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The Queen and I

(Heather–I know you enjoyed this title!)

So, I am offically nervous.

I’m not going to think about the marathon today.

I’ll think about that tomorrow.

I really don’t even have the time to. I have an accounting exam at 8 pm (BOOOO! What about The Office? What about Grey’s Anatomy?!<— what about the fact that two of my favorite shows are on at the same exact time EVERY week?! We will talk about this later.) which means I am currently studying taking a study break.

I started my studying in the Business building. Everything was going fine until…

“Excuse me. Do you know what a bow saw blade is?” asked “some chick.”

“Uhhhh. Isn’t that a long saw blade? The one people make music with…sometimes?!” I answered.

“My roommate just wrote me a text asking me, just wondering. Thanks!” said “some chick.”

If I were “some chick” I wouldn’t be able to sleep very well tonight.

Weird convo = change study location.

Now, I am in the good ol’ media library. The library with the couch bathroom. No, I am not studying in the bathroom—like some people. GROSS.

Oh, I almost forgot!

Cute story from work.

Occasionally I get to work a jewelry counter shift while the jewelry girl goes on break. I thought I would be safe in that “jewelry box”—I was wrong. I am only in there for a mere 15 minutes and yet I find at least 10 things I want to buy. Not good. Not good at all.

Yesterday this classy, warm (friendly warm—she wasn’t sweating or anything!), 50-year-old woman comes up to the counter. I always tell customers “If you want to look at anything just let me know! I’ll open up the case for you.” I say this mostly for myself…I want to open up the case so that I can play with the pretty jewels too!

I was lucky—she wanted to try on the ring I had been eyeing for the whole 4 minutes I was in there. It was gold and shaped like a crown. OK, you might think it sounds “interesting” but you have to see it—it is so original and unique and beautiful and I want it!, I want it!, I want it!

Well, this lady wanted it too.

She tried it on with her dark brown skin and it looked AMAZING! She was like “Ooooo! I’m a queen!” I agreed— agreeing is a good sales tactic. We chatted about it. She made me try it on. My white skin did not complement the ring—silver would have been better for me (but I love her for letting me try it on!).

We both agreed that jewelry is a good investment. I joked that I hope to do some investing when I get a “real” job. She suggested I find a man who will help me do that kind of investing!!! Normally, I would have jumped on my “I don’t need a man” high horse but…

then she said, “When my husband and I help young couples, through our couple’s counciling, my husband always tells the man, ‘Treat her like a queen and she will treat you like a king.'”

And you know what? That is so true. Simple, sweet and true. I will store that in my “affection” bank.

She didn’t get the ring (it was too big) but she went home to tell her husband about it. I told her she could blame it all on me—if she needed to 🙂

Whether she gets the ring or not she is one smart Queen and I am glad to have met her.


How much does a Polar Bear weigh?

Enough to break the ice.

Hi, i’m back. I know, I know…it’s been a while.

You will be happy to know I survived the LSAT and the 20 mile run.

How did I do on the LSAT? I have no idea.

How did I do on the run? Amazing.

But enough about the Saturday from hell…on to bigger and better things.

Like affection.

Are you affectionate?

I’m not and I need to step it up.

Neither side of my family  is (hey, fam if you want to argue you can…). We don’t hug and kiss and all that mushy gushy stuff. We love each other. We tell each other “Love you” but not at the end of every phone call. I think we all need to step it up.



Cuddling (ehhhhh)

Holding Hands

Touching ( I said touching…not fondling!)

Yes, I have done all of these (Ahhhh shocking! I know I am a crazy.) but not all out in public. I get uncomfortable. Issues?! Maybe yes. Maybe no. I should really get over this.

Question: Why do I think I need to up my affectionate side?

Answer: Because maybe it makes other people feel more comfortable around me.  And maybe it is through the amount of affection I show that people judge if I like them or not. Where as I like people to talk about it maybe I should start pulling the “if your gonna talk about it, you better be about it” way of life.

I am the queen of the slow jam playlist and I know romance when I see it. I also know corny-ness when I see it.

Now that I wrote this down and had time to think about it, maybe I will try this affection thing next month. It sounds harder than the LSAT followed by a 20 mile run.

If Paula Abdul were still singing her early ’90s hit (please don’t Paula) she would belt out that I was “a cold hearted snake.” I hope at least one person out there knows that song and is singing the rest of it.