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Christmas Confession

This is embarrassing.

I kind of feel like a Cotton-headed Ninnymuggins for this one. (“Elf” anyone?!)

As I am currently decking the halls of my apartment ( we got our tree last weekend and hung our stockings. YAY!) I have decided to face something incredibly embarrassing: My favorite Christmas album of all time.

But I am going to get sidetracked first!

The tree is HUGE. We carried it up three flights of stairs and got it in it’s stand ALL BY OURSELVES. I did however make it clear to our “Tree boy” that I would need him to cut the bottom, trim the bottom branches, and tie it to the top of our car. He did all of that for us. What a good tree boy.

We are even watering it.

(That was for Mifflin. He is very concerned about us watering it. Geeeeez. He wanted to make sure that I water it in the morning and check it at night. We are not going to burn the apartment down Mifflin, but thanks for your advice and concern.)

Anyways, you already know my embarrassing Christmas tree purchasing story from last year. This year I survived— so did the Suburban….ehhhhhh.

LB, just come out with it. What is this chick so embarrassed about?!

As Thanksgiving ends I pull out the Christmas jams. I’ve got the Carpenter’s Christmas Album, Jessica Simpson’s (yea, I should probably be really embarrassed about this too), Destiny Child’s, BoyzIIMen’s, and of course the essentials Stevie Wonder, The Temptations and some Barbra Streisand.

So want to know my favorite Christmas CD?


I absolutely L O V E the 1993 classic “It’s Christmastime” by the one and only KathieLee Gifford.



I couldn’t even type that without laughing at myself. Look at her! In the wreath. Ehhhh.

So that’s my Christmas Confession.

I admit it, I love me the angelic voice of KathieLee.

And get this: There is even a duet between Miss Gifford and Regis (aka Rege, that’s what KathieLee calls him) on the smash Holiday Hit “Silver Bells.” ***

So, Molly…is it worse that I own a fannypack or this CD?!

*Added bonus: As I am typing this my IPOD is playing Keith Sweat’s new single “Be Your Santa Clause.” Hey, it was a free ITUNES download. Ehhhhh.

I just confessed too much.


The Soundtrack of My Life

I might not be alone in this, which is why I want to write about it.

Do you ever imagine your life as a movie?

No, not in the “If your life were made into a motion picture which actress would play you?” kind of way…but in a musical kind of way. (p.s. it would be Scarlett Johansson, haha, if you really want to know!)

Whooooa. Hold up. No.

Let’s clarify: I do not prance around campus clicking my heals together and showing off Jazz hands while belting out show tunes during the day.

Instead, I think like this:

Scene 1: Early Morning. Girl rolls out of bed in silence. She puts her IPOD on her arm, laces up her Nike+ sneakers and heads out the door for a run.

Music: “Stronger” by Kanye West featuring Daft Punk

Scene 2: Camera eases in on a bus window. Behind the window pane is the same girl. The girl is now sitting alone on the packed bus, IPOD on, earbuds in, looking out the window.

Music: “American Girl” by Tom Petty

Scene 3: Girl struggles to get off the bus. Grabs a newspaper and heads to class. Passing people on a mad dash to make it on time.

Music: “Go” Common

Scene 4: She sits in class taking notes. She periodically scans the room and drinks from her water bottle.

Music: “Heaven” by John Legend

Scene 5: She heads to the library to read Blogs ( of course you people are in my movie!).

Music: “Revolution” by The Beetles

Scene 6: She sits on a bench while people watching–waiting for her next class to start. Camera acts as her eyes–scoping people out. People move fast. People move slow.

Music: “Jaded” by Aerosmith

(more stuff goes on but ehhhhh too much to write!)

Scene 7: Tired after her long day she waits, and waits and waits for the bus. She finally heads home.

Music: “Keep Tryin'” By Amerl Larrieux (from Groove Theory)

Scene 8: The girl comes home and grabs a beer as she heads to the shower.

Music: “So Fresh and So Clean” Outkast

Scene 9: She gets ready to go out.

Music: “Hypnotize” by Notorious BIG

Scene 10: Along with 3 other girls she grabs another beer and brings it down to the bus stop with her. As pictures are being taken, the bus pulls up. The girls get on. Camera pulls back and follows the bus until it is out of sight.

Music: “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey

O.K. my life doesn’t always have that great of a plot—but it’s got some good jams, right?!

You know as you sit at your desk right now you are thinking about what song should be playing to capture the moment…aren’t you?

Admit it!

What song should be playing in your life, if it were a movie,



White Girl Review

Tomorrow we find out if 50 Cent will retire or not.

My guess is regardless of the Week 1 record sale results– Fifty is not going anywhere. Come on, did Jay Z?

Also, a correction from my previous post about Fifty. He still lives in CT. I guess I still have time to hang out by his gates in my G-Unit sneakers, t-shirt and jeans. Whew— that was a close one, thought I missed that opportunity.

Also before I begin my review I should talk about the recent 50 Cent interview on NYC’s Hot 97 radio show, Miss Jones in the Morning (of which I am a podcast subscriber). Bam from the BK called in and stated “Yo, I just gotta say a lil’ somethin’. Kanye was good at “Jesus Walks,” bust he shoulda stayed a Kirk Franklin man. They can’t compare 50 Cent to Kanye, man. I mean what they should of did is brought out some of Elvis’ old records and trieda compared you to Elvis. They can’t compare you to anyone that’s out right now. It’s not happenin’.”

Not that Bam from Brooklyn is a reliable source but… keeping this in mind, can we really compare the two? I don’t think so. Different styles, different lives. But it’s not up to me. It was up to Kanye and Fifty. They want to know who is best and I’m gonna tell them.



by Kanye West

My Review: 3 Stars

If “a dissertation is a document that presents the author’s research and findings and is submitted in support of candidature for a degree or professional qualification,” (thank you, Wikipedia). Then “Graduation” is Mr. West’s dissertation. After a week of absorbing Kanye’s music I think he deserves a doctorate in Hip Hop.

This summer was the summer of T-Pain. There wasn’t a track he was on that was not successful. Am I right? Or am I right? He also makes me wonder how someone can be so successful when their voice is manipulated by computers 75% of the time. Oh, wait. Britney Spears. (and to defend T-Pain (to myself!) I heard that he is actually good in concert–so apparently the boy can sing without the computer, good for him) Anyways, lesson learned: you can’t go wrong with T-Pain on your track. And on “Good Life” Kanye brings T-Pain along for a radio/gym banger. I can’t make it through a run without listening to “Good Life*”, “Stronger” and “Can’t Tell Me Nothin’.” If you can’t get yourself motivated to get you and your bad ass self to the gym listen to these three jams—you will feel like a gym-going, champion. And that’s the truth.

Speaking of champions–add “Champion” to your gym/running playlist.

*Added bonus: Kanye quotes Fifty, interesting huh?!

* Favorite T-Pain lyric: “Now my grandmama ain’t the only girl callin’ me baby.” Haha. Good for him, once again.

Are you going out? Showering, getting ready, looking fly? Please put on “Glory.” He samples a Motown jam so if you are like me, you won’t be able to control the in front of the mirror dancing. Be careful. This song manages to makes you feel like a celebrity. And you get to do the “Yayo dance”. I’ve missed it oh so much since 2005’s “So Seductive.” Don’t know it?—boo.

“I Wonder” reminds us that Kanye is more than a rapper. Much more. The beat in this track is so powerful. He doesn’t rap much but you will still be impressed. Kanye has the ability to prove himself–without saying anything. He can speak through his beats. The first time I listened to this track I had to take it back at the end when I heard,”You ever wondered, ‘what it all really means’? You wonder if you will ever find your dreams?” Paired with this deep, soul-filling beat those lines become overwhelming.

He even gets sentimental on “Big Brother” as he raps about his mentor, Jay Z. It is really interesting to hear about their business relationship and friendship. This is a rare and raw view of Jay-Z and Kanye over the years.

I am not even a college graduate but here I am grading Mr. West’s dissertation. I can honestly say that I love it. It might just go into my top ten albums of all time. While this album wasn’t as deep as his last album “Late Registration”(already in my top 10) it is extremely fun. The Louis Vuitton Don hit all of the elements needed to make the A grade on “Late Registration” but not so much on “Graduation.” I give it a B+ compared to his previous CD. “Graduation” will be a hip hop classic.



By Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson

My Review: 1 Star

Fifty is hard. There is no denying that. He has rock hard abs. And the biggest biceps I’ve seen in a long while and in “Curtis” he get gets back to his hard, street rapping. Come on, he  isn’t afraid to kill (he makes that clear when he teams up with Akon on”I’ll Still Kill”). But, as you can already see 50 Cent’s music and style is not for everyone. That is where Kanye has him beat. 50 Cent is a rapper–an angry, vulgar, hold-nothing-back kind of rapper. And I happen to like this about him, but I also understand that not many other people do.

Fifty still has Dr. Dre. Which should mean a CD packed with Compton beats complimented with East Coast lyrics— southside Queens style—a combination hard to duplicate. But that doesn’t happen. Dr. Dre produced only one track, “Fire”which features that Pussycat Doll Nicole (ehhhhhhhhhh, not a fan) and Young Buck. This track is not hot.

Most of Fifty’s tracks were made in Farmington, CT …at least he is back on the East Coast. At least this album is better than “The Massacre.” At least I get to hear some more Justin Timberlake on “AYO Technology” (even if I’m not in love with it—it’s only OK). At least I get my smoothe R&B and Rap combos with the tracks “Follow My Lead” featuring Robin Thicke and “All of Me” featuring Mary J. Blidge. So if we are playing the “Hot/Cold” game, Fifty you are getting “warmer.”

But this just in!

Apparently Fifty has 80 hits on his computer in ready-to-be-released-today format. That’s what he said on the radio last week. He also said he is waiting to release them. Waiting for what? If any sound like “Get Rich or Die Trying” please, please, please release them. That CD (and the mix tapes) got me addicted to 50 Cent and his street swagger.

Hmmmm….maybe he is using the business tactics he learned during his drug dealing past. He got me in. I made a purchase (“Get Rich or Die Trying”) and I clearly keep going back for more (“The Massacre” and “Curtis”). Problem is, I’m not getting the same high. He better give me something real next time.

Yes there will be a next time.

I’m addicted.

Best/Worst Weekend Ever


The only reason it was the best was because well, Lance Armstrong says it best:

“Congratulations! You have run your furthest distance yet!” (love,) Lance Armstrong.

Oh, and the “you” in that quote–that would be ME. I ran 16 miles in 2 hours and 26 minutes. That would be roughly 9 minute miles and the run was enjoyable (never thought I would say that about a 16 mile run—that’s almost gross).

I wore my fanny pack which was packed with a bottle of water and a bottle of gatorade. I even found a Porta-Potty on my route so that was awesome!  I LOVE PORTA POTTIES. No, not really*. But,  anyone who has run long distance can understand my excitement to find one of these beauties on my run.

*I don’t think I will ever get used to the fact that I got excited about a fanny pack OR a porta-potty. Ehhhhhhh. Oh, Nike+ what did you do to me?!

So now for the worst part of the weekend: I worked from Friday-Sunday. What was I thinking? I told them I could work 3-4 days a week, 15-20 hours. So what am I getting? 4 days/week and 20 hours. Fabulous. Way to make yourself available LB.

Did I consider the following facts:

1. I am in class 5 days a week for 20 hours a week as well?!

2. I am also working for Disney?

3. I am supposed to be studying for the LSAT (less than 2 weeks away, ehhhhh)?

4. I am training for a M A R A T H O N (oh, by the way didn’t go out Saturday night because I had to get up at 7 a.m. to run the 16 miles before work—dedicated.)

5. I am a 21-year-old Penn State senior?

(and CuriousC, I am the biggest list maker. Not in life–I only have to-do lists when my life gets out of control. But when I talk/think–I often list things!)

Nope. I did no considering. What so ever.

So, what would a smart person do? NOT ADD ANYTHING TO THE PREVIOUS LIST.

But hey, hey, hey what did I do? I got an internship!!!!!!!

Good, yes. Bad, mhmmmmm.

Who was up at 6:30 this morning? ME

Anyways, I did it to myself. Now I have to make it work/change it up so it works.

Cut down my hours at work- yes, needs to be done.

O.K. no more venting. Sorry if you have already heard me complain. I’m done.
Mike (and Megan)–guess what just came on my IPOD– right now?!

This could be a sign.

Oh, it is definetly a sign!

“Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson.

“That’s why I’m starting with me. I am starting with the (wo)man in the mirror. I am asking her to change her ways.

And no message could have been any clearer.”

Break it down MJ.

(also note ALL the categories for this blog—that’s how my life feels right now. )

Naughty By Nature

“It’s the L & the B that makes me act like a G” Nate Dogg and Warren G

(For real, for real. I didn’t make that up! I swear.)

Let’s get this out of the way. I love hip hop. I love rap. I love Motown/Soul. And most importantly : I am a sucker for a slow jam (R&B style).

Although my IPOD would show that I am ecclectic in my music choices, I’ve got everyone from De La Soul to Common to Kenny Chesney to Led Zepplin to Al Green, I will always love hip hop.

And you might not believe it but I know a good deal about the genre and it’s artists. But I know even more lyrics. I probably know too many. (Trivia about me: I know every line to “Juicy” by the Notorious BIG)

So the great HipHop debate right now?

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson vs Kanye West.

Both of their albums are dropping on September 11th (click this, it’s funny) who will outsell/outshine who?

As an illegal downloader…ehhhh…I have downloaded a taste of both albums. And my vote goes to: Kanye West. He will outsell/outshine 50, gold-chains down.

But this was not an easy decision.

50 and I have a history together.

And by history I mean serious history.

1. He moved to CT ( but the house is for sale now). He wanted to be closer to me.

2. I have GUNIT sneakers and a t-shirt.

3. I had a poster of him on my dorm wall for 2 years. (scared many a roommate with that one)

4. I was known to defend him and his actions to anyone anywhere.

Why did the poster come down you ask? “The Massacre” that’s why. We broke up shortly after this CD. Not good. At. All.

So my boy had to recover his south-side Jamaica, Queens rep after that, right? (he now resides in CA, which I feel is the reason for his lack of material) Well, with his new album “Curtis” I hoped so. But he didn’t. What he did was start by dropping his first single “Amusement Park” (check out the lyrics, REVOLTING) and performed horribly at the BET Awards.

Boooo 50.

I can, however, suggest you download legally or illegally “Follow My Lead” featuring Robin Thicke (although I am sure the fact that Mr. Thicke is accompanying 50 is the reason I LOVE IT, I am biased). Oooooo, also check out “Get Money,” here he gets back to his rough street side, but there is a lot of talk about his cash and his vacations and his “hos”… boo.

He also collaborates with my love, Justin Timberlake, in “AYO Technology,” but even though I love JT I am not a fan.

Now for Kanye.

The boy can make a beat and his lyrics have meaning. If you haven’t heard his album “Late Registration” get on that. He will be releasing “Graduation” his third album (“Curtis” is also 50’s third album). Kanye is known for his creative and out-of- the “hiphop box” beats and collaborations. In his single “Stronger,” if you go to the gym, run or like to get pumped up download it…NOW! In this track he samples a song by Daft Punk , a Parisian electronic music group. And let me just tell you, I have been known to say “Heck No to TechNO” many times in my life but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this track. He also released “Can’t Tell Me Nothin'” which addresses his actions over the past two years including his comments about Bush,

“And what’d I do? Act more stupidly
Bought more jewelry, More Louis V.
My mama couldn’t get through to me
The drama, people suing me
I’m on T.V. talking like it’s just you and me

It gives me chills.

But it’s up to you. I am just some girl from CT. Don’t listen to me. Listen to them.

And, for the record, although I am an illegal downloader I will be purchasing both CDs upon release.

And if you hate both (without even listening)…then you aren’t cool. You are a hater. Yup. I called you a hater.

But wait hater, don’t go, there is more!

If you want some 9/11 CD buying action my “dirty souf” boy Kenny Chesney is also dropping his album along side 50 and Kanye. This could be interesting. Very.