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Best/Worst Weekend Ever


The only reason it was the best was because well, Lance Armstrong says it best:

“Congratulations! You have run your furthest distance yet!” (love,) Lance Armstrong.

Oh, and the “you” in that quote–that would be ME. I ran 16 miles in 2 hours and 26 minutes. That would be roughly 9 minute miles and the run was enjoyable (never thought I would say that about a 16 mile run—that’s almost gross).

I wore my fanny pack which was packed with a bottle of water and a bottle of gatorade. I even found a Porta-Potty on my route so that was awesome!  I LOVE PORTA POTTIES. No, not really*. But,  anyone who has run long distance can understand my excitement to find one of these beauties on my run.

*I don’t think I will ever get used to the fact that I got excited about a fanny pack OR a porta-potty. Ehhhhhhh. Oh, Nike+ what did you do to me?!

So now for the worst part of the weekend: I worked from Friday-Sunday. What was I thinking? I told them I could work 3-4 days a week, 15-20 hours. So what am I getting? 4 days/week and 20 hours. Fabulous. Way to make yourself available LB.

Did I consider the following facts:

1. I am in class 5 days a week for 20 hours a week as well?!

2. I am also working for Disney?

3. I am supposed to be studying for the LSAT (less than 2 weeks away, ehhhhh)?

4. I am training for a M A R A T H O N (oh, by the way didn’t go out Saturday night because I had to get up at 7 a.m. to run the 16 miles before work—dedicated.)

5. I am a 21-year-old Penn State senior?

(and CuriousC, I am the biggest list maker. Not in life–I only have to-do lists when my life gets out of control. But when I talk/think–I often list things!)

Nope. I did no considering. What so ever.

So, what would a smart person do? NOT ADD ANYTHING TO THE PREVIOUS LIST.

But hey, hey, hey what did I do? I got an internship!!!!!!!

Good, yes. Bad, mhmmmmm.

Who was up at 6:30 this morning? ME

Anyways, I did it to myself. Now I have to make it work/change it up so it works.

Cut down my hours at work- yes, needs to be done.

O.K. no more venting. Sorry if you have already heard me complain. I’m done.
Mike (and Megan)–guess what just came on my IPOD– right now?!

This could be a sign.

Oh, it is definetly a sign!

“Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson.

“That’s why I’m starting with me. I am starting with the (wo)man in the mirror. I am asking her to change her ways.

And no message could have been any clearer.”

Break it down MJ.

(also note ALL the categories for this blog—that’s how my life feels right now. )


Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all!

I have a J-O-B.

Added Bonus: It pays!!!

After a 2 interview process for one of my favorite retail stores I am officially an associate.  So now I am not the “stay-at-home mom” of the apartment. I start on Thursday, which is perfect because I have to go home this weekend to move my sister into her dorm.

A brief Re-Cap of the first week of my Senior year:

Class with Mifflin–turns out it won’t be too bad. We walked and talked last night and are ready to be friends. Awwwwwww. Whateva maaaaaan.

Drinking (and SHOES) $— thank you new job. Did I mention that this store has a variety of designer shoes at discount prices?! During interview # 2 they had 36 pairs waiting to be processed in the back of the store (HEAVEN—Molly, you would agree!)

Books— $400. Let’s not go there.

Walking to Classes

“I hate when girls wear t-shirt dresses. I really hate them,” says some dumbass walking directly behind Sally and I.

 I was wearing one.

Ehhhhhhh. Know what I hate ? I hate when people care more about what I am wearing, than I do!

 Running– Sunday: 10.4 miles, Monday: 5 miles, Wednesday: 5 miles, Today: Don’t know yet I am going



Well after this…

For your added Friday pleasure here is a photo of me and the cutest baby-sized bottle of Miller Light found last night at the Den.  OoooOooo aren’t you lucky!!!!img_5190.jpg

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend 🙂 Maybe you will be able to enjoy one of these little beverages at a picnic of somesort!

Also….let’s not forget that PSU is playing Florida International on Saturday.

My prediction: definite WIN.