Fuh REE Zing

For the past two days it has been 14 degrees.

It’s almost impossible to stay warm. To combat the dropping temperature I have enlisted retail therapy, running and showers.

Two words: Outdoor Outlets.

Not a good solution.

Sure, I got two amazing pairs of Nine West MaryJanes but the outdoor part of this shopping experience….ehhhhhh, not a fan. Then, when starving (shopping always makes me hungry, it’s just a fact of life) we stopped at this cute little Pub for an Irish meal and a Guiness to warm us up. Apparently we scream “Please seat us at the worst table you have in the restaurant” this break.   I have been seated by the kitchen and twice, now, at the first table near the entrance.

And listen here, you might just be enlightened by what I am about to share with you: Entrances usually have doors. And that was the story at this pub. Doors also, usually, open. And usually they open to the outdoors. Picking up what I am laying down? (It was really, really, really cold when we were eating)

But then when we thought we might just freeze to death we jumped in the car and decided to go house hunting in Old Saybrook. Excellent idea. Leather seats with butt warmers, the heat boombangin’ out the frame and really, really, really big houses by the Atlantic Ocean. Best idea we had all day. Loved every second of it. And I was wearing my MaryJanes so that was just icing on the real estate cake.

Running. Most of you know I run outside. Today Megan and I went to calibrate our Nike+ at the high school. Yes, I have had mine for a year and haven’t calibrated it yet, whatever man.  It was so freaking cold. I kept swearing it was so cold. I don’t know what the bitter freezing cold made me swear so much but I think I even heard Megan throw down too, but she is a sailor so I guess that is acceptable. Anyways…we calibrated, and then decided to tough it out and do a 2.5 miler she used to do in high school. I had on three layers…I sweat. Not fun to be sweaty and freezing. Not fun at all. But we got our asses running so that’s all that matters at the end of the day. yea yea yea.

One of the best cures for numb limbs I can think of is a hot steaming shower. If I could make that annoying game-show noise that is played when they just want to tell the contestent NOPE! WRONG ANSWER, YOU SUCK, you know that noise right? Well that is what my brilliant idea to shower should have received.  I don’t know if we are doing too much laundry around here, which is probably the reason as my sister and apparently have uncontrollable laundry,  or if I need to turn up the hot water temp. Ehhhhh. I might just have to pull out the plumber or electrician or whatever occupation fixes this problem (!) from within and just fix it.

But regardless of all the failed attempts I have made to stay warm I am willing to try one more…and I think this will work.

A Friday night in. Wearing sweatpants, extremely over-sized ones at that, lounging in a row of leather recliners and drinking Hard Cider from the local apple orchard, while watching season 3 of “The Office” with two of my best friends.

Ooooo I am warming up just thinking about it.


1 Response to “Fuh REE Zing”

  1. 1 heatherdc January 6, 2008 at 1:29 pm

    we’re on season three now toooo! we are too much alike miss beachy 😉
    on another note, weather.com said that state college is warming up to 50 degrees tomorrow. ?!?! you know it will be about 10 by the time we get there though. agh.

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