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Hide and Seek

It is difficult to hide here in blog world. And that is usually a good thing, I  love when people read my posts, but the Google searches can be ridiculous. So, I have decided to answer some questions viewers of my blog may have/ ask some of my own!

“Boobs”/ “Huge Boobs”- I am a girl, I have them. Surprise, surprise. I think I wrote about them once…oooo how exciting! No, not really. I am sure the people who searched for “boobs” were very disappointed to come across this site. “She just wrote about boobs? About the fact she doesn’t like them? I was hoping for some pictures. Damn. Back to the boob search….”

“Who was 2007 running back for penn state”- Well you fabulous googler that is an easy one. We actually had two this season, Rodney Kinlaw and Evan Royster. Don’t forget that. Royster will be back next year, Kinlaw graduates. WE ARE! PENN STATE!

“Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?”- I still don’t know Gum Shoe. But I am working on it, let me know if you get any clues.

“i love suspenders”- OMG me too!!!!! Do you like vests? I bet you like vests too, I’m obsessed right now, let me know 🙂

“history boys gym shorts”- I have no idea how this search led to me. You might be surprised but I actually know nothing about the history of boys gym shorts. I am guessing pants made those working out inside too hot so someone cut off pants from the ankle to the knee and thus, the gym short was born. I know for a while, back in the day, there was a commercial starring Michael Jordan and someone trying to convince him to sell single-mesh shorts. That didn’t work out. Could you imagine single mesh shorts?…ehhhhhhh.

“i hurt my leg”/ “gross stomach”- I’m sorry about the leg and the stomach. I hope you feel better soon. Maybe some more descriptive words will bring you better results when searching, just a suggestion.

“how can i get lance to talk to me on my ipod”- YES! I can answer this one. I am so glad you asked. So you apparently have the best invention of 2007, Nike+. Lance will only talk to you on the IPOD if you 1. run your furthest distance to date or 2. decrease your mile time. And you won’t get Lance everytime. Sometime Paula Radcliff will shout you out. In fact just yesterday she hollered at me. So get out there and run FAST or LONG…and you will hear him soon!

I think that’s it. Hopefully I helped someone today.

At least no one is searching for fanny packs anymore, that’s promising.


Oh, NO!

This is not my real post for the day but an issue has to be addressed.

I just checked out my Google Searches and this is how someone found my blog:

“fanny packs + bride & Groom”


All I can say is if you (fanny pack + bride & Groom searcher) are reading this blog know that you should not wear a fanny pack to your wedding. Please, don’t do it. Need fanny pack-less wedding tips? Please visit Molly’s blog.

That one scared me.

I will not be responsible for bridal fanny packs.