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Oh, Chris Jessie.

Who had the worst week ever?

Well, it would have been Chris Jessie if Texas had lost in the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl last night.


Whoa. Talk about embarrassing.

During the first quarter the Texas sideline was told by the referees to stay off the field. It was a warning, they were all over the place, it was getting annoying. Then, while the ball was in play Jessie and about five other coaches were on the field all up in the play.

My dad and I were just staring at the T.V. I was so confused. This red-headed fool crouches down to grab the ball….WHAT?! Then…a Texas player comes over and Jessie lifts his arms up and backs away from the football. The play continues for a few seconds. Then whistles were blown like crazy.

At this point Texas was up and they were feeling confident. All of the players crowded around Jessie joking around with him, basically telling him it was O.K. and helping with the embarrassment…becasue the cameras were all over him. Not your ideal 15 minutes of fame.

Then it turns out ASU would get the ball. And they scored off of Jessie’s sideline play of the game. Hilarious. Remember how everyone about 5 minutes earlier was crowded around Jessie on the sideline…ehhhh not so much anymore. So incredibly embarrassing. Jessie is alone. Embarrassed. I would have cried.

Jessie ends up being the stepson of Texas headcoach Mack Brown,too. Let’s add that to the mess.


I wish Texas lost.

At least ASU’s D-End had a GREAT second half. Go 97!!!!