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Apple Bottom Jeans. Boots with the Fur.

Yea so about that.

Today while doing a little Sangria grocery shopping Sally, Emily and I were startled when our eyes came across a sight we thought we would never see at 5:47 p.m. in Wegman’s in State College, PA.

We saw the jacket. We saw the over-sized t-shirt. We saw the boots. With the fur.

What we didn’t see however was the issue.

Girlfriend was not wearing any pants.

Emily and I both looked at her from the boots, to the lack of pants, to the boyfriend’s t-shirt, to the face… We both gave her the “uhhhh, what are you doing?” face and then turned to each other to make sure we both witnessed the same thing. Sally was so focused on the lack of pants that she didn’t even have time to notice anything else.

And let me tell you, the t-shirt wasn’t THAT long. I’m talking just below the crotch…the only saving grace would be if she was wearing boyshorts. Even then…I don’t think she should be at Wegman’s parading around without pants.

Coming from someone who HAS been pantsless in public…I have 4 words of advice:

Stay In The Car.

And speaking of this Flo Rida jam….

I got a package in the mail from my grandma.

DJ Killa Kaos: she made you a Valentine’s Day pillowcase.

I am not even kidding.

Grammy: Thank you! But… bringing a pillowcase to a club–ehhhhhhhhhhhh.

…To be continued…



Just Call Me Killa Kaos, I’m that Baller

So thanks to the Blogging gods (aka Google) and DJ Killa Kaos I had the most Baller Saturday night of my life.

You know me, LB,  I just write about my everyday life and surprisingly a lot happens in this college life of mine. All of my awkward, fabulous, ridiculous, depressing and even some entirely expected events are described through this blog —because I love telling you all about it (lucky you) and because this is a blog and you really can’t tell me to shut up or talk about something else–oooooo I love being in control 🙂

Anyways,  I hope you are ready for this story…just don’t be too jealous!

It was just a typical Wednesday for me. Sitting in my two hour PR class checking my e-mail when WordPress e-mailed me to approve a comment. This is always exciting, you all know that, and then I saw who it was from: DJ Killa Kaos.

First thoughts…

1. He read my DJ Killa Kaos blogs

2. He must think I am a crazy DJ stalker

3. AHHHH! I don’t care!!!!!!

He asked me to e-mail him.

What to write to my Saturday night savior?

Oh, the pressure!

Well, it turns out he could “help a girl out,” like I had figured he would have had he heard about the outfit disaster of 2007 (remember shot girl?!).

In our e-mail chat he said something along the lines of “to ease the pain, of the outfit fiasco, how does a bottle and a table reservation sound?”

Say what?

Was that even a question?

YES. YES. and YES.

Wait, that doesn’t answer the question….rewind….Yes, a table and a bottle sounds absolutely amazing.

So, Saturday DJ Killa Kaos hooked me and my “basketball tournament” up at Lulu’s (yes, I roll deep, haha).

And YES readers, just when you all thought it was impossible for me, LB,  to get any more baller…BAM…it’s Saturday night and I am sitting at a reserved table right below DJ Killa Kaos at Lulu’s with a bottle of vodka all compliments of my favorite DJ.

A lot of vodka was consumed…a lot of jams were danced to…pictures were taken…and there were quite a few toasts to the good life 🙂

I have attached some photos of my VIP night and I just wanted to use my little space on the internet to say how very grateful I am for my baller Saturday night, definitely a highlight of my four years here at Penn State– clearly I am going out of this fine institution in style..mhmmmm.

And know what the cutest part of all of this was?

DJ Killa Kaos gave the bouncers the names LB and Mifflin to get us in…I think DJ KK read a few more posts than I realized. Thanks 🙂



Dancing (and singing, how classy) to “Let’s Stay Together”—yet another reason why I am a fan of this DJ!

Oh no she didn’t.

I can’t believe I haven’t told you all about THIS yet.

I worked all weekend. It sucked. So what did I do to retaliate? I went out. Every. Single. Night.

BOO-YA work. Boo-ya.

Well, Friday was the very successful Christmas party. And just act like you don’t know where I was Saturday, with DJ Killa Kaos at Lulu’s of course! (I love that guy).

And let me tell you, it took a lot to get me out that night. I had to be at work at 9 the next morning and was surviving on 4 hours of sleep, a party and a whole work day, but you only have one senior year so…after changing my mind three times I was out.

It is fair to say I am a creature of habit when it comes to going out. I really should start giving other fine establishments a chance so I took the chance to do so on Saturday to pregame and to watch the Volleyball game. We went to Tony’s Big Easy, known around here as The Big Sleazy. It was OK. Nothing compared to my Lulu’s.

At least that’s what I thought.

Turns out I should have just stayed Sleazy that night.

After the win we headed over to Lulu’s. Dollar drink night, so all was going well. I was double fisting my vodka tonics and actually found a seat. We sat down and started people watching when…

an ENTIRE tray of shots was dumped on me.

Dumbass shot girl got bumped into so now I have about a dozen red, sticky shots all over me and my furry purse (not a good look, imagine a wet, sticky kitten), gray straight-leg jeans (which means you could see every single red shot) and my very cute black booties.

I was so mad. No, I was irate.

I got a free drink.

Did I mention it was dollar drink night?

Thanks, hoe. Really.

I understand that it wasn’t completely shot girl’s fault. Wrong time, wrong place for LB. BUT…isn’t there some kind of customer service?! She’s a girl. She HAD to have understood how much her mistake sucked for me.

She asked me what I wanted her to do.

I wanted a new outfit.

…but I understood that wasn’t possible. I explained I live off campus and would have to take a taxi home to change.

Still, nada.

No love from Lulu.

So what did I do? Paid $20 bucks for a taxi ride (there and back + tip, because I am that baller working retail for $7.15/hour). But before I left I told the bouncer what was up. And upon my return I told him he would be getting me the round of drinks I had purchased but couldn’t drink.

So needless to say I am not at all impressed with Lulu’s reaction to the red-est, stickiest disaster of 2007.

If DJ Killa Kaos knew about it, I’m sure he would have stepped up and helped a girl out.

In West Philadelphia…

born and raised.

Go ‘head you know the rest.

Wait?! If you don’t… ehhhhhh.

Will Smith? “Fresh Prince?” Anyone?!

In a few hours I am headed to Philly the home of Big Willie.

Just so you know Philadelphia is now known as the Illadelph. Oh shitttttty. I kind of like that. And I don’t want you to be a loser–you know trying to be cool and calling it Philly.

The goal is to get in to the City of Brotherly Love just in time for happy hour at Brownie’s. Apparently its a good time. I will report back on that one.

I am embarking on this journey of journey’s as co-pilot to Miss SallyJo. This means I am in charge of CDs. We are going to go through a lot of old school LB Xclusives let me tell you that. Hey, who knows, me might even jam out our Alto part to our high school chorus CD. This is really sad but it has happened. Just hope you don’t have to witness it…ask HDC.

Why are we heading to the Illadelph?

For the Penn State v. Temple game, of course. Officially the LAST game I will witness as a student and coincidentally my first away game. I am feeling pretty dedicated to the Nittany Lions right now! But so are approx. 70,000 other students and PSU fans. Isn’t that crazy? They expect the Eagle’s stadium to be filled with more PSU alumni, fans and students than Temple fans. We alone or as a group can be pretty overwhelming.


Happy Hour Valley will also be tailgating in Philly—I wonder if we will see each other and not even know it….crazy! I’m glad he gets a break from Law School though we all need to feel the PSU love every now and then!

As an added bonus to this trip I am staying with my best friend Megan. You know the card sender?! I haven’t seen her since summer so this will be oh so wonderful 🙂

OK! I still have to pack. Make some boom bangin’ CDs. And clean my room.

And don’t worry I’ll be back for DJ Killa Kaos (did I tell you I love him!?) on Saturday night—-please, I need to celebrate our win back in State College! After a shower of course…I will need to wipe off the nasty Eagles Stadium residue—

GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJ Killa Kaos is My Homeboy

In case you can’t find me–if I am not running, going to class, studying, working or watching “The Hills” I will be at Lulu’s Nightspot.

In other words I will be at Lulu’s every Saturday. Every. Single. Saturday. Come rain, sleet or -10 degree PA weather I will be in the spacious nightspot sipping my $1 Vodka Tonics while enjoying the one and only DJ Killa Kaos.

If I could explain in words how great Mr. Kaos is I would.

And I will.

As a DJ he is extremely refreshing in a town called State College, PA. He actually mixes. Not a concept that is difficult for DJs BUT… why can’t anyone else in Happy Valley learn this trick?! At every other bar we have to listen to the entire song…even when the chorus plays 6 times at the end. From beginning to end we hear every song. Not cool.

DJ Killa Kaos (who I love, by the way) played everything from old school hip hop to tracks fresh off Kanye’s “Graduation.” I even got a lil’ Usher fix in there as well as many a song that are on my IPOD that you NEVER hear out or even on the radio. These being ‘I Still Love You” by 702 feat Pharrell and “My Love” by The Diplomats. He kept the party boom bangin’ from early (10:30 when we got there, I will get there even earlier now that I know about DJ Killa Kaos) until the bar closed down. Impressive.

I am impressed. I am also in love.

DJ Killa Kaos is apparently from NYC–which is an added bonus as his style is very New York. He made my night. I love DJ Killa Kaos.

I know you have to be thinking this by now; “If you love him so much why don’t you marry him?”

And if I could marry a DJ-ing style, I would.


It turns out Mifflin plays b-ball with DJ Killa Kaos on occasion. I told Mifflin to let Kaos know how I feel about his DJ-ing skills. I doubt he will. But maybe, just maybe, DJ Killa Kaos will read this very blog. I can only hope. (if you do read this DJ Killa Kaos I just want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for doing what you do on Saturday nights. Thank you.)

I didn’t love a whole lot about this weekend but you, Mr. Kaos are on my short list:

1. DJ Killa Kaos

2. $1 Vodka Tonics

3. Finally going out with Sally, Em, Heather AND Ashley all in one weekend. fabulous.

4. Wearing my new highwaist pants

5. The Steelers won

6. Mifflin buying me a drink

And that’s about it. Admist all of the DJ-ing, drinking, and pants wearing there was a lost cell phone (oh, the drama…huh HDC?!), a Big Ten game was lost ( I hate Michigan), lots of time at work, a 13.74 mile run (when I was supposed to run 18–I am blaming work and the sunrise), no LSAT studying and no work getting done. Ehhhhhhhh.