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Christmas Confession

This is embarrassing.

I kind of feel like a Cotton-headed Ninnymuggins for this one. (“Elf” anyone?!)

As I am currently decking the halls of my apartment ( we got our tree last weekend and hung our stockings. YAY!) I have decided to face something incredibly embarrassing: My favorite Christmas album of all time.

But I am going to get sidetracked first!

The tree is HUGE. We carried it up three flights of stairs and got it in it’s stand ALL BY OURSELVES. I did however make it clear to our “Tree boy” that I would need him to cut the bottom, trim the bottom branches, and tie it to the top of our car. He did all of that for us. What a good tree boy.

We are even watering it.

(That was for Mifflin. He is very concerned about us watering it. Geeeeez. He wanted to make sure that I water it in the morning and check it at night. We are not going to burn the apartment down Mifflin, but thanks for your advice and concern.)

Anyways, you already know my embarrassing Christmas tree purchasing story from last year. This year I survived— so did the Suburban….ehhhhhh.

LB, just come out with it. What is this chick so embarrassed about?!

As Thanksgiving ends I pull out the Christmas jams. I’ve got the Carpenter’s Christmas Album, Jessica Simpson’s (yea, I should probably be really embarrassed about this too), Destiny Child’s, BoyzIIMen’s, and of course the essentials Stevie Wonder, The Temptations and some Barbra Streisand.

So want to know my favorite Christmas CD?


I absolutely L O V E the 1993 classic “It’s Christmastime” by the one and only KathieLee Gifford.



I couldn’t even type that without laughing at myself. Look at her! In the wreath. Ehhhh.

So that’s my Christmas Confession.

I admit it, I love me the angelic voice of KathieLee.

And get this: There is even a duet between Miss Gifford and Regis (aka Rege, that’s what KathieLee calls him) on the smash Holiday Hit “Silver Bells.” ***

So, Molly…is it worse that I own a fannypack or this CD?!

*Added bonus: As I am typing this my IPOD is playing Keith Sweat’s new single “Be Your Santa Clause.” Hey, it was a free ITUNES download. Ehhhhh.

I just confessed too much.