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Bud Select

So it’s 2:45 in the afternoon and what am I thinking about?


Since I am not training for a marathon any more I can drink—whenever I want. This does not mean that I am drinking right now. That would not be good. Not good at all.

Before this week I was only allowing myself to drink once a week. That is quite the feat when you are new to the whole 21 game.

I honestly think they put something crazzzzy in those Bud Selects. My recent experiences with them have led me to be quite buzzed after just 1. That’s why I love-ah them.

The first time was in Florida. In August. After a full day in the Disney parks. We started a two day tradition of ending our afternoon with happy hour at the ESPN Zone on the boardwalk. The first day I ordered my trusty Bud Select and before my friends were 4 sips into their fancy mixed drinks I was already going “Whoaaaa, anybody else feeling this?!”

So, after two afternoons in a Bud Select induced dream world I fell in love.

Now after all this crazy running I am experiencing the same effects.

There is nothing better, after a long day of classes and dumb work, then coming home putting on “The Hills” and indulging in a cold bottle of Bud Select.

Or two.

Well, after two last night I was ready to pass out. And that’s just what I did. I know I am a crazy Monday night party girl. WhoooooHoooooo!

And now I have to touch on “The Hills.”


My prediction: Heidi starts pushing Spencer away breaks off the (lack of) engagement and she and L.C. fall back into BFF love. Anyone else see this coming?! Anyone?!!!!

So, if you haven’t tried Bud Select please do yourself a favor and buy a 6 pack today. You let me know how they treat you. It is Boozeday Tuesday. Yup.

Boozeday Tuesday quote: “Boozeday Tuesday, it sneaks up on you.” I think I have to explain that one…but maybe some one out there can appreciate it.

I am only one class away from my very important meeting with Bud Select. Yessssssss.

(This post sounds like an advertisement, ehhhhhhh. I should probably get paid for this…)


Penn State #6 Party School

Last year we were #2.

Last year, as a result, I joined the Facebook Group “#2 Party School in the Nation…If you’re not first you’re last…BEAT TX!” (did you get the Ricky Bobby Talladega Night’s quote? I hope so.)

What happened to us? *

The Princeton Review says we are the

#2 Jock School

#3 Lots of Beer

#17 Lots of Hard Liquor

#3 Best Career/job placement services

*By the way this was all reported on last week…I’m late in doing my own reporting–I apologize. But it is important. A very important and serious topic for us Penn Staters as you will see in the following articles from the # 10 ranked Collegiate Newspaper.

The Daily Collegian interviewed Chris Wahal:

By Lauren Boyer Email

Collegian Staff Writer

Chris Wahal said he tried to do his part last year to make Penn State the No. 1 party school on Princeton Review’s “Best 366 Colleges Rankings.”

But Wahal (junior-biochemistry) and others have come up short — five places short, that is.
Ranked second last year, Penn State dropped to No. 6, with West Virginia University claiming the top slot.

“I think everyone needs to step it up,” Wahal said.

(There was more, but this is the most powerful quote I have heard in a while. It is on our fridge now…and Chris, there is a case of Bud Light, 10 Miller Genuine Drafts, Vodka, Rum and Triple Sec behind those doors, don’t you worry. We are stepping it up over here.)

Wait there is more. Two days later this editorial ran:

Party rankings is no party pooper

There’s a party at Penn State, and everyone’s invited…except the Princeton Review.

In its recent update to its annual “Best 366 Colleges Rankings,” the Princeton Review ranked Penn State a paltry No. 6 in the Party School category, down four spots from last year’s No. 2 spot. Evidently, the Princeton Review has never been to a Collegian party. HEY-O!

Penn State students are upset, which is understandable. After finishing second and then inventing “State Patty’s Day,” a semi-arbitrary holiday devoted to getting McCrunk, it would seem students did all they could to reach the party pinnacle. However, no drinking holiday could compare to West Virginia’s party prowess. As impossible as it seems, there’s even less to do in Morgantown, W. Va. than there is in State College.

But while students whine about the party school ranking, they overlook some other ones that are probably a bit more important. Penn State ranks No. 2 in the “Students dissatisfied with financial aid” category. Perhaps instead of organizing drinking holidays, students should be using their 40,000+ population to make some progress in that category.

On the other hand, perhaps we should be trumpeting Penn State’s success in the “Best career/job placement services” category, where the Princeton Review put the university at No. 3. There are more aspects to college than getting drunk, and getting a leg-up in the job market after graduating is probably one of the more important ones.

But naturally, a Facebook group devoted to stepping it up from the No. 6 spot boasts 703 members, just weeks after the Princeton Review list was published. By contrast, the largest group devoted to lowering tuition or improving financial aid has only 112 members.

But hey, students: You can only blame yourselves for falling to No. 6. Clearly, the focus lies too heavily on drinking “Lots of beer” (No. 3) and not nearly enough on drinking “Lots of hard liquor” (No. 17). You can’t spell “number one” without “rum.”

The bottom line: The “party school” ranking is a crock, whether Penn State is ranked first or last. The rankings are based on a nationwide survey of 120,000 students, the majority of whom have never even been to Pennsylvania, much less Penn State. Geoff Rushton, university spokesman, got it right when he said: “We don’t really take these kinds of things very seriously. Period.”


How can you not love Penn State? We are such a serious group of students who have a reputation to defend. So to follow in the footsteps of the legendary, or not so legendary, Chris Wahal:

I, LB, swear to “step it up” this semester.

Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all!

I have a J-O-B.

Added Bonus: It pays!!!

After a 2 interview process for one of my favorite retail stores I am officially an associate.  So now I am not the “stay-at-home mom” of the apartment. I start on Thursday, which is perfect because I have to go home this weekend to move my sister into her dorm.

A brief Re-Cap of the first week of my Senior year:

Class with Mifflin–turns out it won’t be too bad. We walked and talked last night and are ready to be friends. Awwwwwww. Whateva maaaaaan.

Drinking (and SHOES) $— thank you new job. Did I mention that this store has a variety of designer shoes at discount prices?! During interview # 2 they had 36 pairs waiting to be processed in the back of the store (HEAVEN—Molly, you would agree!)

Books— $400. Let’s not go there.

Walking to Classes

“I hate when girls wear t-shirt dresses. I really hate them,” says some dumbass walking directly behind Sally and I.

 I was wearing one.

Ehhhhhhh. Know what I hate ? I hate when people care more about what I am wearing, than I do!

 Running– Sunday: 10.4 miles, Monday: 5 miles, Wednesday: 5 miles, Today: Don’t know yet I am going



Well after this…

For your added Friday pleasure here is a photo of me and the cutest baby-sized bottle of Miller Light found last night at the Den.  OoooOooo aren’t you lucky!!!!img_5190.jpg

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend 🙂 Maybe you will be able to enjoy one of these little beverages at a picnic of somesort!

Also….let’s not forget that PSU is playing Florida International on Saturday.

My prediction: definite WIN.


I’m Back…

at Penn State.

I’m a Senior. I have 91 credits and can drink. WhooHoo!

I had 2 classes today, I know, I am an over-achiever. HDFS (Human Development and Family Studies) Family and Individual Interventions–watch out I will soon be intervent-ing hmmmmm.

Then I had Kinesilogy 084. This is one of those classes when the professor comes into the classroom wearing gym shorts with a tucked in polo. Heather (roommate) says that he gives life advice daily.

Disclaimer about LB : I don’t take advice from people who teach in gym shorts.

There were a good 50 people in the room and we had to go through everyone and state our name, nickname, hometown and what we did this summer.

“I’m Larisa. I go by Larisa. I’m from Southeastern Connecticut. Ever heard of Foxwoods Casino? That’s where I’m from. I interned and nannied this summer.”


(for your information I was the only one in the room from CT…surprise, surprise)

Now that we got that out of the way senior year is going pretty smoothly over here in the Happy Valley. I have had a Miller Genuine Draft aka the Champagne of Beer every night and haven’t purchased a single book yet. This is in true Senior fashion, right?

I oriented my Freshmen “mentees”. I attended class. (I also plan on attending more of them.) I grocery shopped. I didn’t go “food shopping. When people say that it annoys me. I watched the Hills (Molly…you must report!). I looked for flat-head nails at Walmart–they are sold out, if you are wondering. I am setting up an interview for an internship. I applied for a job. I ran.

And now, I am going to bed.