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Bud Select

So it’s 2:45 in the afternoon and what am I thinking about?


Since I am not training for a marathon any more I can drink—whenever I want. This does not mean that I am drinking right now. That would not be good. Not good at all.

Before this week I was only allowing myself to drink once a week. That is quite the feat when you are new to the whole 21 game.

I honestly think they put something crazzzzy in those Bud Selects. My recent experiences with them have led me to be quite buzzed after just 1. That’s why I love-ah them.

The first time was in Florida. In August. After a full day in the Disney parks. We started a two day tradition of ending our afternoon with happy hour at the ESPN Zone on the boardwalk. The first day I ordered my trusty Bud Select and before my friends were 4 sips into their fancy mixed drinks I was already going “Whoaaaa, anybody else feeling this?!”

So, after two afternoons in a Bud Select induced dream world I fell in love.

Now after all this crazy running I am experiencing the same effects.

There is nothing better, after a long day of classes and dumb work, then coming home putting on “The Hills” and indulging in a cold bottle of Bud Select.

Or two.

Well, after two last night I was ready to pass out. And that’s just what I did. I know I am a crazy Monday night party girl. WhoooooHoooooo!

And now I have to touch on “The Hills.”


My prediction: Heidi starts pushing Spencer away breaks off the (lack of) engagement and she and L.C. fall back into BFF love. Anyone else see this coming?! Anyone?!!!!

So, if you haven’t tried Bud Select please do yourself a favor and buy a 6 pack today. You let me know how they treat you. It is Boozeday Tuesday. Yup.

Boozeday Tuesday quote: “Boozeday Tuesday, it sneaks up on you.” I think I have to explain that one…but maybe some one out there can appreciate it.

I am only one class away from my very important meeting with Bud Select. Yessssssss.

(This post sounds like an advertisement, ehhhhhhh. I should probably get paid for this…)