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In West Philadelphia…

born and raised.

Go ‘head you know the rest.

Wait?! If you don’t… ehhhhhh.

Will Smith? “Fresh Prince?” Anyone?!

In a few hours I am headed to Philly the home of Big Willie.

Just so you know Philadelphia is now known as the Illadelph. Oh shitttttty. I kind of like that. And I don’t want you to be a loser–you know trying to be cool and calling it Philly.

The goal is to get in to the City of Brotherly Love just in time for happy hour at Brownie’s. Apparently its a good time. I will report back on that one.

I am embarking on this journey of journey’s as co-pilot to Miss SallyJo. This means I am in charge of CDs. We are going to go through a lot of old school LB Xclusives let me tell you that. Hey, who knows, me might even jam out our Alto part to our high school chorus CD. This is really sad but it has happened. Just hope you don’t have to witness it…ask HDC.

Why are we heading to the Illadelph?

For the Penn State v. Temple game, of course. Officially the LAST game I will witness as a student and coincidentally my first away game. I am feeling pretty dedicated to the Nittany Lions right now! But so are approx. 70,000 other students and PSU fans. Isn’t that crazy? They expect the Eagle’s stadium to be filled with more PSU alumni, fans and students than Temple fans. We alone or as a group can be pretty overwhelming.


Happy Hour Valley will also be tailgating in Philly—I wonder if we will see each other and not even know it….crazy! I’m glad he gets a break from Law School though we all need to feel the PSU love every now and then!

As an added bonus to this trip I am staying with my best friend Megan. You know the card sender?! I haven’t seen her since summer so this will be oh so wonderful 🙂

OK! I still have to pack. Make some boom bangin’ CDs. And clean my room.

And don’t worry I’ll be back for DJ Killa Kaos (did I tell you I love him!?) on Saturday night—-please, I need to celebrate our win back in State College! After a shower of course…I will need to wipe off the nasty Eagles Stadium residue—

GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!