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Just What I Needed


I hope he doesn’t mind me putting this on here but I keep reading it. Over and Over. With a paper due, dumb accounting due, work tonight, the LSAT tomorrow and a 20-miler after that ehhhhh….this is just what I needed.

Hey from a big fan of “I’ll think about that tomorrow” it is truly missed the last couple days.
I guess LSATs (and running and work and school and interning) are on your mind?
Just wanted to say I love you.
Updated a lot of people on what you were up to last night.
Lauren Burdick, Rae Rae, Collela, Mace, Mr Heffernan, and too many others to mention.
I told Lauren that she was one of your favorite people, she said that she knew that and kiddingly said I should remind you of that. She would love to hear from you.
Well I gotta start work.
I send my love and my wishes that everything slows down a bit for you over the next 24 hours + and you can take a breath and relax while you give that LSAT your best shot. And your best will be all it will take.
I Love you and have confidence in you,

Pops, thank you so much. I love you too.