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Bathroom Etiquette 101

What is up with people?

I use public restrooms a lot and this is because I am on campus or at work more often then I am home. I have seen a lot of interesting things but these past few weeks have driven me to write about the weird bathroom behaviors I have witnessed.

1. Use Bathroom. Look in mirror. Walk out door.


I see you! I’m the girl washing her hands as you walk right out the door. When I was little this concept was difficult for me, too. Why waste your time?! Listen here: it is GROSS not to wash your hands. I actually have a guy friend who admitted to NEVER washing his hands after using the bathroom. Even before eating. He claimed he was clean “I showered so there are no germs there, so there are no germs on my hands.” Did he forget the million other things he has touched throughout the day?! He still doesn’t get it. Gross.

2. Talking on the phone while peeing.

There are no words.

I feel like my privacy is being violated as I pee while listening to their conversation in the next stall over. “Oh, I know. He doesn’t treat her right…I was so wasted Saturday night. Yea I hooked up with him. Hahaha.” Not funny. Not cute. Very Gross. I don’t want to hear your conversation. I don’t think your friend wants to know you are peeing while chatting with him/her. I don’t even want to know how you manage to hover, balance, wipe and wash your hands while talking on your cell phone. Gross. I have heard that cell phones carry more germs than Porta-Potties. Hmmmm….I wonder why.

3. Using the bathroom as a lounge.

Some bathrooms have couches. Weird. I understand seeing them in fancy hotels and theatres, but there usually is a wall between them and the actual stalls. This is not the case for the bathroom I use in the library. Today, I walked in and was startled to see someone sitting on the couch. Usually people leave backpacks and umbrellas there. I just glanced and thought maybe she was gathering up her things or tying her shoe. I went in, did my business, washed my hands and headed past the couch again. SHE WAS STILL THERE. Reading. Enjoying a little book. The bathroom is not always fresh smelling. You are listening to other people pee. Why do you want to be in there when there is a HUGE library full of comfy couches, chairs and desks to read at?!

Maybe there is some 2007 Bathroom Etiquette revolution/movement that I am way behind on. I don’t know. But I am not a fan of what I am witnessing.
How has your year been—bathroom wise?! Anything strange?

(And I am not talking bowel movements—I actually am not all that interested in yours 🙂 )