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Tomorrow one of my best friends comes home for the holidays.

Phil apparently had a crush on me in middle school. I remember we were at a dance and his mom and my mom were trying to convince him to dance with me. He wouldn’t. And I was too busy bumping and grinding it 12-year-old style on the dance flo’ with some guys who turned out to be real winners, nine years later.


Phil and I stayed acquaintances. He went through a rough time in middle school but I always thought he was a cool kid. There was just something about him I always admired. Always.

We ended up having a class together in high school and that was when we started the friendship we have today. We would travel to away basketball games together. Just us. We went out to eat, to the movies, hung out at home, met up with people. Over the course of the years he has driven me home on many a drunk occasion. He takes care of me.

Then we fell apart.

He didn’t say goodbye to me before I went to college. I was crushed. We were best friends and I was moving 6 hours away from home and I thought he didn’t care.

I went to college and he stayed home. He had planned on joining the Marines. I didn’t want him to, but I wouldn’t tell him that. It was his dream, I supported him. But “luckily” he injured his back and wasn’t ready to go to boot camp. This crushed him.

I would call him from PA a lot. He would say things like “You took the easy way out by going to college.” WHAT?! He wasn’t supporting me any more…I couldn’t see that he was in pain because things weren’t going as planned.

Eventually I stopped talking to him because I couldn’t figure him out. And he stopped talking to me.

I was online one day and his neighbor Doc IMed me. “Phil and Dan (his brother) are leaving for boot camp tomorrow” he typed.

I couldn’t let Phil go to boot camp thinking that I wasn’t so proud of him. So I called him.

This is when I knew we were always going to be best friends. You know those people you can call after not talking for months, or even years and pick up right where you left off? That’s what that conversation was all about.

Over the course of the next year I wrote letters to that Marine and kept in contact with his mom, love that lady!

I think I have maybe only seen him twice in the past two years. Which is very weird.

Last March he left for Iraq. I was not a fan. I got a text the night before he had to leave (which was a little over a week before his 21st birthday). He told me he didn’t want to spend his 21st birthday there and we basically decided it wasn’t cool. My heart hurt so bad for him. I know he is proud to be a Marine (the few, the proud!) but he had also grown up a lot since high school and with maturing most realize that war is a scary thing.

I only sent him one package when he was in Iraq. But I kept in touch with him through Motomail, the best invention on the face of the planet! And I even received phone calls from over there. He made my day. Just to hear him was a relief. I would immediately e-mail his mom to tell her I heard from him. And I was honored he wanted to chat it up with me, told you I have always admired this kid!

Phil is family. I love him. He makes me cry whenever I get to see him and give him a hug.

Phil is my brother from another mother 🙂 I guess that is the best way to describe us.

He is coming home tomorrow. I can’t wait for the hug, and the tears AND a “The Office” marathon complete with a beer (or 20) for my 21-year-old Marine brother.