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I do a lot of random thinking while I drive around this country.

My most recent, excellent, thought is as follows…

So, your parents raise you until you graduate college and then in your 20s, 22 for me, you being raising yourself.

And the hardest part of raising yourself is this:

Your parents will always be proud of you (for the most part) because if you do your best they don’t see the really, really, really stupid things you do. But see, now as we are raising ourselves, for the first time,  as 20 somethings, we have to build up our confidence daily while knowing all the dumb stuff we have done.

It’s tough work!

My book idea…

“How I raised myself, in my 20s”

Yea so the title needs some a lot of work! But after discussing my idea with a fellow 20 something last night, she laughed…and fully agreed with my concept.

We created a few chapters (the numbers are not important!! I have some gaps in to fill in!):

Chapter 19: Travel for a year

Chapter 23: Single at 22

OK, so we only came up with 2 and my brain is fried after my workout today but I am sure through this very blog I will be adding fabulous idea, after idea on how to raise yourself in your 20s.

For all my people out there; How did/do you raise yourself?


Mind and the Muscle

“I’m on the grind grand hustle, got the mind and the muscle” – T.I.

I need to get focused.

I am graduating in less than 5 months so let’s find LB a  J-O-B! ( we need to talk about this whole graduating thing in more detail—lately, it’s been making me a little sad—weird.  I’ll think/ write about that tomorrow)

I know you are not supposed to write about your job in Blog World…but what about the job search?

Oh, what’s that? I can do whatever I want because this is my blog? Is that what you said? That’s what I was thinking too.

And this is why I like you.

If you didn’t already know: I am a Senior majoring in Public Relations at Penn State. I also have two minors, Business and Human Development and Family studies. I am a pretty fabulous student and I love to write (note, the blog) I also have had several internships in the PR, marketing and entertainment fields.

I am open to working with/ for children, sports/athletics, fashion and non-profit organizations (of course).

Listen here!

I am no dummy. I understand that my first job is exactly that–my first job. Especially in the world of PR I probably won’t be staying with one company or organization my entire career, let’s hope not. You do want your girl, LB,  to make her way up in the world, right?

Where to live, where to live?

I’ve got a long list, I am very open to moving. My family lives in Connecticut, I go to school in Pennsylvania and I took a semester off in 2006 to work in Florida so ‘location, location, location’—doesn’t really matter to me. Just new, fun and different.

California: Complete opposite coast from where I grew-up, of course I would pick it.

Seattle, Washington: Trendy City. Trendy Girl. Perfect Match.

Oregon: Running and apparently breathtakingly beautiful.

Denver, Colorado: I HATE skiing, but I could totally snow tube. I wouldn’t even be ashamed to tell Coloradians that I am not a fan of skiing, there has to be more to do. I am sure you are like then ‘Why Denver?’ well, that would be because my dental hygienist told me I would like it there. So why not?! I mean, she sees me every 6 months she knows me very well. Hmmmmmmm. I told you I was very open about this job search!

Indianapolis, Indiana : Up and coming city, a lot of possibility for PR and sports. Love both. The Big Ten has a job fair there in March, which I most likely will attend.

Chicago, Illinois: Chi-Town baby.

New York City: I always thought I would end up there but my feelings on the matter aren’t as strong as they used to be. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE THE CITY, but I am not sure if the work I want to do will be there. There is only one way to find out.

Now I have to search, search, search. So now that you all know about this job search of mine I will have to update you and get by college graduating butt in gear.

Any comments, advice, suggestions or HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is greatly appreciated since most of you are working people 🙂  (like where to search, how to write an awesome cover letter—you know, you know!)

Yet another reason why I like you.