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1,080 = not enough

Mike once told me to cherish my last few semesters in college. He told me to go out and have a drink–even when I should be studying– because those moments are the ones I will remember and in a few short months they won’t ever be in my life again. (and this was during an interview for an internship—-> thanks for the slacker advice (at least that’s what I thought at the time!) )

When he said this to me I was a junior and kind of shrugged it off and thought to myself “ehhhh, why is he being so sentimental about all of this, it’s just the end of college.” I thought about it: College is only a mere four years of my life– after spending 18 years creating relationships and sharing experiences with people from home how could only mere 1,080 days even compare?

Now, this might come as a shock to you but I am not always right.

I know, breathe in, breathe out…we are going to get through this together. I am sure that was hard to hear. I should have warned you.

And let me just add that there there are times (although seldom) when I am very, very, very wrong. Here, in this case, when Mike was trying to give me the best advice EVER I blew it off.

Bad move, LB, bad move.

During the first week of the semester I kept wondering why I felt like such a slacker. I was going to all of my classes but I was not organized and I wasn’t worried about not being organized. As the weeks progressed I have manged to get done what I need to get done but I still don’t feel like I am all here–in the classroom. I would much rather be in my living room talking about “our people,” our days, our pasts, our futures, watching excellent T.V. programs like “Redneck Weddings” with my roommates or just being with Mifflin— going out to eat, folding laundry, attempting to keep that boy’s room clean, all of which (surprisingly) has meant more to me than those events ever have.

If I hadn’t come six hours away to the Happy Valley I would have NEVER met Emily, Heather, Mifflin and who knows where Sally and my relationship would stand four years after high school (and the fact that she doesn’t live in CT anymore). And I only list these four people but there are quite a few more I have been extremely close to over these past four years– and honestly when will I see them again after May?

At least my high school friends and I all have the same hometown. Emily is from the ‘burgh, Heather is from New Mexico, Sally is now from State College and Mifflin is from Indiana—will we all ever be in the same place again? Probably not, and that is really sad to think about.

I am fully confident I will graduate in May–even if I continue to be as unorganized as I am today– and I am ready. But everyday, with every sip of a Bud Select, with every repeated episode of “America’s Next Top Model” with every4 minute drive to see the people I love I realize how much has happened to me and to us all in these past four years.

There were times here at Penn State when I was not of the fan of the person I was but without those feelings I would not have become the person I am really digging now 🙂

So for these next few months I will continue to enjoy every moment with these people, in this apartment, at these bars and in this Valley because sometimes I think

this is all I got.

And although that can sound sad and maybe even a little lonely, I couldn’t be happier to feel this way about these people and this place.

So Mike, I listened to you before but now, I hear you 🙂


Mind and the Muscle

“I’m on the grind grand hustle, got the mind and the muscle” – T.I.

I need to get focused.

I am graduating in less than 5 months so let’s find LB a  J-O-B! ( we need to talk about this whole graduating thing in more detail—lately, it’s been making me a little sad—weird.  I’ll think/ write about that tomorrow)

I know you are not supposed to write about your job in Blog World…but what about the job search?

Oh, what’s that? I can do whatever I want because this is my blog? Is that what you said? That’s what I was thinking too.

And this is why I like you.

If you didn’t already know: I am a Senior majoring in Public Relations at Penn State. I also have two minors, Business and Human Development and Family studies. I am a pretty fabulous student and I love to write (note, the blog) I also have had several internships in the PR, marketing and entertainment fields.

I am open to working with/ for children, sports/athletics, fashion and non-profit organizations (of course).

Listen here!

I am no dummy. I understand that my first job is exactly that–my first job. Especially in the world of PR I probably won’t be staying with one company or organization my entire career, let’s hope not. You do want your girl, LB,  to make her way up in the world, right?

Where to live, where to live?

I’ve got a long list, I am very open to moving. My family lives in Connecticut, I go to school in Pennsylvania and I took a semester off in 2006 to work in Florida so ‘location, location, location’—doesn’t really matter to me. Just new, fun and different.

California: Complete opposite coast from where I grew-up, of course I would pick it.

Seattle, Washington: Trendy City. Trendy Girl. Perfect Match.

Oregon: Running and apparently breathtakingly beautiful.

Denver, Colorado: I HATE skiing, but I could totally snow tube. I wouldn’t even be ashamed to tell Coloradians that I am not a fan of skiing, there has to be more to do. I am sure you are like then ‘Why Denver?’ well, that would be because my dental hygienist told me I would like it there. So why not?! I mean, she sees me every 6 months she knows me very well. Hmmmmmmm. I told you I was very open about this job search!

Indianapolis, Indiana : Up and coming city, a lot of possibility for PR and sports. Love both. The Big Ten has a job fair there in March, which I most likely will attend.

Chicago, Illinois: Chi-Town baby.

New York City: I always thought I would end up there but my feelings on the matter aren’t as strong as they used to be. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE THE CITY, but I am not sure if the work I want to do will be there. There is only one way to find out.

Now I have to search, search, search. So now that you all know about this job search of mine I will have to update you and get by college graduating butt in gear.

Any comments, advice, suggestions or HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is greatly appreciated since most of you are working people 🙂  (like where to search, how to write an awesome cover letter—you know, you know!)

Yet another reason why I like you.

Let’s Get Physical

I learned a lot the first day of Physical Conditioning class:

1. Philly boy only owns one piece of athletic gear

2. Grumpy kid does not understand sarcasm

3. Avoid spandex, at all costs.

Physical Conditioning started last week with a hill workout. Rough. But I needed it.

Number 1 girl.

I even beat boys.

Yes, boys walked.

LB did not.

One kid wore jeans. Jeans?!

Hey pal! You are aware that you signed up for Physical Conditioning, right? It’ s not like it’s a surprise. You created your own schedule. You signed up for one of the most demanding KINES classes at PSU (yes, laugh at the fact I just said the most “demanding KINES class”) He says to the instructor, “I left my only pair of sweats in Philly.” Yes, that’s what he said. How old are we? I know it’s not that big of a deal but come on…

You go to Penn State. We live for and in sweatpants. Believe me, you should have seen me freshman year. All sweatpants. All the time.

I hope you are all proud of me, I actually came prepared.

All of the girls (6 total) and our instructor wore spandex.

Our instructor is a man. Yes, he wore “mandex,” and I loved every second of it—when I saw him walking down the hall I automatically thought “YES! Perfect blogging material.”

After the intense workout we cooled down with a walk. Some kid in the class was chatting it up with the instructor. (I know the instructor and he already sold me out the class about running the Marathon—talk about motivating me to be the number 1 girl, a little pressure…ehhhh) So, while having his little heart-to-heart with the instructor he adds, “I was nervous to take this class because I thought this would be a class of All-Star athletes,” while laughing.

As a joke–you know to break the ice, it was the first day of class– I said (sarcastically) “Are you saying I’m not an All-Star athlete?!”

Hehe, I am so clever. I gave a little smile…I was cute about it…some boys behind me joined in.

The kid looked at me –didn’t laugh or chuckle or giggle, not even a little –just looked at me. Turned back to the professor and continued to chat.


This might just be a very intense and sweaty class—with no human interaction because I am NOT funny. Nope not at all. Thanks, grumpy boy.

We then are instructed to run at our own pace back into the gym.

It’s simple. Boys are faster than girls, in most cases. There is no way my pace and the pace of the other 6 girls is faster than alllll of the boys in my class. I’m running in a pack with all the girls, not going very fast, when I look up.

The girl in front of me had on spandex. You could see her butt…HER ENTIRE BUTT. And while running it was quite the scene. Spandex is a very thin and revealing fabric…and this display brought that concept home. I looked to my right, another girl butt. Then I looked down. I too was wearing spandex and I too have a butt. I check over my right shoulder. All of the boys are running right behind us .



We get to the gym and our instructor congratulates us girls for being the leaders and adds that he has never seen that before.

“Well, it’s a better view from back here” jackhole says under his breath.

You guys know me well enough to guess what I did:

I looked at him and went “Ehhhhh.”

What a jackhole.

Many a lesson learned that day.

Tomorrow I will just shut-up, wear sweats and expect Philly boy to stink for the rest of the classes since he only owns one pair of sweats—hopefully his mom mailed them in time.

2007 Valero Alamo Bowl

Tonight. 8 p.m. EST on ESPN
Honestly, you should watch. There is nothing like PSU football. Nothing. Where else can you get Joe Paterno, one of the most exciting defensive lines and two very impressive running backs?
Only with those Nittany Lions.
Tonight Morelli(14) will show up and play like he did in last year’s Orange Bowl. Or else.
I’m not his biggest fan. I am however a HUGE fan of Daryll Clark (17, QB) (he reminds me of MikeRob, and that is a very good thing!) and I would love to see him play. But sadly that is only going to happen if Morelli does horrible for 3 quarters straight….ehhhhhh, so we can’t be having that.
It has been so long since I have seen them play. I can’t wait to see Roysta the Oysta (22) and Kinlaw (20) push the ball down the field.
I am so excited!
In high school watching the running back was my favorite part of the game. But now, as I have grown and matured (oh, so much) I have to give it to the defense.
Who doesn’t like to watch your team hit hard?!
Maybe its because I went to a school that bred recent greats such as Paul Posluzny (Buffalo Bills) (yea, he had a cup of my jungle juice, once) and TAMBA HALI (Kansas City Chiefs)…what a beast!!! You could hear his hits from the stands— in a packed Beaver stadium.
Tonight watch for Dan Connor (40, ILB) and Sean Lee (45, OLB) they can stop anyone. And they will. Then we have Josh Gaines (47, DE) and Maurice Evans (48, DE) who are both beasts and are a lot of fun to watch. Get ready to be destroyed you Aggies.
And you know what? America agrees with me. 77% have voted in favor of PSU tonight and I can’t argue with that. Nope.
I’m glad that 23% of America is dumb, because we all know Penn State still has something to prove after our loss to…ehhh I’m not going there…at the end of the season.
Tonight is our night to do it. So here are my words to the blue and white around the world:
Fight on State.
Fight on State.
Strike that gate and win.
Victory we predict for thee,
We are ever true to you dear old white and blue
Fight on State.
Fight on State.
Roar Lions Roar.
(roar, roar <—- I’m really good at this part, by the way!)
We’ll hit that line, we’ll run that score
We’ll fight for vict’ry ever more
Fight on, on, on, on, on
Fight on, on
Get to know the players….hilarious, check out the videos , they will make your day!
LET’S GO STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alamo Bowl Eve

I didn’t think I would be this excited…but I am.

We all know its not the bowl game we wanted this year, but its what we got. And I am thankful for what I get. Especially in my senior year.

Tomorrow at 8 p.m. EST Penn State takes on Texas A&M in San Antonio Texas.

We last met Texas A&M in 1996.

We last made an appearance at The Alamo Bowl in 1996.

Let’s put the pieces together. The last time we played Texas A&M it was at The Alamo Bowl.

I know, I should have been a detective.

And the result? Penn State won.


In West Philadelphia…

born and raised.

Go ‘head you know the rest.

Wait?! If you don’t… ehhhhhh.

Will Smith? “Fresh Prince?” Anyone?!

In a few hours I am headed to Philly the home of Big Willie.

Just so you know Philadelphia is now known as the Illadelph. Oh shitttttty. I kind of like that. And I don’t want you to be a loser–you know trying to be cool and calling it Philly.

The goal is to get in to the City of Brotherly Love just in time for happy hour at Brownie’s. Apparently its a good time. I will report back on that one.

I am embarking on this journey of journey’s as co-pilot to Miss SallyJo. This means I am in charge of CDs. We are going to go through a lot of old school LB Xclusives let me tell you that. Hey, who knows, me might even jam out our Alto part to our high school chorus CD. This is really sad but it has happened. Just hope you don’t have to witness it…ask HDC.

Why are we heading to the Illadelph?

For the Penn State v. Temple game, of course. Officially the LAST game I will witness as a student and coincidentally my first away game. I am feeling pretty dedicated to the Nittany Lions right now! But so are approx. 70,000 other students and PSU fans. Isn’t that crazy? They expect the Eagle’s stadium to be filled with more PSU alumni, fans and students than Temple fans. We alone or as a group can be pretty overwhelming.


Happy Hour Valley will also be tailgating in Philly—I wonder if we will see each other and not even know it….crazy! I’m glad he gets a break from Law School though we all need to feel the PSU love every now and then!

As an added bonus to this trip I am staying with my best friend Megan. You know the card sender?! I haven’t seen her since summer so this will be oh so wonderful 🙂

OK! I still have to pack. Make some boom bangin’ CDs. And clean my room.

And don’t worry I’ll be back for DJ Killa Kaos (did I tell you I love him!?) on Saturday night—-please, I need to celebrate our win back in State College! After a shower of course…I will need to wipe off the nasty Eagles Stadium residue—

GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love is in the Air

You know that feeling? When you feel all warm and tingly inside? The butterflies? Well I got that feeling at around 3:40 this afternoon.

I was sitting on a bench reading Chapter 6 of my Financial Accounting textbook while the subtle tones of the Willard preacher floated down like the fall leaves, when it hit me: I love Penn State.

I took study breaks (often) to watch students walk by. Some talking loudly on cellphones. Some listening to IPODs. Most wearing leggings and/or UGGs (you know how that goes).

It felt so good to be studying people watching.

Lion Ambassador tours were walking by. Future Penn State students were watching us as we lived our fabulous Penn State lives. Someone shouted “We Are!” to one crowd of high schoolers and parents. Only a few answered “Penn State!” but they will learn, soon enough.

I can’t believe this is my last year. I can’t believe I love this place so much. I can’t believe that although I love this place so much I am ready to leave it.

I’ve still got plenty of bench sitting time left here at University Park and I plan to use it wisely—and sit often.