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I do a lot of random thinking while I drive around this country.

My most recent, excellent, thought is as follows…

So, your parents raise you until you graduate college and then in your 20s, 22 for me, you being raising yourself.

And the hardest part of raising yourself is this:

Your parents will always be proud of you (for the most part) because if you do your best they don’t see the really, really, really stupid things you do. But see, now as we are raising ourselves, for the first time,  as 20 somethings, we have to build up our confidence daily while knowing all the dumb stuff we have done.

It’s tough work!

My book idea…

“How I raised myself, in my 20s”

Yea so the title needs some a lot of work! But after discussing my idea with a fellow 20 something last night, she laughed…and fully agreed with my concept.

We created a few chapters (the numbers are not important!! I have some gaps in to fill in!):

Chapter 19: Travel for a year

Chapter 23: Single at 22

OK, so we only came up with 2 and my brain is fried after my workout today but I am sure through this very blog I will be adding fabulous idea, after idea on how to raise yourself in your 20s.

For all my people out there; How did/do you raise yourself?


Celebrity Status

Before we headed off on the road my boss warned us about the “celebrity” we would begin to feel traveling around Am’rca.

First response from the group: HAHAHAHAHAHA.

He then explained how things would be for us …and how we MAY change.

He explained that every year the group laughs, but come October’s meeting the celebrity status shines through.

He said it starts simple enough: You drive around constantly waving to people, you go to gas stations and you are mobbed by the “paparazzi.” And then little by little everyone wants to know you, wants to hang out with you and wants to ask you a million questions. Even when you are “off” the job.

Oh, the life of the celebrities.

Funny thing is—after day one—I could totally see why people start to feel like celebrities.

We pulled into gas station after gas station and no one would be in the parking lot. Then, out of the woodwork, at least 30 people would come up to take pictures, ask US to be in pictures, and stand in awe as I explain that we have to hit the road and shut my door as they try to climb in behind me.

They stand, frozen, as we leave. Camera in one hand, a huge smile on their face, and waving frantically with the other hand as we head back on the interstate.

And this is only when we stop.

The highway is insane.

People will HANG OUT their window to take a picture. I can’t believe how many people have their cameras with them at all times. We’ve had people slow down in front of us just so we would have to pass them on the left.

Children and adults give the same sign I used to give truckers, you know, the elbow/first pump that leads to the honking of the horn.

Everywhere we went yesterday, whether it was the highways, long country roads or adorable main streets throughout middle-of-nowhere Am’rca we brought a special experience to hundreds.

But, like my boss said, I have to watch out for the celebrity status. Because this job is not just a job, as a past employee told us, it’s a lifestyle.

So as I grip the massive steering wheel and see the flat farmland surrounding me I will smile and wave for pictures as I cruise down the highway.

But, I will always remember what that steering wheel I am holding is connected to and realize that I am not the celebrity at all.

And I am sure you all will keep me grounded as well!!!

OH! and don’t forget about my Amr’cn adventure blog

My Real World

Is not so real.

In third grade my teacher asked us what we wanted to do when we grew up,

I raised my hand high and when called on responded with:

“I want to live in a hotel so I can swim in the pool everyday and I also want to eat Tollhouse cookie dough out of the tube, every day.”

And you know what?

I am living the dream.

Actually, I could be living the dream.

For the next year I will be living in and out of hotels (many will have pools) while traveling the country. I am very sure that if I wanted to I could also eat cookie dough every single day. That is if I wanted to gain 58 pounds.

Currently I have “endured” my first week of training. And only gained about 27 pounds (they feed us very, very well). So far it has consisted of 12 hours days which include breakfast, lunch and dinner (we go out to amazing restaurants every night!–fall expenses paid!!). I have been in the office building, out in the pouring rain (thank you Midwest tornadoes) during driver’s training and I have become “bond-ed” with my co-workers.

Can you believe I get paid to play kickball, drive around one of the world’s most unique vehicles, and eat?!

“Real World” — I think not.

I can’t believe how well each and every one of my co-workers gets a long. The group consists of recent graduates from Texas, Missouri, Virgina, Florida, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and in only the matter of a few days we , as a group, destroyed State Street in downtown Madison, Wisconsin.

I can’t believe that in less than a week we will all be splitting up and heading our separate ways.

It’s crazy.

I’ll fill you in on my intense crisis management training and all of the PR tips I’ve learned in the past few days….my brain is currently overloaded.

Enjoy the ever increasing gas prices and paying your rent/mortgage because for an entire year—I WON’T HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!