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One Fire. One Flood. One Apartment.

During our weekend of bad haircuts, puppy sitting (once again!) and grocery shopping with people who don’t wear pants we also managed to top it off with a fire and a flood.I guess I should take this as advice for later in life:

Flood Insurance- Check.

Fire Insurance- Check

The fire wasn’t a disaster. Just hilarious. A little after tearing up during Kanye West’s performance and picking up our jaws (in a good way) after Tina Turner and Beyonce’s performance at the Grammy’s we snuck in a little remote fire. Just to spice things up a bit.

But seriously…

Sally caught the DVD remote on fire.

How does this happen, one would ask?

It’s simple really.

1. Pick up remote.

2. Place directly on top of candle flame

3. Say outloud, “What is that smell?”

4. Look to find your DVD remote in flames on your coffee table

Exhibit A:

img_5931.jpgAwesome. So now that the fire is out of the way, let us move onto the flood, shall we?

We shall.

Monday morning when we were all in classes Emily was getting ready for work when..

The fire alarms went off, water came bursting out of all of the East Wing’s (yes, we pretend to have wings in our little apartment!) light fixtures and sprinklers into their rooms, bathroom and our living room. By the time the apartment complex figured out the problem there were three inches of water in our living room.


We live on the third floor.

So all that water leaked down to each floor below us, but they are doing fine. Lucky them. We aren’t.

Last night we had two dehumidifiers running and a small fan.

Tonight we have two HUGE commercial carpet drying fans humming away in the living room. My room had to be turned into the “Fun Zone” where we had dinner and made Valentine’s cards.

Our living room smells DISGUSTING.

But at least the carpet is kind of drying. We have been wearing “houseshoes” aka our rainboots and all-terrain slippers all around this joint, which makes things not so comfy or relaxing at our humble abode.

The lack of customer service at this apartment complex is astounding. I would get into it but it’s just me ranting and raving over things we need to do our best to get over and through. And we will prevail.

Until then we will continue to use the “Fun Zone” as our living room, grow to love wearing our rainboots in the APT, and try not to get sick from the smell of mold and whatever else is in and underneath this carpet. WOOF.

On top of it all I have this Suri Cruise style going on. And here is the picture for all you people who just need to see it….ehhhhh.


Hope you enjoy the new ring and the America’s Next Top Model ala Apt 134 pose!

I don’t have the Suri bangs, I have flattened it out and I do love the color…but its still boy short. And if you saw it when the Abby Salon girl did it you would have laughed. My roommates did.

As of now if I don’t wear make-up or earrings I could pass as a baby (Suri) or a little boy.

Believe me.

But it’s just hair. It will grow.

Just hurry up hairs.