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2007 Valero Alamo Bowl

Tonight. 8 p.m. EST on ESPN
Honestly, you should watch. There is nothing like PSU football. Nothing. Where else can you get Joe Paterno, one of the most exciting defensive lines and two very impressive running backs?
Only with those Nittany Lions.
Tonight Morelli(14) will show up and play like he did in last year’s Orange Bowl. Or else.
I’m not his biggest fan. I am however a HUGE fan of Daryll Clark (17, QB) (he reminds me of MikeRob, and that is a very good thing!) and I would love to see him play. But sadly that is only going to happen if Morelli does horrible for 3 quarters straight….ehhhhhh, so we can’t be having that.
It has been so long since I have seen them play. I can’t wait to see Roysta the Oysta (22) and Kinlaw (20) push the ball down the field.
I am so excited!
In high school watching the running back was my favorite part of the game. But now, as I have grown and matured (oh, so much) I have to give it to the defense.
Who doesn’t like to watch your team hit hard?!
Maybe its because I went to a school that bred recent greats such as Paul Posluzny (Buffalo Bills) (yea, he had a cup of my jungle juice, once) and TAMBA HALI (Kansas City Chiefs)…what a beast!!! You could hear his hits from the stands— in a packed Beaver stadium.
Tonight watch for Dan Connor (40, ILB) and Sean Lee (45, OLB) they can stop anyone. And they will. Then we have Josh Gaines (47, DE) and Maurice Evans (48, DE) who are both beasts and are a lot of fun to watch. Get ready to be destroyed you Aggies.
And you know what? America agrees with me. 77% have voted in favor of PSU tonight and I can’t argue with that. Nope.
I’m glad that 23% of America is dumb, because we all know Penn State still has something to prove after our loss to…ehhh I’m not going there…at the end of the season.
Tonight is our night to do it. So here are my words to the blue and white around the world:
Fight on State.
Fight on State.
Strike that gate and win.
Victory we predict for thee,
We are ever true to you dear old white and blue
Fight on State.
Fight on State.
Roar Lions Roar.
(roar, roar <—- I’m really good at this part, by the way!)
We’ll hit that line, we’ll run that score
We’ll fight for vict’ry ever more
Fight on, on, on, on, on
Fight on, on
Get to know the players….hilarious, check out the videos , they will make your day!
LET’S GO STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alamo Bowl Eve

I didn’t think I would be this excited…but I am.

We all know its not the bowl game we wanted this year, but its what we got. And I am thankful for what I get. Especially in my senior year.

Tomorrow at 8 p.m. EST Penn State takes on Texas A&M in San Antonio Texas.

We last met Texas A&M in 1996.

We last made an appearance at The Alamo Bowl in 1996.

Let’s put the pieces together. The last time we played Texas A&M it was at The Alamo Bowl.

I know, I should have been a detective.

And the result? Penn State won.