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Apple Bottom Jeans. Boots with the Fur.

Yea so about that.

Today while doing a little Sangria grocery shopping Sally, Emily and I were startled when our eyes came across a sight we thought we would never see at 5:47 p.m. in Wegman’s in State College, PA.

We saw the jacket. We saw the over-sized t-shirt. We saw the boots. With the fur.

What we didn’t see however was the issue.

Girlfriend was not wearing any pants.

Emily and I both looked at her from the boots, to the lack of pants, to the boyfriend’s t-shirt, to the face… We both gave her the “uhhhh, what are you doing?” face and then turned to each other to make sure we both witnessed the same thing. Sally was so focused on the lack of pants that she didn’t even have time to notice anything else.

And let me tell you, the t-shirt wasn’t THAT long. I’m talking just below the crotch…the only saving grace would be if she was wearing boyshorts. Even then…I don’t think she should be at Wegman’s parading around without pants.

Coming from someone who HAS been pantsless in public…I have 4 words of advice:

Stay In The Car.

And speaking of this Flo Rida jam….

I got a package in the mail from my grandma.

DJ Killa Kaos: she made you a Valentine’s Day pillowcase.

I am not even kidding.

Grammy: Thank you! But… bringing a pillowcase to a club–ehhhhhhhhhhhh.

…To be continued…



Why I love it.

Some of you hate grocery shopping. And this I will never understand. I love it. I love it so much my mom will wait for me to come home on holidays before grocery shopping, so I can tag along.

Today I lucked out.

My KINES class got canceled–because we are such good KINES students– so I only had one class . “Fabulocity!” as Kimora Lee Simmons would say (saw a clip of that show last night…interesting?….fabulous?… undecided). So I got to come home and….

GROCERY SHOP!!!!!!!!!!

We have a Wegman’s here in PA. It is amazing. The produce is from PA farms and there are organic options. Someday, when I can afford organic foods, I’ll buy them—not sure why but they sound healthier and very, very fresh! There is also a food court with home storemade dinners, handmade pizza, chinese food and sushi! Mmmmm!

Today I just had to pick up the basics: milk, bottled water, salad, fruit, veggies, Tostitos, salsa, and South Beach Diet Pizzas ( a recent addition to the “basics” because they are so delicious…try them, seriously. With a Bud Select. Do it.)

And now that it is Fall I got to buy some SOUP! and APPLE CIDER! and there were even Spiced Pumpkin pie CLIFF bars! And holiday teas were out! SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!

I hope this is sounding exciting to someone else out there…

Grocery shopping = relaxing. Up and down each aisle. Each aisle stocked with everything you could even imagine eating. Treats galore. Uh, I love it.
**I’m not going to tell you who but someone on my blogroll ALWAYS takes a piece of candy from the Candy Section. I have to walk away. I can’t be apart of that!!!**

Then after you make your purchases you get to walk all of your grocery’s up 3 flights of stairs to your apartment. That is not so exciting. But loading up the refrigerator and your cabinets with new, yummy food makes up for it.

I am a grocery shopping dork, I think I made that very clear.