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10 Feet from Obama

We had a few surprise visitors here at Penn State this weekend.

1. A cold.

A gross, sore throat, booger nose, coughing, fever, no sleep kind of cold. Oh, and that punk just won’t leave. It’s still with me but has also decided to hang out with ALL of my roommates too. What a jerk. So far I have gone through a box of TheraFlu, a box of Nyquil, two bags of cough drops, and a box of decongestants. I refilled last night, so I am good to go this week.

2. A super hero.

That super hero being yours truly, LB. This weekend was the half marathon. And regardless of the no sleep, a burning chest, and mucus-y throat I ran it. Because, my friends, I, apparently, am not a quitter. Lesson learned. And I could also quite possibly be d-u-m-b. (It depends on which way you look at it) I almost quit on the 8th mile. After 8 miles of freezing legs, good ol’ 20 degree Pittsburgh weather mixed with shorts was not a good decision on top of barely being able to breathe and a nose that oozed boogers, but if Eminem can surve 8 mile then I can too. I literally thought that when I debated quitting. No, not really. But really, I did. Anyways…

I did it in 2 hours and 3 minutes. 3 minutes past my goal. 9:15 pace…ehhhh not too bad. Hey, I finished it!

HDC completed the half marathon as well and I am very proud of her, it was her first one! Yay HDC! And…now she knows she can do a marathon (which I always knew she could do!). So get it girl! (She is also being blog-attacked by a UGG lover gone crazy so hit her up with some congratulatory love!)

3. Barack Obama

Yes, my people Senator Obama came to Penn State. Now, I’m not going to get all political on you because that is not my style. But regardless we can’t deny the history that can be made with either Democratic nomination so we can all be excited about that! Right?! Right!

Senator Obama spoke to 22,000 people in front of Old Main on a beautiful Sunday morning. And where was I you ask? I was 10 feet to his left.


I don’t know how we did it but there we were waiting for hours in the bright sunshine (popping cough drops left and right) for a potential future president of the United States of America.

Pretty Damn Cool, if you ask me! It’s history baby. One of those stories you can tell your kids and grandkids.

And to top it off he is a great speaker. He really is. I was impressed with what he had to say and I didn’t feel like it was fake or manufactured. A genuine man. And you should believe me because I was close enough to touch the Secret Service. And I did. Yea, you are jealous.

I also got to shake Senator Obama’s hand. He even squeezed my shoulder. Awesome. Good guy. Solid squeeze.

It’s weird I had goosebumps. He made me feel very proud to be a part of this country and a part of change. And sometimes, when you are 21, about to graduate and figure out the rest of your life you don’t always feel apart of this big, huge country. Or think you can change a damn thing.

But like Obama I have hope. Hope that I can become a minimalist, hope that I can make money doing a job I am passionate about, and hope that I can give back and continually help my country improve.

Maybe I’m too young.

Maybe I don’t have enough experience.

But I am glad I ran that those 13.1 miles this weekend that made me even more sick. And I am glad I got up at 9 a.m. on Sunday to wait 4.5 hours to hear Senator Obama speak.

Because regardless of my lost voice, the nasty tissues lining my pockets, and the cough burning through my chest these events are what I am going to remember forever and they could be two of the best decisions I’ve made.

We just have to keep learning about ourselves. Always. Life is wayyyyy more fun that way!