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Just Call Me Killa Kaos, I’m that Baller

So thanks to the Blogging gods (aka Google) and DJ Killa Kaos I had the most Baller Saturday night of my life.

You know me, LB,  I just write about my everyday life and surprisingly a lot happens in this college life of mine. All of my awkward, fabulous, ridiculous, depressing and even some entirely expected events are described through this blog —because I love telling you all about it (lucky you) and because this is a blog and you really can’t tell me to shut up or talk about something else–oooooo I love being in control 🙂

Anyways,  I hope you are ready for this story…just don’t be too jealous!

It was just a typical Wednesday for me. Sitting in my two hour PR class checking my e-mail when WordPress e-mailed me to approve a comment. This is always exciting, you all know that, and then I saw who it was from: DJ Killa Kaos.

First thoughts…

1. He read my DJ Killa Kaos blogs

2. He must think I am a crazy DJ stalker

3. AHHHH! I don’t care!!!!!!

He asked me to e-mail him.

What to write to my Saturday night savior?

Oh, the pressure!

Well, it turns out he could “help a girl out,” like I had figured he would have had he heard about the outfit disaster of 2007 (remember shot girl?!).

In our e-mail chat he said something along the lines of “to ease the pain, of the outfit fiasco, how does a bottle and a table reservation sound?”

Say what?

Was that even a question?

YES. YES. and YES.

Wait, that doesn’t answer the question….rewind….Yes, a table and a bottle sounds absolutely amazing.

So, Saturday DJ Killa Kaos hooked me and my “basketball tournament” up at Lulu’s (yes, I roll deep, haha).

And YES readers, just when you all thought it was impossible for me, LB,  to get any more baller…BAM…it’s Saturday night and I am sitting at a reserved table right below DJ Killa Kaos at Lulu’s with a bottle of vodka all compliments of my favorite DJ.

A lot of vodka was consumed…a lot of jams were danced to…pictures were taken…and there were quite a few toasts to the good life 🙂

I have attached some photos of my VIP night and I just wanted to use my little space on the internet to say how very grateful I am for my baller Saturday night, definitely a highlight of my four years here at Penn State– clearly I am going out of this fine institution in style..mhmmmm.

And know what the cutest part of all of this was?

DJ Killa Kaos gave the bouncers the names LB and Mifflin to get us in…I think DJ KK read a few more posts than I realized. Thanks 🙂



Dancing (and singing, how classy) to “Let’s Stay Together”—yet another reason why I am a fan of this DJ!

Collegiate Sisters.

Molly’s post made me do this.

Sorry KB…you should really start reading this so that you now when I am embarrassing you.


That little baby in my arms is going to move into her Freshman dorm on Sunday–and I am going to be there to help. That baby can’t move all that stuff in by herself. At least she can walk now.


Gotta love the bangs. Not too long. Too short. (I was going to write not too short, but that would be a lie)


After she graduated from High School. Good thing we didn’t get too much of our outfits or haircuts in this photo–in a few years we will probably be making fun of ourselves just like I am of the other pictures 😉

The Happiest Place on Earth.

I lived there for 5 months.

Did you know that Mickey Mouse is the second most universally known symbol? The first is Jesus.

While living in Orlando, FL I spent most of my time at The Magic Kingdom, EPCOT and Disney’s MGM Studios. Honestly the whole experience was… ehhh I’m gonna do it, MAGICAL 🙂 I learned so much through this experience. From grocery shopping to learning how to deal with 8 roomates (dirty dishes, dirty bathrooms, forking icecream).

Tomorrow I leave at 4:15 a.m. to fly (not by Pixie dust however…) to my 3rd home. I can’t believe it has been over a year since I was waking up at 4:45 in the morning to get ready for work…oh the good old days.

It will be nice to enjoy the parks from the guest standpoint not to say that I won’t be critical of some of my FAVORITE characters!

I look forward to “Drinking Around The World” in EPCOT. This is not a Disney instituted event by the way! For those of you who don’t know what it is: Basically EPCOT has an area called the World Showcase. There is Mexico, Japan, China, Germany, Italy, France, the U.K., Canada and America. In each country there are special restaurants, shops and events and all of the Cast Memebers (employees) in these areas are from that country– pretty cool. So what I am going to do this week is enjoy a beverage like a Margarita from Mexico, Champagne from France, Saki from Japan as I make my way around the globe. Hey, I’m new to this 21 thing, I am pretty excited to take part in this event!

To get in the Disney mood I downloaded a bunch of tunes for the IPOD. I can’t imagine myself running to “I Wanna Be Like You” from the Jungle Book  but I am just a big kid and don’t mind jaming out to the “Circle of Life,” you know it moves us all. ( I hope that at least one of you got that lyric tie in…)

Here are some pictures that might even get you into one heck of a Disney mood 🙂n9301392_30661709_2505.jpg

Mr. Smee and Heather. On this particular day Mr. Smee was Heather’s favorite character 🙂


Rabbit and I when I had long hair. I hope Tiger didn’t ruin his Carrot Patch back at the 100 Acre Woods! ( I am such a loser, I know)
Mary Poppins (the best nanny in the world) at MGM’s  old parade Disney Stars and Motorcars.

I love Disney.

Talk to you on Saturday! And don’t think I am giving up my marathon training while on vacation…4-5 miles Tues, Weds, Thurs. I ran 10 today ( it was a rough one).

Have a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious of a week! Because you, like Mary Poppins, “Are practically perfect in every way!”


These are my people:

Classic Emily



Aren’t my roommates pretty? I am lucky to have such photogenic women at my disposal! These were taken for my photography class for the Fashion Photography section.


The B-Man (cousin) one of my best models. He doesn’t flinch when the camera comes out. He does, however, have “sexy” poses, yes he calls his poses sexy–he’s 7. Hilarious and true.


These guys are my former co-workers sons on Thanksgiving day.


At the time Livi (cousin) was 2 but now she is a big bad 3-year-old who is going to school! Did you hear that? She is going to ride the bus, it’s yellow, carry her special backpack with papers and a snack inside and she is going to say “Hi! How are you doing?” to Dan and Brian (cousins) in the hallway, when she sees them. She has big plans and can count way past 10 but thats all she had to do when she was “IT” during Bloody Murder at family dinner.

Children are my favorite subjects to photograph. They are so real and true in front of the camera. I always wonder why adults feel they have to pose whenever a camera is around. Kids make it possible to photograph REAL LIFE. Not that I don’t enjoy a good smile, but I think photographs that capture people as their raw selves is beautiful.

These aren’t my people, but they will do!


For a photojournalism style assignment I drove out to Tait’s Tree Farm (Bellfonte, PA), where my roommates and I got our Christmas tree. I had the opportunity to take shots of the workers on the job. While I was asking this man a question I snapped this photo. To me it screams, cold, rough and hard work and Pennsylvania!


While eating my hot dog on the steps of the Met (do it, it doesn’t get any better than that!) a group of kids part of a group called “Street Singers” performed. When it was time for them to get up and move to their next location the smallest kid took the job of carying the massive keyboard. He managed and I got a great picture.

I took all of these pictures on a Cannon PowerShot A520 but I wish I had a Nikon D40. Someday!

Remember if someone out there wants to pay me to travel around and take photographs I am all for it!!