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Tap Tunes

Is there really anything better than a shower radio?


After mine ran out of batteries last week, my answer is “No.” ( you can quote me on that!) My shower radio is  called “Tap Tunes.” Why? I have no idea, but let’s just roll with it. I actually used to have a Yellow Peanut M&M shower radio back home…he had a snorkle and flippers. Very difficult to balance and caused many a shower injury.


There is simply nothing better than getting ready on a Saturday night showering to some “boom bangin’ out the frame” radio hits with Tap Tunes. Actually I lied. If you bring a beer in the shower it does get better.

And in the morning, before 9 a.m. (sans beer), I can’t describe how refreshing it is to hear “It’s Britney, Bitch.” That really gets me ready to start my day. Thank you Tap Tunes.

For the past few days I have been showering without music and life was boring. After a quick run to Walmart, Tap Tunes is back in action and the whole apartment is happy and back to normal.

This morning, Tap Tunes first shower back (YAY!), I turned it on to hear that dumb “Bubbly” song– which I now know every word to and wish I didn’t. And sadly this example shows the only downfall of Tap Tunes–it doesn’t have a waterproof remote. But then what followed that sappy, sappy, sappy song?

“U -S, H -E- R, R -A-Y- M -O- N- D, baby tell me what you wanna do with me”

Yup. Old school Usher woke me up this morning. And it simply doesn’t get any better than that.

Tap Tunes is back.