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One Fire. One Flood. One Apartment.

During our weekend of bad haircuts, puppy sitting (once again!) and grocery shopping with people who don’t wear pants we also managed to top it off with a fire and a flood.I guess I should take this as advice for later in life:

Flood Insurance- Check.

Fire Insurance- Check

The fire wasn’t a disaster. Just hilarious. A little after tearing up during Kanye West’s performance and picking up our jaws (in a good way) after Tina Turner and Beyonce’s performance at the Grammy’s we snuck in a little remote fire. Just to spice things up a bit.

But seriously…

Sally caught the DVD remote on fire.

How does this happen, one would ask?

It’s simple really.

1. Pick up remote.

2. Place directly on top of candle flame

3. Say outloud, “What is that smell?”

4. Look to find your DVD remote in flames on your coffee table

Exhibit A:

img_5931.jpgAwesome. So now that the fire is out of the way, let us move onto the flood, shall we?

We shall.

Monday morning when we were all in classes Emily was getting ready for work when..

The fire alarms went off, water came bursting out of all of the East Wing’s (yes, we pretend to have wings in our little apartment!) light fixtures and sprinklers into their rooms, bathroom and our living room. By the time the apartment complex figured out the problem there were three inches of water in our living room.


We live on the third floor.

So all that water leaked down to each floor below us, but they are doing fine. Lucky them. We aren’t.

Last night we had two dehumidifiers running and a small fan.

Tonight we have two HUGE commercial carpet drying fans humming away in the living room. My room had to be turned into the “Fun Zone” where we had dinner and made Valentine’s cards.

Our living room smells DISGUSTING.

But at least the carpet is kind of drying. We have been wearing “houseshoes” aka our rainboots and all-terrain slippers all around this joint, which makes things not so comfy or relaxing at our humble abode.

The lack of customer service at this apartment complex is astounding. I would get into it but it’s just me ranting and raving over things we need to do our best to get over and through. And we will prevail.

Until then we will continue to use the “Fun Zone” as our living room, grow to love wearing our rainboots in the APT, and try not to get sick from the smell of mold and whatever else is in and underneath this carpet. WOOF.

On top of it all I have this Suri Cruise style going on. And here is the picture for all you people who just need to see it….ehhhhh.


Hope you enjoy the new ring and the America’s Next Top Model ala Apt 134 pose!

I don’t have the Suri bangs, I have flattened it out and I do love the color…but its still boy short. And if you saw it when the Abby Salon girl did it you would have laughed. My roommates did.

As of now if I don’t wear make-up or earrings I could pass as a baby (Suri) or a little boy.

Believe me.

But it’s just hair. It will grow.

Just hurry up hairs.


Peace Up. A-Town Down 2007



You suck. Bye.

That’s what I have to say about 2007. As you can see I absolutely loved every second of it.

It hasn’t been an easy year for me. There has been too many deaths and some huge unwanted changes. Changes I can’t even write about. Therefor changes most of you don’t know about. Changes I am still desperately trying to adapt to.

I figured I would write this 2007 wrap-up and bitch and complain about everything that sucked about double-oh-seven. But nope. I won’t do it.


Guess what I did in one year?

In one year I ran 615 miles. Six hundred and fifteen miles. 989 kilometers. I technically ran the width of the state of Virginia a little more than three times. The were a few months when I ran the width of Connecticut in those mere 30/31 days.

I ran a freaking marathon. I still can’t believe it. 26.2 miles. I did it.

I’ve been through 3 pair of sneakers as well as dozens of socks and sports bras. My feet have taken a huge beating in ’07. And guess what? They aren’t getting a break. I’ll keep running up, until and through ’08. Thank you Nike+.

I turned 21. A perfect age. The freedom to go out and get a drink is one I will always appreciate. Always. Self-medication (remember my year sucked?!)…yessss.

I landed three internships and was able to meet some pretty fabulous people through 2/3 of them! Not too bad. Because of the people I worked with and the trust they put in me and my work I feel prepared for this next step in ’08 called FIND A JOB.
And because one of those internships I started this blog. Without “I’ll think about that tomorrow” I would never have realized how much I love to write. I love, love, love, love, love it! And to read (check out my blogroll these people are amazing :)) Running and blogging have become my addictions. Healthy ones? I like to think so!

I got a job. I went to my classes. I got good grades. Blah.Blah.Blah. Not life’s highlights. Remember that. There is much more to life then those things. Even if they make your parents and grandparents proud. I say “whatever man.”

I dyed my blonde hair brown. And I loved it. In fact, love it. I’m still a seductive brunette. Going back to blonde eventually? Ehhhhh, I’ll think about that tomorrow 😉

I’ve been blessed to have amazing people in my life who love me. Who let me go through my shit and just stand-by. Or jump in when the shit hits the fan with simple cards that say “I love you”, hugs, tears, wine, surprise Bud Selects and long talks. Thank you. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for attempting to understand. And thank you for admitting you don’t! You know who you are. I love you and I promise I’ll get back to “normal” eventually. I promise. I know I shocked at least one of you by being “human”…so I might shock a few more by saying “yes, I am human.”:)

At the end of this year this is all I can think:

Through the hard times you learn the most about yourself. Even when you just want to say scream and cry as loud as you possible can “I KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT MYSELF FOR NOW, THANK YOU. I AM READY TO STOP LEARNING IF THAT MEANS THINGS AREN’T GOING TO SUCK SO MUCH”

Hey, if on the 16th mile you feel like you are on top of the world don’t get too confident because by mile 22 you wish you could quit. But I’ve learned that if you are me, you don’t, won’t and can’t quit.

I keep running. Even if I have to walk up a few hills. I will cross the finish line. That’s just the type of person I am.

So thanks for teaching me that 2007. Although at the beginning of this post I wanted to erase you from my mind forever, I will hold the trials and accomplishments I have endured this past year close to me forever and ever.

It’s just another part of me.

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence
by every experience in which
you really stop to look fear in the face.
You are able to say to yourself,
‘I lived through this horror.
I can take the next thing that comes along.'”
— Eleanor Roosevelt

*happy new year, 2008 will be fabulous*

Sailor Girl Has Nothing On Me


That chick has nothing on me.

I couldn’t write about her and then not share some of my classy college moments as well. We, here in Happy Valley, go hard or go home (this usually involves a slice of canyon pizza, drunken bus ride or the infamous walk-of-shame displayed by our very own Sailor Girl).

So, in a weird way I can understand her…although I pick good friends who will drive me home in the morning OR would allow me to borrow some sweatpants and a sweatshirt—yes, girlfriend there are ways to make your walk of shame easier and slightly less embarrassing. (Read the comments from my last post to get a great and very embarrassing story of my Aunt’s!)

I am no walk-of-shame professional. However, I am the queen of really bad and ridiculously embarrassing hangover stories. Look, I am not a fan of puke stories by any means but over the years that is how I have come to embarrass myself best.

Freshman year my parents came up for a make-shift parents weekend. Saturday night of this weekend I decided to go out after they went back to the hotel. Do I remember what went down that night?! Nope. But I am pretty sure I had a great time by the way I felt the next morning. My parents came by to take me out to breakfast and hang out before they headed back home but could I eat breakfast? Nope. That wasn’t going to happen. And good thing I didn’t because while shopping for Penn State gear I had to make a pit stop with my dad IN FRONT of Old State Clothing or whatever its called (the one with the big Lion doors that ROAR when you enter, you know, you know!). In a desperate search for a garbage can I puked in front of my dad, shoppers, employees and COLLEGE (FREAKING) AVENUE. Let’s keep in mind I was a freshman—I was classy from the very beginning. There is no better way to say goodbye to your parents your first semester of freshman year and make them feel proud to have raised such a responsible young adult. Good thing my parents know how to laugh. At me. While still taking care of me. Thanks guys!


Junior year I woke up excited to go Christmas tree shopping with my roommates and Sally’s family for our apartment. I also woke up hung over. The only thing I wanted: a milkshake. I had chocolate milk instead and started to feel better. Sally’s family came over to pick us up in the Suburban and head out on our Christmas tree adventure. We arrived at our first destination. At that point I needed some serious AIR. After walking around in the fresh PA air I was feeling soooo soooo soooo much better. Or so I thought. I rode shot- gun with Sally’s dad and we headed to a Christmas tree farm. This was going to be a 10 minute drive. About 5 minutes in I started to get hot and cracked the window. Then I had to make a decision. Puke in your purse OR attempt to roll down the window and hang your head outside the car. I did not have time for either option. How about I puke everywhere instead? Great plan…mission accomplished. Chocolate milk. That’s all I can say about that. So we end up pulling over and I have to strip down and sit in the back of the car while everyone else shops for Christmas trees wrapped in a blanket with the worst migraine and without pants.

You better be laughing right now.

So there are my two very unattractive very “collegiate” stories. I just couldn’t take it all out on walk-of-shame girl, we’ve all been there.

And if you haven’t, you are missing out.

Even if you end up without pants in front of your roommate’s family the story (someday) will totally be worth it.

I’m Not Talking Fast…

you’re listening slow.

(That’s a rap line, you know. Except it is supposed to be “I ain’t talkin fast, your listenin slow” but I felt like getting my correct-grammar on for you.)

KB is all moved into her dorm. I made the 6 hour trip twice in one weekend (thanks to my pops…a lot of shared driving and horrible radio stations this weekend). I am one dedicated sister. I figure she is doing well since she is never available to pick-up or return phone calls from her (dedicated) big sister. Oh well, she is a college girl now. And I know how those girls are…

Speaking of college girl-

I should really be studying for the LSAT but I have been busy state-hopping and running. Yes runnnnninnnnnng. Guess what I did today?

I ran a half-marathon. Not a race, just the distance. And it kicked my A-money-money ( I’d rather say A-money-money than type out A$$, it’s more fun. Go ‘head…say it. Fun huh?).

I need some kind of fanny pack with a waterbottle holder for these long runs.
Ehhhhhh….did I just say that I need a fanny pack. This is getting ridiculous.

Not only have I purchased three pairs of kicks in the past 6 months for this whole running thing I now have to consider purchasing a really cool bag that will snuggly fit around my waist with a plastic clip that will pinch my fingers just like it did when I was 6…not that I had one….

OK, I totally did.

It was white with hot pink, green and blue pockets. I was born in the ’80s. We had to be hands free. How else could we carry around out Zach Morris cell phones?

That pack is sounding pretty good right now. Where is that thing?

I do need something like that (however unfashionable) because I got dehydrated like WHOA today at mile 7. Let me point out the fact that I was, at that point, 7 miles AWAY from any place that had hydration.

I saw a faded Mountain Dew bottle in the grass on the side of the road. I thought about checking to see if it had filled with rain water….

Fannypacks. Gross. Drinking Used Mountain Dew. Gross-er.

You can see now why I might need this fanny pack. Let’s call it a BootyBag…ooooo that is almost hot. Paris? What do you think?

Nope– sounds like a medical apparatus of somesort. Again, gross.
As a result of the dehydration I did some walking/running/attempted spitting on my 6 miles back to a water bottle. This is why I am not all that impressed with my run today.

My roommates are though and I really appreciate that…they motivated me more than Lance did today– if you can believe that!

And yes, Lance made an appearance after my run. Why? Because he thinks I am awesome and he wanted to let me know. What a nice guy—for a biker, that is.


These are my people:

Classic Emily



Aren’t my roommates pretty? I am lucky to have such photogenic women at my disposal! These were taken for my photography class for the Fashion Photography section.


The B-Man (cousin) one of my best models. He doesn’t flinch when the camera comes out. He does, however, have “sexy” poses, yes he calls his poses sexy–he’s 7. Hilarious and true.


These guys are my former co-workers sons on Thanksgiving day.


At the time Livi (cousin) was 2 but now she is a big bad 3-year-old who is going to school! Did you hear that? She is going to ride the bus, it’s yellow, carry her special backpack with papers and a snack inside and she is going to say “Hi! How are you doing?” to Dan and Brian (cousins) in the hallway, when she sees them. She has big plans and can count way past 10 but thats all she had to do when she was “IT” during Bloody Murder at family dinner.

Children are my favorite subjects to photograph. They are so real and true in front of the camera. I always wonder why adults feel they have to pose whenever a camera is around. Kids make it possible to photograph REAL LIFE. Not that I don’t enjoy a good smile, but I think photographs that capture people as their raw selves is beautiful.

These aren’t my people, but they will do!


For a photojournalism style assignment I drove out to Tait’s Tree Farm (Bellfonte, PA), where my roommates and I got our Christmas tree. I had the opportunity to take shots of the workers on the job. While I was asking this man a question I snapped this photo. To me it screams, cold, rough and hard work and Pennsylvania!


While eating my hot dog on the steps of the Met (do it, it doesn’t get any better than that!) a group of kids part of a group called “Street Singers” performed. When it was time for them to get up and move to their next location the smallest kid took the job of carying the massive keyboard. He managed and I got a great picture.

I took all of these pictures on a Cannon PowerShot A520 but I wish I had a Nikon D40. Someday!

Remember if someone out there wants to pay me to travel around and take photographs I am all for it!!