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On our way from Madison we stopped in Rochester, MN.

And I met Erin.

Erin is 6-years- old and her mother is suffering from ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Erin is also a big sister to 2-year-old triplets! And she is very much so in control of those babies–and the family!

Erin also loves swimming and fireworks–and got 2 rides in my vehicle, more than anyone else in Rochester, MN! EVER!

As Erin and I were chatting, on our ride, in between whistle blows, she gasped when she heard I didn’t see any fireworks at all this summer.

Not even on THE FOURTH OF JULY!!!!????” she said.

Nope, not even on the fourth of July. I told her I was in a parade– but that wasn’t good enough for her.

She wished I had seen fireworks.

And honestly, I got a little sad. I wanted to see some fireworks. Like Erin, I love fireworks and they remind me of home.

They remind me of the fireworks over the Thames River. They remind me of walking from Grammy and Papa’s house pushing my waterbaby in a stroller and sitting in the sand with Grammy’s white and black boombox playing “I’m proud to be an American.” I also remember how proud I was to be yelling across the Thames from New London to Groton. To me, it was so much better to be on the New London side of the River. (still is!)

They also remind me of sitting on top of Fort Trumbull with Erin, Megan and Grammy and Papa. My horribly peeling from sunburn face and an amazing dinner made by Grammy before we left.

They also remind me of that windy night Dad, Kellee and I watched from the new (at the time) waterfront park and the firework shells that hit us from every angle as the wind carried them from the warf to the shore.

They also remind me of my time at Disney. As a guest and as a cast member. I remember last August and the ice cream dripping down our wrists and dancing with a little girl as we waiting for the festivities to begin. I remember the picture of HDC, Megan, Erin and I in front of the castle. I remember sitting in the window at the French restaurant in EPCOT with my mom and as we enjoyed our 3 course French meal watching the fireworks shoot off, it’s still “our” table.

Erin’s love of fireworks brought back so many of my own memories.

I can only imagine the stories she will have to tell about her fireworks experiences.

Fireworks will help her remember her times with her Mom.

Those fireworks will mean more, much more, to her later. I’m sure this will be hard for her to believe because she already loves Fireworks so much NOW.

As my co-worker and I said goodbye to our new friends in Rochester, MN Erin repeatedly said “Goodbye LB!” “Goodbye LB!” “Goodbye LB!”

She remembered my name.

She’ll remember this ride.

So will I.

And I’ll be on the lookout for those Fireworks Erin.

Snuggle close to your mom and keep watching them too.


I found a blog about the ride here–to get a different POV.

Please read the story of Erin’s mother and their family and the community that supports them.


Just Call Me Killa Kaos, I’m that Baller

So thanks to the Blogging gods (aka Google) and DJ Killa Kaos I had the most Baller Saturday night of my life.

You know me, LB,  I just write about my everyday life and surprisingly a lot happens in this college life of mine. All of my awkward, fabulous, ridiculous, depressing and even some entirely expected events are described through this blog —because I love telling you all about it (lucky you) and because this is a blog and you really can’t tell me to shut up or talk about something else–oooooo I love being in control 🙂

Anyways,  I hope you are ready for this story…just don’t be too jealous!

It was just a typical Wednesday for me. Sitting in my two hour PR class checking my e-mail when WordPress e-mailed me to approve a comment. This is always exciting, you all know that, and then I saw who it was from: DJ Killa Kaos.

First thoughts…

1. He read my DJ Killa Kaos blogs

2. He must think I am a crazy DJ stalker

3. AHHHH! I don’t care!!!!!!

He asked me to e-mail him.

What to write to my Saturday night savior?

Oh, the pressure!

Well, it turns out he could “help a girl out,” like I had figured he would have had he heard about the outfit disaster of 2007 (remember shot girl?!).

In our e-mail chat he said something along the lines of “to ease the pain, of the outfit fiasco, how does a bottle and a table reservation sound?”

Say what?

Was that even a question?

YES. YES. and YES.

Wait, that doesn’t answer the question….rewind….Yes, a table and a bottle sounds absolutely amazing.

So, Saturday DJ Killa Kaos hooked me and my “basketball tournament” up at Lulu’s (yes, I roll deep, haha).

And YES readers, just when you all thought it was impossible for me, LB,  to get any more baller…BAM…it’s Saturday night and I am sitting at a reserved table right below DJ Killa Kaos at Lulu’s with a bottle of vodka all compliments of my favorite DJ.

A lot of vodka was consumed…a lot of jams were danced to…pictures were taken…and there were quite a few toasts to the good life 🙂

I have attached some photos of my VIP night and I just wanted to use my little space on the internet to say how very grateful I am for my baller Saturday night, definitely a highlight of my four years here at Penn State– clearly I am going out of this fine institution in style..mhmmmm.

And know what the cutest part of all of this was?

DJ Killa Kaos gave the bouncers the names LB and Mifflin to get us in…I think DJ KK read a few more posts than I realized. Thanks 🙂



Dancing (and singing, how classy) to “Let’s Stay Together”—yet another reason why I am a fan of this DJ!

Hide and Seek

It is difficult to hide here in blog world. And that is usually a good thing, I  love when people read my posts, but the Google searches can be ridiculous. So, I have decided to answer some questions viewers of my blog may have/ ask some of my own!

“Boobs”/ “Huge Boobs”- I am a girl, I have them. Surprise, surprise. I think I wrote about them once…oooo how exciting! No, not really. I am sure the people who searched for “boobs” were very disappointed to come across this site. “She just wrote about boobs? About the fact she doesn’t like them? I was hoping for some pictures. Damn. Back to the boob search….”

“Who was 2007 running back for penn state”- Well you fabulous googler that is an easy one. We actually had two this season, Rodney Kinlaw and Evan Royster. Don’t forget that. Royster will be back next year, Kinlaw graduates. WE ARE! PENN STATE!

“Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?”- I still don’t know Gum Shoe. But I am working on it, let me know if you get any clues.

“i love suspenders”- OMG me too!!!!! Do you like vests? I bet you like vests too, I’m obsessed right now, let me know 🙂

“history boys gym shorts”- I have no idea how this search led to me. You might be surprised but I actually know nothing about the history of boys gym shorts. I am guessing pants made those working out inside too hot so someone cut off pants from the ankle to the knee and thus, the gym short was born. I know for a while, back in the day, there was a commercial starring Michael Jordan and someone trying to convince him to sell single-mesh shorts. That didn’t work out. Could you imagine single mesh shorts?…ehhhhhhh.

“i hurt my leg”/ “gross stomach”- I’m sorry about the leg and the stomach. I hope you feel better soon. Maybe some more descriptive words will bring you better results when searching, just a suggestion.

“how can i get lance to talk to me on my ipod”- YES! I can answer this one. I am so glad you asked. So you apparently have the best invention of 2007, Nike+. Lance will only talk to you on the IPOD if you 1. run your furthest distance to date or 2. decrease your mile time. And you won’t get Lance everytime. Sometime Paula Radcliff will shout you out. In fact just yesterday she hollered at me. So get out there and run FAST or LONG…and you will hear him soon!

I think that’s it. Hopefully I helped someone today.

At least no one is searching for fanny packs anymore, that’s promising.

Peace Up. A-Town Down 2007



You suck. Bye.

That’s what I have to say about 2007. As you can see I absolutely loved every second of it.

It hasn’t been an easy year for me. There has been too many deaths and some huge unwanted changes. Changes I can’t even write about. Therefor changes most of you don’t know about. Changes I am still desperately trying to adapt to.

I figured I would write this 2007 wrap-up and bitch and complain about everything that sucked about double-oh-seven. But nope. I won’t do it.


Guess what I did in one year?

In one year I ran 615 miles. Six hundred and fifteen miles. 989 kilometers. I technically ran the width of the state of Virginia a little more than three times. The were a few months when I ran the width of Connecticut in those mere 30/31 days.

I ran a freaking marathon. I still can’t believe it. 26.2 miles. I did it.

I’ve been through 3 pair of sneakers as well as dozens of socks and sports bras. My feet have taken a huge beating in ’07. And guess what? They aren’t getting a break. I’ll keep running up, until and through ’08. Thank you Nike+.

I turned 21. A perfect age. The freedom to go out and get a drink is one I will always appreciate. Always. Self-medication (remember my year sucked?!)…yessss.

I landed three internships and was able to meet some pretty fabulous people through 2/3 of them! Not too bad. Because of the people I worked with and the trust they put in me and my work I feel prepared for this next step in ’08 called FIND A JOB.
And because one of those internships I started this blog. Without “I’ll think about that tomorrow” I would never have realized how much I love to write. I love, love, love, love, love it! And to read (check out my blogroll these people are amazing :)) Running and blogging have become my addictions. Healthy ones? I like to think so!

I got a job. I went to my classes. I got good grades. Blah.Blah.Blah. Not life’s highlights. Remember that. There is much more to life then those things. Even if they make your parents and grandparents proud. I say “whatever man.”

I dyed my blonde hair brown. And I loved it. In fact, love it. I’m still a seductive brunette. Going back to blonde eventually? Ehhhhh, I’ll think about that tomorrow 😉

I’ve been blessed to have amazing people in my life who love me. Who let me go through my shit and just stand-by. Or jump in when the shit hits the fan with simple cards that say “I love you”, hugs, tears, wine, surprise Bud Selects and long talks. Thank you. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for attempting to understand. And thank you for admitting you don’t! You know who you are. I love you and I promise I’ll get back to “normal” eventually. I promise. I know I shocked at least one of you by being “human”…so I might shock a few more by saying “yes, I am human.”:)

At the end of this year this is all I can think:

Through the hard times you learn the most about yourself. Even when you just want to say scream and cry as loud as you possible can “I KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT MYSELF FOR NOW, THANK YOU. I AM READY TO STOP LEARNING IF THAT MEANS THINGS AREN’T GOING TO SUCK SO MUCH”

Hey, if on the 16th mile you feel like you are on top of the world don’t get too confident because by mile 22 you wish you could quit. But I’ve learned that if you are me, you don’t, won’t and can’t quit.

I keep running. Even if I have to walk up a few hills. I will cross the finish line. That’s just the type of person I am.

So thanks for teaching me that 2007. Although at the beginning of this post I wanted to erase you from my mind forever, I will hold the trials and accomplishments I have endured this past year close to me forever and ever.

It’s just another part of me.

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence
by every experience in which
you really stop to look fear in the face.
You are able to say to yourself,
‘I lived through this horror.
I can take the next thing that comes along.'”
— Eleanor Roosevelt

*happy new year, 2008 will be fabulous*

an explanation for YOU

Thank you for the comments, I really appreciate it.

The reason for the question was beacause our Christmas dinner table was divided on how to respond to it.

I personally agree with Anna, Pops and SallyJo (thanks Sally, I’m going to hold you to that! haha). I always say “Yes” or “Sure” (some version on that). Unless I don’t know the person. If its some random on the street I’ll have to ask for some more info.

My uncle on the other hand ALWAYS says “Well it depends what it is.” Very much so like Michelle, HdC, and Mike!

My aunt will call him on his way home from work to ask him to pick up milk or something and he asks “Depends what it is…”

He actually suggested we stop the whole “Can I ask you a favor?” thing. Maybe that wouldn’t be a bad idea. Just cut to the chase, if you will:

Uncle: Hello.

Aunt: Can you pick up milk on the way home?

Uncle: Yes.

Aunt: Thanks.

Uncle: Good-bye.

Aunt: Bye.

Pretty personal convo huh?

The other issue my uncle has is he doesn’t want to say yes (like my aunt and I do) and then have to retract that statement when he can’t do the favor once the details are unveiled.

I honestly believe that the person who asked the for the favor isn’t going to be all that upset if you say yes and then realize you can’t do it (whether you can’t physically complete the task or you are busy). Maybe I have been lucky and had some pretty awesome favor askers in my lifetime. I don’t think the statement retraction is that big of a deal when the “Can you do me a favor?” question is thrown around.

But that could just be me. And clearly it might be!

It sounds to me people would rather do what works for them. But isn’t it understood by all that the favor asker is asking someone to  go little out of their way to help? I am thinking there really isn’t that much of a shock created by this whole “can I ask you a favor?” phenomenon.  Ehhhh.

The facts of the matter are:

We can all do people favors. And those who ask for favors usually aren’t asking for too much. It might be a gallon of milk, for a finger to help tie a ribbon or maybe to find a phone number when they are on the road.

I’d rather complete a favor then sit back and weigh out my options before I say yes or no. So, I will continue to say “Yes.”

And if I ever ask you for a favor know it will never be for you to steal, kill or lie! I think you will be able to handle it 🙂

“I didn’t know you wrote.”

I got a phone call last night.

Apparently Mifflin found my blog and read it.

Let’s realize that he is his own category and I have written about him a lot.

So, I really wasn’t sure how he would take all of that. But…

… he likes it.

I have a lot to tell you about Mifflin and since he is now obsessed with being a “category” I should probably share. For you and for him.

Well, to begin with I had dropped the “blog” thing a few times. But he never asked about it. I didn’t even think he knew what a Blog was, and it turns out he didn’t. But wouldn’t you ask what one was, if you didn’t know? Oh, Mifflin.

Mifflin and I have been spending a lot of time together. And I haven’t gotten sick of him. Let’s hope he hasn’t gotten sick of me.

-He came to Charlie Brown with my roommates and I to watch Sally perform as Lucy. He even chatted it up with Mr. Hanson, I was impressed.

-I was put  in charge of Marcellus (his car) for the week so I was ballin’ with two cars.

-He wore “real” clothes to class the other day. Normally the boy wears sweatpants and a hoodie, which I steal….anyways….he just looked gooooood.

– He came to our Classy Christmas Party. He even wore a shirt and tie. And he looked so freaking cute. I think he wore it for my party…if not, I will pretend he wore it for the party.

– But the most most exciting news: Last week, when there was a murderer on the lose in State College (side note), Mifflin was over  and decided to see how much plane tickets are from Pittsburgh to CT. And there, on the spot, he bought one.

So….HE IS COMING TO SEE ME OVER BREAK! YAY! I’m excited…can you tell?! He has never been to CT (he is from Indiana and proud about it) so this should be interesting.

– Also, last night after reading a million of my posts he told me they sounded like Carrie from “Sex and the City.” HUGE compliment, I took it, but I can’t believe it.

– He also wants me to clear the air about freshman year (remember this story?)

 Ehhhhh….maybe tomorrow….

And an added bonus for you people…a Christmas Party photo with my little Disney Loves! Too bad they look older than HdC and I!



I am having some WordPress issues.

I attempted to change my layout last night and then I couldn’t see my blogroll—in a panic I switched to this layout because the blogroll is visible.

I will most likely not be staying this way. I am sure you are all worried and uncomfortable with this change (ha!), but have no fear things will be back to normal soon.


I hope.