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Hello. My Name Is Suri Cruise

I got my haircut and colored on Saturday.

Although the media portrays the Cruise fam to be absolutely insane it does not stop me from loving Katie Holmes’ cut and color.

I planned on going into the Salon and getting the rich Chocolate brown shiny haircolor I desired and just trimming up my Posh Spice-esque bob. Little Miss Abby the hairstylist had different plans for me.

She did an awesome job on the color. It took a long time. We had to bleach out the dark and then hit it with the warm chocolate/espresso brown. We had to repeat this process twice because my lovely blonde hairs try to turn red at every chance they get. In the end the haircolor is beautiful.

Then when she asked me what I wanted to do with the style I said “basically what I had before, just trim it up” She looked at me like I was cheating myself. So I said, “But I am open to change…really, I am…what should I do? Is my hair not cool Abby Salon girl?!”

Panic set in.

I was holding the Instyle magazine from last December with a very cute Mrs. Cruise on the cover with a very adorable haircut. I mentioned to Abby Salon Girl, “This is cute” and she went for it.

First cut with the scissors.




I came out of the salon looking like a cross between a mom, a boy and a lesbian. Not that there is anything wrong with any of the previous mentioned people, it was just not the look I was going for. At all.

After washing it and styling it myself this is now what I look like:


Just call me Suri.