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Minimalist 101

So with this job I have decided to become a minimalist. It’s important that you know that I have never tried this, EVER. I have a lot of stuff.

I am not a hoarder though. I am a big fan of throwing things out, donating clothes to charity (if I don’t wear it now, I will never wear it. That’s just me) and of course selling some clothes back to good old Plato’s Closet for dinero. Yes!

I know that this trashing of items is not necessarily good for the environment, so I need to chill out on the purchasing of items—ipso facto: I won’t have much to dispose of!

So, how do I, the girl who has way too much, become a minimalist?

Any ideas people?

Here is MY MinimaLIST:

1. New Job: I will be living out of a large suitcase and a carry-on size suitcase. Must learn to pack smart! And not SHOP while out on the road!

2. Store everything from my apartment at my parent’s house for a year.

3. Use all of the items from my college apartment in my future apartment, a year from now. No need to buy tons of new things, just because it will be a new apartment.

4. This extreme minimalist lifestyle will only be for a year—so I can 1. save money 2. not have tons of crap with me while traveling around the country.

So please, as you can see I am struggling with this list! Add on! Any advice for me and my first job? Any tactics for minimizing? All would be greatly appreciated!