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2007: My “Golden” Year

That’s what I was told by a psychic in January. That psychic lied.

January 2, 2007 : My grandmother (Sunny) dies unexpectedly at age 62.

February 16, 2007: My aunt loses her battle with cancer at age 43, she leaves behind my cousin, 11.

And there is more, but I am not ready to write about it.

This year has been very tough for my family and I. And if there is one thing I have learned it’s that the world does not stop for anyone.

Don’t you just ever want a break? To be able to jump off and pause for 2 seconds to regain composure? School doesn’t stop. Activities don’t stop. Work doesn’t stop.

I go to a school with 43,000 other undergraduates. Most of my classes hold 150+ students so no one knows what you are going through. And that is scary. And I don’t know what they are going through either. It’s hard to comfort people if you don’t know. And if you have ever lost someone its not like you walk around telling complete strangers “Look, I just lost my grandmother.” It’s hard.

Sometimes you get bitter. You wonder why no one has asked you how your Christmas break was. And then when they do, you say “Fine” when you really should have told them the truth. Or should you have? Because you constantly think to yourself why put the burden upon them…ehhh so complicated when you aren’t around people you love and trust.

Then you are sitting on a bus and it hits you like a ton of bricks (really that’s EXACTLY what it feels like):

“Sunny is dead.”