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Fashionably Dumb

So it has been snowing off and on since Sunday. (speaking of which someone’s posting has been extremely off lately…ehhhh) Apparently the snow on the ground and the snow falling from the sky did not register in my head this morning as I headed out for my trip to campus.

I had to dress up today and I take the opportunities, as they are rare, seriously. Very seriously.

Tweed gray and black skirt, light pink button up layered under a magenta crew neck sweater, gray tights and last, but not least, Emily’s new pumps.


Yea, I love them too. I have my own black pumps but the heal is only 2.5 inches…I wanted more. Greedy, Greedy me choses to wear the almost 4 inch heels out into the blizzard: Fashionably Dumb.

I had Sally with me on the way to class. Very helpful. She is tiny and I am very tall (especially with the fabulous pumps :)) so she fit right under my shoulder for support as I walked with tiny, tiny steps down the icy hill leading to the Willard building. A passerby even felt my pain as she said “That sucks” (in my direction) to her friend as she witnessed my struggle.

Good news: I didn’t fall. After class I had planned on using Mifflin for support on my trek to the HUB. Instead, I got a text.

3/4 of the way through class (we watched an excellent movie, ehhhh, not so much. Sally and I are pretty sure we are 3rd graders with ADD) I receive this : “Yo ldb i’m out kiddo.”

Unprepared to yell across the silent room to him, quickly I responded: “No. I need help walking.”

He was already gone. I am pathetic. I can walk by myself. Yes. I . Can.

I walked s l o w l y. Annoyingly slow.

I make it without falling.

After class I had to trek to the Library…where I have been since 2 p.m. trapped because of Emily’s amazing shoes. And I still think the are amazing, regardless of their attempts at trying to kill me today. I should probably point out that there were a few slips, but no falls. Minor details people, really.

I make it to the library.

Only one more trip. Halfway through campus to the Disney meeting, the whole reason why I am even wearing these shoes.

I haven’t taken a digger yet.

I am not stupid. I know there is no way I can get away with this outfit in these weather condition and I understand and accept the fact that I will fall today. I just have to “wait for it, wait for it.”

At least its dark now and I have had the whole day to plan my graceful fall and recovery 🙂

And I’m off….