgiving spirit.