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YAY! for boys

I always wanted a big brother. And now I know why.


Boys eat the best food. I mean, my house was never lacking in the snack department but not in snacks that are boy worthy. You know the kind of snacks that stick to a girl’s stomach, butt and thighs like glue? Ya, those snacks.

My cousins are the prime examples of such snackers. They practically have their own Pop-Tart factory in their pantry. Every freaking flavor.  Irresistible. Although I always go for Brown Sugar & Cinnamon. HANDS DOWN. EVERYTIME. Don’t even try to argue with me on that. Take your dumb Strawberry and leave me and the BS&C  alone. ( a little defensive, LB?!) They also have Hostess stuff and Little Debbie treats.. And chips upon chips and even the “new” “cool”snacks of today. You know, the newest “To Go” cookies or crackers…as if cookies and crackers are not portable enough. (riiiighhhhtt)

Mifflin is coming in three days. And to tell you the truth I am very, very, very excited. I don’t think I have ever truly missed seeing someone (besides the fam) as much as I miss seeing him everyday. Weird.

Since my sister and I are both in college the snack situation in this casa is weak. My mom kept asking what should we get for Mifflin? What does  he eat? Well, he eats almost everything and a lot of almost everything. So instead of trying to guess I went straight to the eater himself.

At first he was hesitant but then I got a list . As a result out house is now stalked full with Sun Chips (at first there was no detail on the flavor so we got one of each. THEN he informed me he wanted Garden Salsa (he didn’t know we got all the other flavors) and that being our favorite as well we picked up a huge bag of those. Yay!), Capn’ Crunch with Crunch Berries (Tasty. We rarely have sugary cereal here, great addition. I actually had that for breakfast. Who needs Wheaties?), Turkey and Pasta.Y es, Turkey and Pasta…fair enough, we got the boy Turkey and Pasta.

I also added some fine snacking choices of my own which I am sure he will enjoy.  French fries, mini pizzas (for a post going out treat) and these cheddar mini rice cake Quaker things…he likes them and they are low calorie snack (but, not if you eat the entire bag, right Mifflin? 😉 ).

I only drink water and Mifflin didn’t add anything to the list in the beverage department…except Vodka.  Check. We have that too.

Looking back his list may not be all that exciting to some people but it is to me.  Clearly I have become a grocery shopping creature of habit—and maybe everyone does that. All it took was a big box of the Capn’ to shake things up over here in CT!

Somebody stop me. I am out of control.

* oh and an edit to yesterday’s post: apparently after the “1” cider I had at the pub I had another cider, the waiter bought us a shot, and I had an Irish car bomb just to top it off….there are no words