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How I Would Have Played Me


If you were planning on playing me here are some tips on how you could have actually  been successful.

To begin with, step up your game.

Playing people is old. You know you can hook up with people left and right if you want, so just do that. Why hold on to people, like me, if you aren’t planning on treating me well?  That just seems like wayyyy too much work to me.

Also, if you want to end a relationship, have the balls to end it. Pushing the girl away by not returing calls or texts doesn’t do that. That just digs you deeper and deeper into a hole. And t eventually you have to try to climb out of. And saying you f-ed up doesn’t usually work.

If you aren’t happy; end it. That’s all I was trying to do.

And buddy, you are 23. You have to deal with things, that is part of life. Even the things that aren’t perfect. Get over yourself and step up. Be a man. You might actually feel good about yourself.

Well, since you are attempting to have multiple “relationships” at once here are some tips.

1. Treat the girl who is coming to see you in a special way. Don’t make her feel like you could careless that she was there from the get go. She will suspect something.

2. Set aside a night to spend with her. Especially if her suitcase is at your house. In your room. And you both decided she would stay with you…dumbass.

3. Don’t leave her stranded at a club.

4. Answer her phone calls/ texts.

5. Don’t invite the other girl over at the same time the girl who came to see you is there. As long as one girl is gone before the other girl gets there you are good to go. It’s really not that hard.

Hope these tips help you in your future. It seems like a  classy and a promising one. I would hate for you to continue with your sloppy game. It is a disaster and you should know that.


p.s. I am sure there are more things you did while I was on the road, I am not dumb and I know you know that. But for some reason I let them go. I excused you. I apologize to all the other girls in your present and future for helping you think you can get away with whatever you want. I learned. Hopefully you do someday.


Visitor Part I

Last week, while in Kentucky Mifflin came to visit me 🙂

It was the closest I’ll be to the East Coast in these first 6 months so he made the 8 hour drive to spend time with me in Lexinton. It was also his only vacation all summer. We had a great time and as a couple were the hit of the hotel staff. They loved my job (Mifflin even heard the marketing department say I would be “a great pick up”) and they looooved him. Oh, did they love him. Which got us extra free drink coupons, nothing wrong with that!

I also learned more about Mifflin.

He is a great tourist.

He even brought his very own map and fanny pack.

Justtttt Kidding! I just miss talking about fanny packs.

This is very important to me (not fanny packs, the good tourist part). What if he came out to see me and thought that touring around Lexington was stupid? What if he wasn’t into learning anything about the city we were in?

Well, then he would have had to suck it up and I would have dragged him along as we hit the historical society, the brewery and the “Welcome Center.”

But instead I was pleasantly surprised that Mifflin really likes doing what I like to do. And honestly, I wasn’t all that surprised–it’s just that we had never “vacationed” together or at least visited some place where neither of us were from.

And he showed me up.

The boy doesn’t watch anything but the History Channel, The Discover Channel and Animal Planet. So when it comes to animals and the history of just about ANYTHING, it’s all him. And apparently I know nothing. I don’t even want to admit half the stuff I’ve learned on this trip of mine across the country.

I was going to share something right here…ummm maybe later.

Our trip to Lexington’s historical society museum thing was fun and Mifflin told me a lot about good ol’ President Lincoln and the neutral state of KY. But I did inform him about “finger monkeys” that same day. He, the lover of monkeys, didn’t know about these adorable little guys!

Well, his knowledge is more helpful in life—I guess. Ehhhhhh.

So after the historical society museum thing we went bowling with my coworker and her boyfriend. Let’s keep in mind how competitive Mifflin and I are when it comes to sports. Especially bowling because its the only thing I can beat him at—on the WII. We have never been on the same team and that night it would be Us vs. Them. And “Them” had a bowler on the team. My co-worker’s boyfriend was in a league and played every week. Mifflin hadn’t played in at least 6 years and I was coming off a 5 month hiatus (and 5 months ago I did very, very, very poorly).

I eased into my game. Very rough first game. I am very weak in the arm department.

Mifflin, the strong “manly man” that he is had to control his game and then was unstoppable.

We lost the first game.

The second game came around and we tied it up.

The third game would settle the night’s bowling festivities.

And we won.

Being the competitive people that we are I received at text from Mifflin as we headed back into the hotel.

“We won. hahhahahahaahahahahahaahaha.”

And that right there is why I love that kid.

The following day we visited a Kentucky brewery and had some amazing Mexican food at a little hole-in-the- wall restaurant with some crack heads. A good time had by all!

Then it was time for my visitor to leave me.

Grumpy LB.

I’ll see him again in November. He’s got a lot to do between now and then. I actually received time off of work to be back in State College for what is his equivalent to “graduating” Penn State, since I won’t be able to see him in his cap and gown in December like he got to see me.

It’s not really important to him, these events. But he knows how important it is to me to be there for these lifetime achievements. I’m glad he wants me there too.

So I’ll see him again in November.

Four months away.


But he told me (and was excited as he said it!), “LDB, next half I’ll be able to come out and see you a lot more.”


I miss him a lot. A lot. A lot.

But I’m glad he got to share this experience with me and see what it’s like to be me in my life post Penn State.

And to top it off, I think he’s proud.

We are proud of each other.

And that’s a good thing.

My People Part IV

He knew from the first time we met.

It took me a year.

And by then it was too late.

I met him my first weekend in State College. I was fresh and new to the scene. But he had already been there all summer.

In the following few weeks he would fall into deep like with me.

And I would have no idea.


Little did I know that he would listen to every word I would say.

Little did I know he would get a tattoo to impress me.

Little did I know he would start wearing hats because I said I liked them…once.

LIttle did I know this kid would be in my life for the next 3 years.

Little did I know it was a mistake to introduce him to vodka 😉

Little did I know I would fall for him.

Little did I know I had hurt him.

Little did I know that he would hurt me.

LIttle did I know I would meet his family.

Little did I know I would put up with him.

Little did I know he would be so proud of me.

Little did I know that he wanted to meet my family.

Little did I know he would love my family.

Little did I know how much he would comfort me when I needed him.

Little did I know about those curly eyelashes, big white teeth and swollen knuckles.

Little did I know he would bond with my cousins.

Little did I know how much my heart would hurt to be away from him.

Little did I know that he would be the one loading my car as I headed far, far away from the comfort of the valley I had grown to love.

Little did I know he would hand me his favorite Monkey and a beautiful letter.


Little does he know how proud I am of him.

Little does he know how much I understand him.

Little does he know how smart I think he is.

Little does he know how special and loved I feel when he puts his arms around me.

Little does he know I smile every time I hear him say “LDB.”

Little does he know that I sit around wondering what he is doing.

Little does he know that whenever my phone rings I hope it’s him.

Little does he know how much he makes me laugh.

Little does he know how much I will miss hearing him say breakfast.

Little does he know how much I will miss his ballet dances.

Little does he know how happy I was to see him bonding with my family.

LIttle does he know how much it hurts me to now be there for him next year.

Little does he know how I love that he can be teased and he can tease me.

Little does he know that I brag about him.

Little does he know how much I will miss him.


Sure these past four years have not been perfect. But I would not have changed them. Not at all. There has been many a test for us. Nothing is perfect. Some of us write about these imperfections. Some of us vent out loud about the imperfections. Some of us choose to hold it all inside. Regardless they exist.

We have put in the time.

To have met each other as 18-year-olds adjusting to college life and having to say goodbye as 22- year-olds about to experience two completely different cycles in life there is no way any of this has been easy.

Four years of rapid change.

Two kids from two different states meeting in Pennsylvania.

What are the chances?

Thank you Penn State for bringing me to Mifflin.

A Sale on Monkeys

At the beginning of last semester he offered to give me a ride home from the bars.

We stopped off at his new room  and I checked out the area. He was in the same suite but a different room than the year before so things were switched up, just a little. He still had a huge T.V. that took up the entire room and I am pretty sure the same comforter from freshman year, when we first met. And the room was almost clean—much different from freshman year.
Before we left I decided to use the bathroom.

I turned to the light switch and as I was about the flip it up I noticed some objects stuck to the wall above the panel.

That’s when they hit me.


Three little 3D monkey stickers were placed in a very particular pattern (two little monkeys sandwiching a big monkey) as decorations over his light swtich panel.

Once the florescent light (which makes everyone, especially after the bar, look oh, so attractive…not so much)  hummed from the ceiling above, I noticed those weren’t the only critter decorations in this 6×6 room.

The shower curtain: Monkeys

The shower rings: Monkeys

The bath mat: A big monkey face

The toothbrush holder: A ceramic jungle tree with a  monkey on top

On what would have been a blank, white wall was a centered  poster that a little girl would buy at her elementary school’s Scholastic Book fair of a baby monkey in a blanket. I was one of those little girls but I got the baby seal poster and the VW Bug poster. (don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about!)

As I dried my hands off  I noticed even more monkey stickers used as a border and even the towel I was using had a little monkey face, to match the bath mat, embroidered on it.

And there dangling from the towel bar was a stuffed animal monkey.

Shaking my head I turned off the light and walked back into his room.

“You ready?” he asked.

“Mifflin, what is with all the monkeys?” I said laughing.

Shrugging he replied,

“There was a sale on monkeys.”

1,080 = not enough

Mike once told me to cherish my last few semesters in college. He told me to go out and have a drink–even when I should be studying– because those moments are the ones I will remember and in a few short months they won’t ever be in my life again. (and this was during an interview for an internship—-> thanks for the slacker advice (at least that’s what I thought at the time!) )

When he said this to me I was a junior and kind of shrugged it off and thought to myself “ehhhh, why is he being so sentimental about all of this, it’s just the end of college.” I thought about it: College is only a mere four years of my life– after spending 18 years creating relationships and sharing experiences with people from home how could only mere 1,080 days even compare?

Now, this might come as a shock to you but I am not always right.

I know, breathe in, breathe out…we are going to get through this together. I am sure that was hard to hear. I should have warned you.

And let me just add that there there are times (although seldom) when I am very, very, very wrong. Here, in this case, when Mike was trying to give me the best advice EVER I blew it off.

Bad move, LB, bad move.

During the first week of the semester I kept wondering why I felt like such a slacker. I was going to all of my classes but I was not organized and I wasn’t worried about not being organized. As the weeks progressed I have manged to get done what I need to get done but I still don’t feel like I am all here–in the classroom. I would much rather be in my living room talking about “our people,” our days, our pasts, our futures, watching excellent T.V. programs like “Redneck Weddings” with my roommates or just being with Mifflin— going out to eat, folding laundry, attempting to keep that boy’s room clean, all of which (surprisingly) has meant more to me than those events ever have.

If I hadn’t come six hours away to the Happy Valley I would have NEVER met Emily, Heather, Mifflin and who knows where Sally and my relationship would stand four years after high school (and the fact that she doesn’t live in CT anymore). And I only list these four people but there are quite a few more I have been extremely close to over these past four years– and honestly when will I see them again after May?

At least my high school friends and I all have the same hometown. Emily is from the ‘burgh, Heather is from New Mexico, Sally is now from State College and Mifflin is from Indiana—will we all ever be in the same place again? Probably not, and that is really sad to think about.

I am fully confident I will graduate in May–even if I continue to be as unorganized as I am today– and I am ready. But everyday, with every sip of a Bud Select, with every repeated episode of “America’s Next Top Model” with every4 minute drive to see the people I love I realize how much has happened to me and to us all in these past four years.

There were times here at Penn State when I was not of the fan of the person I was but without those feelings I would not have become the person I am really digging now 🙂

So for these next few months I will continue to enjoy every moment with these people, in this apartment, at these bars and in this Valley because sometimes I think

this is all I got.

And although that can sound sad and maybe even a little lonely, I couldn’t be happier to feel this way about these people and this place.

So Mike, I listened to you before but now, I hear you 🙂

I had to.

I wasn’t going to discuss my amazing WII abilities, because I don’t want to embarrass anyone on the internet but I just have to.


(no lie)

Now, you have to understand that I am not a video game playa. Nope. Not. At. All. As a fam we had the original Nintendo, and I don’t think I ever got past the white and red dungeon room on Super Mario World.

Actually…I lied, I know I didn’t.

Then I got the Gameboy because that was just necessary. From a very young age I attempted to be too legit, too legit to quit (go ahead, dance around to the MCHammer dance, you know you want to) I played Tetris.

The last “console” (I think that’s what they are called) my family owned was N64. I only played VW Beetle Racing (I kept the setting to EASY) and the occasional Mario Party. Video games and LB don’t mix. I get bored because I am not patient. And I really don’t care if Mario ever finds what he is looking for. WHAT THE HELL IS HE LOOKING FOR?

(Oh, and btw it is M-ah-ree-oh NOT M-ay-ree-oh—HUGE pet peeve of mine.  I’m glad I got that out.)

My cousin, Brian, got the WII this summer and I was not impressed.  This could be because I never got to play. My cousins (12 and 7) don’t let me play video games and they probably don’t let me for good reason. Instead, they call me into their rooms to look at the “amazing graphics.” Uhhhhhhhh, yea. Right. I love me some graphics—-ehhhhhh.

(But I tell them the graphics are “amazing” because I love them…anyways…)

Mifflin has a WII.

Apparently I am really competitive.

And apparently I am sick with it on the WII because all weekend and yesterday I won Tennis (I have a mean serve that SMOKES, don’t hate because you don’t know how to do that) and Bowling. I can’t explain the reason for my WII abilities but clearly I am a natural.

I will give it to him, Mifflin beat me at ONE/UNO game of Tennis yesterday (it was my warm-up so it doesn’t count) and maybe a game of bowling.


I remember now. Nope he didn’t win. I beat him by one point.

(I am such a jerk…I totally said that to rub it in.)

So where did all of this competitiveness come from? Was I always this way?

I don’t think so because when I played basketball we would come off the season with 2 wins, if you were any bit competitive you would have wanted to die with a record like that.

So what is with this craving to play tennis on the WII and to be the number 1 girl in my KINES class?

I can’t explain it.

Anyone want to challege me?

I’m in.

Over a week later…

Yea, sorry about that.


Mifflin visited CT, classes started, books were purchased, work was worked. A lot went on over here in the life of LB. A lot.

So get ready, I have a feeling there will be many parts to this post.

Let’s talk about Mifflin.

Let’s talk about the fact that I was late to pick him up at the airport. Ehhhhhh.

Actually let’s not. (not really allll my fault, the flight came in a half-an-hour early, when does that ever happen?!)

While Mifflin was in CT he met my mom, my dad, my sister, my aunt and two uncles, my cousins, my grandparents, the entire faculty of my old Middle School (where my mom works, yesssss he came into my mom’s work….) my best friends and my guys friends from home.

Are your shoulders tensing up? Are you feeling bad for him yet? Overwhelming?


You know what? He never had a problem with ANY of this. None of it. In fact he was excited to go to school with my mom. My mom works with autistic children and he plans to do the same after graduation, one of her students is blind and is the sweetest boy (M) in the world. He could not wait to meet Mifflin, so it made M’s day. And M loves me too, we met over last break—apparently my mom told him I was a good driver, ehhhhhh, I had to correct that misconception!

We went out to dinner at Mohegan Sun and then pre-gamed with my two good guy friends from home before heading back to Lucky’s. Now, the week before Mifflin came I went out with these two guys and told them I had a visitor coming. They acted all mad when I told them and asked a bunch of questions and then they (who are almost ALWAYS in a relationship) were like LB, you are toooo young for this. WHAT?! I don’t know what their deal was…too young for a visitor?!
About 5 minutes into meeting each other theywere in man love. I thought they would all get a long but it was ridiculous–its like they knew each other before. Same music, same people, same jokes.

Then: My two very opinionated guy friends  (guys who LIVE to make fun of you every 2 seconds) told me great this guy I brought home was. All I can say is, GOOD JOB, LB!   🙂 And I don’t know if it was the vodka or the truth but Miffin kept (repeatedly) telling me how dumb these guys were for letting me go. (Awwwwww.)
We then went to Lucky’s and had a great time. There was drinking and dancing and LOTS of food. These boys can eat. The next day Mifflin was on the phone with his friend and I heard him say ‘I gained so much over break, I had pizza last night…”

I had to stop him. He clearly didn’t remember the Krispy Kreme donut followed by the Dunkin Donuts trip and then the pizza …hilarious.

Over the next two days Mifflin spent some quality time with my aunt and uncles and cousins (the girlies were too shy to talk to him though, although Olivia wanted to know if he like “Boy Princesses” and ChooChoos). Even our close family friends came over. When he wasn’t being pulled into the deep plot line of ScoobyDoo (being played in the other room) 😉 he was chatting it up with the fam. I was impressed. We can be a tough crowd to keep up with.

Oh, and fam thanks for telling him the “Larry” story (basically one of my aunts hated my name when I was a baby so she said she would call me Larry instead, which she continues to do to this day…) now I get called Larry in PA too, fabulous.

We then went for a run.


He is very competitive. He trains basically every day of the year, but he does NOT run long distances. He told me last semester that when his season was over he would run with me. He suggested 20 miles. He “could not let me win or out run him.” I told him he was crazy. We did not even attempt to run 20, no one (not even a marathon runner) just wants to run a 20. Nope. So I took him on a 3 mile loop. He ran right behind me and I could hear his breathing–he has asthma, so I was worried, but he held in for the first…

1.2 miles

when he then said “OK we can stop!” I turn around and he is shining and soaked with sweat. He told me, while gasping for air, that I was serious about this running and he still had alcohol in his system, didn’t have the right socks, or his compression shorts…then we laughed.

We then ran/walked back. He did beat me up a hill, he is faster on the sprint I will give him that. Once we got home we played a little Bball and he destroyed me at HORSE. Whatever man. I will remember our first run together FOREVER (he won’t ever live it down)…which is better than winning a HORSE game 😉

We then met up with my dad, grandparents and sister for lunch and a walk through Harkness Park. That was really nice. We had a long short walk on the beach. It was beautiful, I hope he enjoyed it. The ocean is a big part of me. He has only seen the ocean a few times and for those of you who want to see what we saw that day here are some pics!



I loved sharing my home with him and I think it helped us understand each other even more. On top of that we survived a 6 hour car ride together in the VDub.

And we still want to see each other. That’s got to mean something right?!