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Weekend Wrap-Up

this includes Monday, but it didn’t sound good as a title.

1. Penn State beat Notre Lame 31-10.

2. I got to say “Good Luck Coach” to Jay Paterno. JoePa’s son and our quarterback coach.

– Story: JoePa and his family live only a few blocks from the stadium and it is tradition for Joe and Jay to walk to and from each game. We are clearly a school built on tradition and it honestly all starts with JoePa. I was babysitting during tailgating and the game (ehhhhh, let’s not talk about it) and I was walking to the park with the kids when I saw him. Jay Paterno walking from his house in his Penn State Coaching gear to Beaver Stadium, the stadium of all stadiums. So I said “Good Luck Coach.” I wish I had said “Get ’em Coach” or “You got ’em Coach” becuase we didn’t and don’t ever need luck. Ehhhhhh. At least I said something, he did have his Earbuds in…Let’s hope he didn’t hear my lame encouragement.

3. I made mad money babysitting. BALLLLAAAAA!

4. I bought a fanny pack at Target.

5. Thanks to the pack of all packs I ran 15 miles. And I ran them well. 2 hours and 22 minutes. Lance was there to congratulate me 🙂 Oh, Lance.
6. I started work today. I am a cash register and folding machine.

7. I will most likely spend all of the money I make working at work…ehhhh.

8. I got an e-mail back for an internship at the local Theatre. (exciting! but they have been slacking on getting me info etc. and I just got a job so we will see about that.)

9. The Steelers beat the Browns. Boo-ya! And yes I just boo-ya-ed.

10. Britney Spears’ performance at the VMA was ridiculous. She was either tranquilized before the performance OR was forced to do the show by her manager because the chick was not all there. When we thought she could make a comeback she shows us what a disaster she is. I have to do it. Oops she did it again.  Sorry, I had to.

And that’s my weekend wrap-up. I am busy, busy, busy now that I am a working girl and a marathon trainee.


I keep forgetting I have classes and the LSAT to study for. Stress hitting hard