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Me, Myself and I

Sure it began with De La Soul but it totally ended with Miss Beyonce Knowles.

Yes, I just was apart of the “Beyonce Experience” and it was worth every single penny. Where else can you get more bootylicious independent survivor sugar mama songs on the planet? Nowhere. And that is the truth.

(check out Katy Shotter( white, british version of Alicia Keys) and and of course, my love Robin Thicke (not as good looking as JT but his voice is AMAZING + sexy). They opened for B. )

I don’t know what gets into me but I have an alter ego when I attend concerts. I turn into a the stereotypical black church goer that you see in movies like The Sister Act (oh, Whoopi) and Fighting Temptations (Cuba + Beyonce + God= excellent in my book).

I’m the girl just waving her right hand in the air and pretending like she is in her own little bubble. And I make friends. For example: The lady next to me reminisced with me about Beyonce’s concert 3 years ago in Hartford with Alicia Keys and Missy Elliot and the added supadupa fly bonus of a Jay-Z surprise. It also turns out that her sister (sitting next to her) went to PSU and is now a lawyer (I am taking the LSATs in Decemeber, small world). Oh, and then she gave me some gum. Peppermint Eclipse.

Just Me, Myself and Beyonce. That’s all I got in the end. That’s what I found out. And there ain’t no need to cry.

(and to anyone who wants to say anything negative about her falling during her concert in FL they can speak to me. Go ahead comment and see what happens)