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“training is the opposite of hoping”

the most amazing words i have ever seen.


found here.

if those words aren’t enough for you.

the songs will be.

i thought i wanted dessert.


i’m getting up early to go to the gym.

there is no better satisfaction than changing your body

for the better.

Thanks for reminding me Nike.

I love that company.


10 Feet from Obama

We had a few surprise visitors here at Penn State this weekend.

1. A cold.

A gross, sore throat, booger nose, coughing, fever, no sleep kind of cold. Oh, and that punk just won’t leave. It’s still with me but has also decided to hang out with ALL of my roommates too. What a jerk. So far I have gone through a box of TheraFlu, a box of Nyquil, two bags of cough drops, and a box of decongestants. I refilled last night, so I am good to go this week.

2. A super hero.

That super hero being yours truly, LB. This weekend was the half marathon. And regardless of the no sleep, a burning chest, and mucus-y throat I ran it. Because, my friends, I, apparently, am not a quitter. Lesson learned. And I could also quite possibly be d-u-m-b. (It depends on which way you look at it) I almost quit on the 8th mile. After 8 miles of freezing legs, good ol’ 20 degree Pittsburgh weather mixed with shorts was not a good decision on top of barely being able to breathe and a nose that oozed boogers, but if Eminem can surve 8 mile then I can too. I literally thought that when I debated quitting. No, not really. But really, I did. Anyways…

I did it in 2 hours and 3 minutes. 3 minutes past my goal. 9:15 pace…ehhhh not too bad. Hey, I finished it!

HDC completed the half marathon as well and I am very proud of her, it was her first one! Yay HDC! And…now she knows she can do a marathon (which I always knew she could do!). So get it girl! (She is also being blog-attacked by a UGG lover gone crazy so hit her up with some congratulatory love!)

3. Barack Obama

Yes, my people Senator Obama came to Penn State. Now, I’m not going to get all political on you because that is not my style. But regardless we can’t deny the history that can be made with either Democratic nomination so we can all be excited about that! Right?! Right!

Senator Obama spoke to 22,000 people in front of Old Main on a beautiful Sunday morning. And where was I you ask? I was 10 feet to his left.


I don’t know how we did it but there we were waiting for hours in the bright sunshine (popping cough drops left and right) for a potential future president of the United States of America.

Pretty Damn Cool, if you ask me! It’s history baby. One of those stories you can tell your kids and grandkids.

And to top it off he is a great speaker. He really is. I was impressed with what he had to say and I didn’t feel like it was fake or manufactured. A genuine man. And you should believe me because I was close enough to touch the Secret Service. And I did. Yea, you are jealous.

I also got to shake Senator Obama’s hand. He even squeezed my shoulder. Awesome. Good guy. Solid squeeze.

It’s weird I had goosebumps. He made me feel very proud to be a part of this country and a part of change. And sometimes, when you are 21, about to graduate and figure out the rest of your life you don’t always feel apart of this big, huge country. Or think you can change a damn thing.

But like Obama I have hope. Hope that I can become a minimalist, hope that I can make money doing a job I am passionate about, and hope that I can give back and continually help my country improve.

Maybe I’m too young.

Maybe I don’t have enough experience.

But I am glad I ran that those 13.1 miles this weekend that made me even more sick. And I am glad I got up at 9 a.m. on Sunday to wait 4.5 hours to hear Senator Obama speak.

Because regardless of my lost voice, the nasty tissues lining my pockets, and the cough burning through my chest these events are what I am going to remember forever and they could be two of the best decisions I’ve made.

We just have to keep learning about ourselves. Always. Life is wayyyyy more fun that way!

Let’s Get Physical

I learned a lot the first day of Physical Conditioning class:

1. Philly boy only owns one piece of athletic gear

2. Grumpy kid does not understand sarcasm

3. Avoid spandex, at all costs.

Physical Conditioning started last week with a hill workout. Rough. But I needed it.

Number 1 girl.

I even beat boys.

Yes, boys walked.

LB did not.

One kid wore jeans. Jeans?!

Hey pal! You are aware that you signed up for Physical Conditioning, right? It’ s not like it’s a surprise. You created your own schedule. You signed up for one of the most demanding KINES classes at PSU (yes, laugh at the fact I just said the most “demanding KINES class”) He says to the instructor, “I left my only pair of sweats in Philly.” Yes, that’s what he said. How old are we? I know it’s not that big of a deal but come on…

You go to Penn State. We live for and in sweatpants. Believe me, you should have seen me freshman year. All sweatpants. All the time.

I hope you are all proud of me, I actually came prepared.

All of the girls (6 total) and our instructor wore spandex.

Our instructor is a man. Yes, he wore “mandex,” and I loved every second of it—when I saw him walking down the hall I automatically thought “YES! Perfect blogging material.”

After the intense workout we cooled down with a walk. Some kid in the class was chatting it up with the instructor. (I know the instructor and he already sold me out the class about running the Marathon—talk about motivating me to be the number 1 girl, a little pressure…ehhhh) So, while having his little heart-to-heart with the instructor he adds, “I was nervous to take this class because I thought this would be a class of All-Star athletes,” while laughing.

As a joke–you know to break the ice, it was the first day of class– I said (sarcastically) “Are you saying I’m not an All-Star athlete?!”

Hehe, I am so clever. I gave a little smile…I was cute about it…some boys behind me joined in.

The kid looked at me –didn’t laugh or chuckle or giggle, not even a little –just looked at me. Turned back to the professor and continued to chat.


This might just be a very intense and sweaty class—with no human interaction because I am NOT funny. Nope not at all. Thanks, grumpy boy.

We then are instructed to run at our own pace back into the gym.

It’s simple. Boys are faster than girls, in most cases. There is no way my pace and the pace of the other 6 girls is faster than alllll of the boys in my class. I’m running in a pack with all the girls, not going very fast, when I look up.

The girl in front of me had on spandex. You could see her butt…HER ENTIRE BUTT. And while running it was quite the scene. Spandex is a very thin and revealing fabric…and this display brought that concept home. I looked to my right, another girl butt. Then I looked down. I too was wearing spandex and I too have a butt. I check over my right shoulder. All of the boys are running right behind us .



We get to the gym and our instructor congratulates us girls for being the leaders and adds that he has never seen that before.

“Well, it’s a better view from back here” jackhole says under his breath.

You guys know me well enough to guess what I did:

I looked at him and went “Ehhhhh.”

What a jackhole.

Many a lesson learned that day.

Tomorrow I will just shut-up, wear sweats and expect Philly boy to stink for the rest of the classes since he only owns one pair of sweats—hopefully his mom mailed them in time.

Peace Up. A-Town Down 2007



You suck. Bye.

That’s what I have to say about 2007. As you can see I absolutely loved every second of it.

It hasn’t been an easy year for me. There has been too many deaths and some huge unwanted changes. Changes I can’t even write about. Therefor changes most of you don’t know about. Changes I am still desperately trying to adapt to.

I figured I would write this 2007 wrap-up and bitch and complain about everything that sucked about double-oh-seven. But nope. I won’t do it.


Guess what I did in one year?

In one year I ran 615 miles. Six hundred and fifteen miles. 989 kilometers. I technically ran the width of the state of Virginia a little more than three times. The were a few months when I ran the width of Connecticut in those mere 30/31 days.

I ran a freaking marathon. I still can’t believe it. 26.2 miles. I did it.

I’ve been through 3 pair of sneakers as well as dozens of socks and sports bras. My feet have taken a huge beating in ’07. And guess what? They aren’t getting a break. I’ll keep running up, until and through ’08. Thank you Nike+.

I turned 21. A perfect age. The freedom to go out and get a drink is one I will always appreciate. Always. Self-medication (remember my year sucked?!)…yessss.

I landed three internships and was able to meet some pretty fabulous people through 2/3 of them! Not too bad. Because of the people I worked with and the trust they put in me and my work I feel prepared for this next step in ’08 called FIND A JOB.
And because one of those internships I started this blog. Without “I’ll think about that tomorrow” I would never have realized how much I love to write. I love, love, love, love, love it! And to read (check out my blogroll these people are amazing :)) Running and blogging have become my addictions. Healthy ones? I like to think so!

I got a job. I went to my classes. I got good grades. Blah.Blah.Blah. Not life’s highlights. Remember that. There is much more to life then those things. Even if they make your parents and grandparents proud. I say “whatever man.”

I dyed my blonde hair brown. And I loved it. In fact, love it. I’m still a seductive brunette. Going back to blonde eventually? Ehhhhh, I’ll think about that tomorrow 😉

I’ve been blessed to have amazing people in my life who love me. Who let me go through my shit and just stand-by. Or jump in when the shit hits the fan with simple cards that say “I love you”, hugs, tears, wine, surprise Bud Selects and long talks. Thank you. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for attempting to understand. And thank you for admitting you don’t! You know who you are. I love you and I promise I’ll get back to “normal” eventually. I promise. I know I shocked at least one of you by being “human”…so I might shock a few more by saying “yes, I am human.”:)

At the end of this year this is all I can think:

Through the hard times you learn the most about yourself. Even when you just want to say scream and cry as loud as you possible can “I KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT MYSELF FOR NOW, THANK YOU. I AM READY TO STOP LEARNING IF THAT MEANS THINGS AREN’T GOING TO SUCK SO MUCH”

Hey, if on the 16th mile you feel like you are on top of the world don’t get too confident because by mile 22 you wish you could quit. But I’ve learned that if you are me, you don’t, won’t and can’t quit.

I keep running. Even if I have to walk up a few hills. I will cross the finish line. That’s just the type of person I am.

So thanks for teaching me that 2007. Although at the beginning of this post I wanted to erase you from my mind forever, I will hold the trials and accomplishments I have endured this past year close to me forever and ever.

It’s just another part of me.

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence
by every experience in which
you really stop to look fear in the face.
You are able to say to yourself,
‘I lived through this horror.
I can take the next thing that comes along.'”
— Eleanor Roosevelt

*happy new year, 2008 will be fabulous*

Turkey Day!


Punkin’ Pie. Turkey. Stuffing. Rolls. Mashed Potatoes. Gravyyyy. Sweeeeeet Potatoes. And Wine. And Beer.

Yum! Yum! Yum!

I’m excited to E A T!

I ran the Turkey Trot this morning—explaining why I am actually AWAKE and excited about eating! My aunt, dad and I started a new tradition this morning. So Turkey Trot, you will see us again! Be ready.

There was an optional “dip” in the Mystic River. Yea. The optional part was key. There was no dipping for us. Clearly, not part of the tradition!

It was a little less than three miles and I did it in 21 minutes. Only 4 hours less than my marathon. Weird to think I ran for 4 more hours a little over a month ago—crazy.

I ran fast. It kicked my ass. But it felt good.

And now I get to eat, eat, eat!

Did anyone watch The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special?

Hilarious. Peppermint Patty–wow! We have been quoting her for the past two days. Check it out if you haven’t seen it for years. You will be shocked at the stereotypes in that bad boy. Peppermint Patty again. Ridiculous.

Get outside and enjoy the beautiful fall foliage (if you have any in sight!) and breathe in the fresh fall air. I highly recommend it.

Happy Thanksgiving Blog World 🙂

Boring post, I know…but I have a HUGE surprise for you tomorrow 🙂 Pictures included!

4 hours 21 minutes and 52 seconds

I have never been more proud of myself in my entire life.

In fact, after letting this sink in for two days—I don’t think I have ever been “proud” of myself.

I always felt my accomplishments in life were expected of me. Graduating High School, not a big deal. Going to College–expected. But this, this marathon was something bigger than all of that. If you had asked me on August 1st if I would ever run a marathon I would have said “Hell, no.”

Well now it is 2 months later and I have run a 26.2 mile race.

Let’s recap.

I started running on December 26th, 2006. On that day, and for the first 3 weeks, I could barely run 2 miles. By October 13th, 2007 I have managed to log 524 solid running miles. And run a marathon. I am so blown away by what my body has allowed me to do.

On to the marathon.

October 12th, 2007: I woke at 5:30 a.m. —I was supposed to leave my apartment at 4 a.m.—that clearly didn’t work out. I headed back home to CT. I picked up my sister in New Haven on the way and made it home in about 6.5 hours.

October 13th, 2007: I woke at 5 a.m. I was calm, I showered, then rushed to get my backpack packed (NO FANNY PACK YAY!!!). My dad was there to pick me up and bring me to Hartford. I quickly grabbed 2 slices of bread and a quick spread of peanut butter. (I had never had this meal before a run—but I it deserves 2 thumbs up!).

We picked up my Aunt Jenny and headed on the 45 minute drive the Hartford Civic Center. It was packed with people at 7 a.m. I got my number 132 (love it!) and used the bathroom one last time before the race. I am praying at this point I don’t get the “nervous pee.” We then cram into the pack of marathon/ half marathon runners waiting at the starting line. After the national anthem and a prayer we are off.


I am a beast compared to my Aunt! It was freezing by they way! And let’s keep in mind it is 7 a.m. ok?!

The first 11 miles went by so freaking fast. I was running an 8:37 pace for the first 10K. At mile 16 my dad came over on his bike. I was ready for the race to be over. Not that I hated it, I was just so anxious and I had come so far. Only 10 more miles left!! By 18 I was tired. From 16-18 I only walked while I drank water/gatorade at the mile markers. I kept telling myself that when I reached 20 I would be GOLDEN. Well, when 20 came around it didn’t feel so good. I wasn’t as pumped for the last 6 miles as I thought I’d be. There were lots of hills and everyone around me was suffering too. I ran everything but the hills. At this point my run was slower than my walk!

At mile 24 I shoved a banana down my throat–I was getting a little out of my element at this point. I also grabbed a butterscotch candy (I hate butterscotch candies, by the way!) and that helped. Then at mile 25 I convinced my legs to keep moving. I was back in downtown Hartford, circling Busnell Park. I passed the 26 mile mark. Only .2 miles to go. I look up.

A hill.


The last .2 miles!

An incline. An incline that takes me around the corner to the left. I run up the hill and I see my mom and sister. My mom goes wild. There are people everywhere. The finish line is HUGE. There was a group about 10 seconds ahead of me and some people about 5 seconds behind me. I was all alone. I ran through strong.

“And here comes L. B. of CT. Great finish L.B.” said the DJ

I made it! In 4 hours 21 minutes and 52 seconds. That is an overall 10 minute mile pace 🙂

The first thing I wanted to do when I crossed that finish line was cry. Cry, tears of joy. I almost did. But I held back. I’m sure they will come out in the shower sometime this week once it really settles in. I can honestly say my life has changed.


My gross self, my mama and sister! I’m DONE!
I got a fabulous GOLD medal. And my legs hurt. In fact, my legs still hurt. A lot. My stomach also hurt. A lot. Running long distances is not good on the digestive system. I can tell you that. So can my Aunt.

My Aunt Jenny fought through her pain and completed her second marathon. Let me also add that her first marathon was 4 years ago and during that 4 year down period she had 2 babies. In other words. She is awesome. No. She is more than awesome. She is straight up AMAZING.

We were both in a lot of pain yesterday. Today is pretty much the same—except my stomach is feeling better. I hope yours is too Aunt Jenny!

If it wasn’t for my Aunt I would have never run a marathon. She’s that good.

If it weren’t for my dad I would have never arrived at the race on time or arrived to the right location. I also wouldn’t have had that motivation (aka making fun of other runners’ styles) I needed at the 16 mile mark. Thanks pops!

If it weren’t for my sister and my mom I would have never been able to make it up that hill for a strong finish. Nice sign ladies. Thank youuuuu.

And thanks to my roommates, my soulmates, my Aunt Darla, my grandparents and Mifflin. Because of those fools I had a huge smile on my face after the race— they all cared enough to call, text and pray for me. I love-ah you people.

And if I didn’t have all of you blogging people to share this story with I would be bragging to strangers on the CATA bus. And that isn’t cool. So thanks for listening!

Today in my family psychiatry class we learned that rational-emotive therapists believe we choose to maintain our irrational thinking.

I don’t think this pride I feel is irrational but today I have chosen to maintain these thoughts and feeling of pride for the rest of my life.

**if anyone has any marathon questions or seeks advice–I can be of service to you!

Mission Accomplished

I did it.

I conquered the Hartford Marathon.

More tomorrow.

🙂 <—- that’s me right now + a sore face, if they had one.