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Dirty Little Secrets

I’ve hopped on the Post Secret bus.

I don’t know if I’ll like it, so far I don’t!

I’ll blame this on Molly.

1. I am having a really hard year. Family wise.

2. I look in the shopping carts of overweight people at the grocery store and try to figure out how to “help” them. (<—- I suck, but it’s true.)

3. I really believe I can do anything. Anything that I want to do, that is.

4. I judge people based on appearance. Then I get over it.

5. I don’t care about accounting. Or my grade in accounting. I just got a 69 on the exam.

6. Most of the time I want to be a nomad and have no responsibilities.

7. I can imagine myself having a baby…. and not a husband.

8. I hate my boobs. Too big. They get me the wrong kind of attention.

9. I have been going to the dermatologist for over a year now and my skin still sucks. I hate it.

10. I already know what I want to name my kids.

11. I wish I was a brunette. But I think I would miss the attention being blonde gets. Although I don’t like that…weird.

12. I wonder what people’s first impressions of me are compared to the “me” they come to know.

13. My secret desire is to be a Victoria’s Secret model.

How about you? Any dirty little secrets?