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Things I’ve Learned Through Training

Marathon Training tips a la LB

I understand I am a novice…so here is some advice for you beginners out there 🙂

1. NIKE+: I know, I know I talk about this device all the time. But, the truth is if this didn’t exist I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing: Training for a Marathon.  I was a three sport athlete in High School but I was NEVER a runner. Now I run. I have completed 120 runs since December 26 and have totaled 442.02 miles. And due to this training I have run 101.73 so far this month. Thanks to Nike+  and Lance Armstrong for getting my butt in gear and in shape.

2. COAT YOUR FEET IN VASELINE: before every run, long or short, I lube my feet in pertroleum jelly. After I developed a pretty awesome blood blister on my right foot someone gave me this advice—and it’s like a spa treatment. As your feet warm up from running it softens the skin and you are blister free 🙂 *oh and if you have boobs try a little bit of this on them and you won’t have any chaffing from your sports bra, very important on a long run.

3. GET A FANNY PACK: although my fanny pack and I aren’t speaking after Saturday’s run I fully recommend getting one–at least you have an option.  There is no way you can carry around a waterbottle and Gatorade in your hand—not possible, I’ve tried. The fanny pack, although not attractive or stylish, will keep your hands free and your mind off that sloshing sound from your water bottle….ehhhhh I HATE THAT NOISE!

4. EAT CARBS: I have to admit it. I was a no/low carb person. But if you are training for a marathon YOU CAN NOT DO THIS. My best advice with the carbs- I always have a bagel right after my long runs and a bowl of pasta the night before my long run. I have so much energy this way. Simple advice and it works.

5. EATING WILL BECOME ANNOYING: I love to eat. I have always considered the Buffet a challenge (not a good way to live by the way!). But eating during marathon training seems like a chore sometimes. You always have to think about what you are putting into your body—will this give me enough energy?, will this make me dehydrated? and will I have to make sure I am within a mile of a bathroom at all times during my long run? <—– not fun.

6. DRINKING: You really can’t. At least not before a long run. I can’t not drink though, this is my last year in Happy Valley, so I can’t even take my own advice. But I will tell you this: run as much as me and one beer has the potential to put you out cold. Oh, lightweights!

7. WEAR SHORTS and a TANK TOP: No matter what. Regardless of the temperature pre-run you will be getting hot after running 15 miles. Don’t fool yourself. I learned this the hard way. Apartment felt like 65 degrees (LB–you have air conditioning, dummy) so I wore capri spandex—outside was 85 degrees. This was my worst run. Completely dehydrated and a total disaster. Wear shorts, ok?!

8. DRINK TOO MUCH WATER: I probably shouldn’t say that because I  heard a lady internally drowned herself  once…ehhhhhh. Since I have been at school I, alone, have drank 4 cases of H20.  I am a water drinker by day and  a water drinker by night. I only drink Gatorade on my long runs. Make sure that after the 8 or 10 mile mark you are drinking Gatorade every 2 miles. I drink water for the first 8 and then switch to the Blue Stuff. It really helps keep you going.

9. HAVE A REALLY GOOD PLAYLIST: No matter what I have my IPOD on my arm—for the Nike+—although, I have to admit I don’t always listen to music. There are times when 2 hours of silence is necessary. But when I do have an awesome playlist boombangin’ out the frizame my run is pretty much like Rocky on crack. So jam it up. And make it a wide variety. From slow to fast you need all kinds of songs.

10. YOU WILL BE ADDICTED: I am. I write about running a lot. I run a lot. ‘Nuff said.

11. EMPTY MIND: There will be times during your runs where your mind will become empty, it will kind of space out. That is the best. It’s kind of like a sanctuary on two fast moving legs. There will also be times where you think about everything and anything, those times are also great. I think running is therapy, at least for me.

12. BREATHE: Don’t forget to breathe. Get that Carbon Dioxide out of your body, it’s a poison. Do this: At the top of a really tall hill pump one fist in the air and go “Whoooooo!” That means you are breathing and that you are awesome and that you just demolished an insane incline. I do it. 7 a.m. someone is “Whooooing!” down the street—that’s me.

13. YOU WILL LOVE UPHILLS: I don’t know what it is but the downhills will start to make you feel like a slacker and you will want more uphills. It’s crazy.

That’s all I got for now. Go out for a jog, walk, or run during this beautiful weather 🙂 Soon it will be winter…not like that stops me

14. WINTER RUNNING IS THE BEST: I started in the freezing cold winter and I would trade that running weather for the 90 degree summer weather in a heartbeat. You can breathe easier and no one mows their lawns which is great. You don’t know how many people I give dirty looks to for mowing their lawns. Jerks.


The Soundtrack of My Life

I might not be alone in this, which is why I want to write about it.

Do you ever imagine your life as a movie?

No, not in the “If your life were made into a motion picture which actress would play you?” kind of way…but in a musical kind of way. (p.s. it would be Scarlett Johansson, haha, if you really want to know!)

Whooooa. Hold up. No.

Let’s clarify: I do not prance around campus clicking my heals together and showing off Jazz hands while belting out show tunes during the day.

Instead, I think like this:

Scene 1: Early Morning. Girl rolls out of bed in silence. She puts her IPOD on her arm, laces up her Nike+ sneakers and heads out the door for a run.

Music: “Stronger” by Kanye West featuring Daft Punk

Scene 2: Camera eases in on a bus window. Behind the window pane is the same girl. The girl is now sitting alone on the packed bus, IPOD on, earbuds in, looking out the window.

Music: “American Girl” by Tom Petty

Scene 3: Girl struggles to get off the bus. Grabs a newspaper and heads to class. Passing people on a mad dash to make it on time.

Music: “Go” Common

Scene 4: She sits in class taking notes. She periodically scans the room and drinks from her water bottle.

Music: “Heaven” by John Legend

Scene 5: She heads to the library to read Blogs ( of course you people are in my movie!).

Music: “Revolution” by The Beetles

Scene 6: She sits on a bench while people watching–waiting for her next class to start. Camera acts as her eyes–scoping people out. People move fast. People move slow.

Music: “Jaded” by Aerosmith

(more stuff goes on but ehhhhh too much to write!)

Scene 7: Tired after her long day she waits, and waits and waits for the bus. She finally heads home.

Music: “Keep Tryin'” By Amerl Larrieux (from Groove Theory)

Scene 8: The girl comes home and grabs a beer as she heads to the shower.

Music: “So Fresh and So Clean” Outkast

Scene 9: She gets ready to go out.

Music: “Hypnotize” by Notorious BIG

Scene 10: Along with 3 other girls she grabs another beer and brings it down to the bus stop with her. As pictures are being taken, the bus pulls up. The girls get on. Camera pulls back and follows the bus until it is out of sight.

Music: “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey

O.K. my life doesn’t always have that great of a plot—but it’s got some good jams, right?!

You know as you sit at your desk right now you are thinking about what song should be playing to capture the moment…aren’t you?

Admit it!

What song should be playing in your life, if it were a movie,



Best/Worst Weekend Ever


The only reason it was the best was because well, Lance Armstrong says it best:

“Congratulations! You have run your furthest distance yet!” (love,) Lance Armstrong.

Oh, and the “you” in that quote–that would be ME. I ran 16 miles in 2 hours and 26 minutes. That would be roughly 9 minute miles and the run was enjoyable (never thought I would say that about a 16 mile run—that’s almost gross).

I wore my fanny pack which was packed with a bottle of water and a bottle of gatorade. I even found a Porta-Potty on my route so that was awesome!  I LOVE PORTA POTTIES. No, not really*. But,  anyone who has run long distance can understand my excitement to find one of these beauties on my run.

*I don’t think I will ever get used to the fact that I got excited about a fanny pack OR a porta-potty. Ehhhhhhh. Oh, Nike+ what did you do to me?!

So now for the worst part of the weekend: I worked from Friday-Sunday. What was I thinking? I told them I could work 3-4 days a week, 15-20 hours. So what am I getting? 4 days/week and 20 hours. Fabulous. Way to make yourself available LB.

Did I consider the following facts:

1. I am in class 5 days a week for 20 hours a week as well?!

2. I am also working for Disney?

3. I am supposed to be studying for the LSAT (less than 2 weeks away, ehhhhh)?

4. I am training for a M A R A T H O N (oh, by the way didn’t go out Saturday night because I had to get up at 7 a.m. to run the 16 miles before work—dedicated.)

5. I am a 21-year-old Penn State senior?

(and CuriousC, I am the biggest list maker. Not in life–I only have to-do lists when my life gets out of control. But when I talk/think–I often list things!)

Nope. I did no considering. What so ever.

So, what would a smart person do? NOT ADD ANYTHING TO THE PREVIOUS LIST.

But hey, hey, hey what did I do? I got an internship!!!!!!!

Good, yes. Bad, mhmmmmm.

Who was up at 6:30 this morning? ME

Anyways, I did it to myself. Now I have to make it work/change it up so it works.

Cut down my hours at work- yes, needs to be done.

O.K. no more venting. Sorry if you have already heard me complain. I’m done.
Mike (and Megan)–guess what just came on my IPOD– right now?!

This could be a sign.

Oh, it is definetly a sign!

“Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson.

“That’s why I’m starting with me. I am starting with the (wo)man in the mirror. I am asking her to change her ways.

And no message could have been any clearer.”

Break it down MJ.

(also note ALL the categories for this blog—that’s how my life feels right now. )